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  1. What keeps you in line? Page 54 Background: A sense of morality probably keeps you from cheating on a test. In other words, you know cheating is wrong. But there are other reasons for behaving morally. Some people are anxious to please. Others fear the consequences of breaking the rules. Jonathan Edwards uses fear to get his point across in the sermon you’re about to read. Quickwrite: Role-play a conversation with a child who has been stealing. Your mission is to persuade him or her to stop. Before you begin, consider how best to keep the child in line. For example, you might frighten or shame the child or appeal to his or her pride.

  2. Objective • By the end of this class, you should be able to: • Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text by completing a set of guided discussion questions for "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God."

  3. Essential Question What is the best way to determine the meaning of an unknown word?

  4. Author Profile: Jonathan Edwards Page 55 Early Life Religious Beliefs Edwards’ Life Later Life

  5. Persuasion Notes Page 56 What is a sermon shaped by? Biblical allusions The appeals Pathos in sermon Reflection:

  6. Jonathan EdwardsGuided Questions Page 57 A.) B.) C.) D.) E.) F.)

  7. Jonathan EdwardsGuided Questions Page 57 A.) In lines 8-11, how would the audience would have reacted to the author’s words? a. with relief or happiness b. with anxiety or dismay c. with nostalgia or wistfulness d. with tranquility or calmness

  8. Jonathan EdwardsGuided Questions Page 57 B.) In lines 14-18, what imager does Edward use? a. images of people working b. images of the glow of night c. images of a crowd at church d. images of the fires of hell

  9. Jonathan EdwardsGuided Questions Page 57 C.) In lines 27-30, which of the following words is an example of loaded language? a. the fiery pit b. natural men c. hand of God d. they have deserved

  10. Jonathan EdwardsGuided Questions Page 57 D.) In lines 38-42, why might the bow and arrow have held negative connotations to Colonial Americans? a. Puritans do not believe in violence. b. It would have reminded them of hunting. c. It would have reminded them of Native Americans. d. It would have reminded them of sports.

  11. Jonathan EdwardsGuided Questions Page 57 E.) In lines 50-65, in what ways does comparing the audience to a spider appeal to fear? a. It gives the audience appealing images. b. It demonstrates how the audience is to act. c. It shows how superior the audience is. d. It shows how vulnerable to audience is.

  12. Jonathan EdwardsGuided Questions Page 57 • F.) In line 99, there is a biblical allusion. How do biblical allusions such as this one increase the persuasive appeal of Edwards’s sermon? • a. It gives the reader hope. • b. It makes the author feel superior. • c. It helps the reader relate. • d. It forces the reader to repent.

  13. Jonathan Edwards Mini Quiz • 1.) The most likely purpose of Jonathan Edwards’s sermon is to • A. terrify listeners with the hopelessness they face • B. make people pity neighbors bound for hell • C. frighten listeners into accepting Jesus Christ • D. teach people about religious beliefs • 2.) Edwards directs his sermon on God’s wrath toward congregation members who • A. will speak to those who are unconverted • B. are yet to be born again • C. are too focused on God’s love • D. practice religion with their families

  14. Jonathan Edwards Mini Quiz • 3.) Why does Edwards say that people in his congregation have yet to drop into the pit of hell? • A. The love of God prevents their demise. • B. The works they perform please God. • C. God is angry and wrathful but fair. • D. God’s hand holds them up each moment. • 4.) What emotional appeal does Edwards use when he emphasizes the everlasting nature of God’s wrath? • A. appeal to fear • B. appeal to vanity • C. appeal to pity • D. appeal to wonder

  15. Jonathan Edwards Mini Quiz • 5.) The human condition that Edwards stresses throughout the sermon is people’s • A. ability to change their fate by good works • B. desire to better themselves • C. dependence on their neighbors for help • D. reliance on God to save them from hell