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  1. WE ARE WHAT WE WEAR How come shopping is really a stress buster for some folks? Most of us go for shopping as we take shopping as our habit or interest or we treat it as our stress buster, personally speaking for me shopping is like releasing my stress even though if I don’t shop or in other words if I don’t buy and just end up empty hand at home, I still don’t feel that I came back empty handed as you know why? As for me even taking a round at market and looking at those brands window which attracts you and make you feel like a spell is made for you to get temp to come in that store and explore what are the latest’s trends that are being sold with this I feel I have observed ample of knowledge and updated myself .This could help me to release my stress and which could make me feel happy for the rest of the day. Most of the time we wish if we could spend every day in our favorite pair of Heel’s and dress up in our little black dress, It’s our clothes that speaks a message about who we are and about our personality. The great thing is that we have the power to control to such desires what we have and what new trends we are looking for. From having a wardrobe that’s bursting with every item of clothing you’ve there are many ways your closet can stop you from being the most stylish version of yourself. At least one of these strategies will dramatically change the way you feel about getting dressed in the morning: FOLLOW THE COLORS: We make sure that we set a color for every week like orange for first week, red for second week green for third week and so on, this will encourage us to search through our closet and actually wear the pieces that have been deteriorated or unloved.

  2. MOST DESIRABLE AND LEAST DESIRABLE: There are a number of variations on this “first in/last out” wardrobe strategy, which prevents us from wearing a few pieces non-stop. It will be better if we like to organize by item type—dresses near dresses, tops near tops is to hang each item inside-out after we wear it assuming that we have kept it separate for laundry wash in way, we can easily see which pieces we have recently worn, and which items we may have forgotten about. WRITING IT DOWN: We can keep a journal of what we wear each day, and how it makes us feel. This will help us identify which shapes, fabrics, and styles work best for our body and lifestyle, and will prevent us from making purchases that aren’t perfect for us. This strategy is ideal for those who have a ton of clothing but feel like they haven’t yet hit upon a cohesive style. HAVING A DESIGNER FRIEND TO CONSULT: Sometimes, all it takes is an objective eye to take our wardrobe from fine to fabulous. Even though we in today are much updated and smart enough to make the right choice

  3. on what will suit us and what will not look good on us, but the best thing is to have friends to consult who can help when in need. USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA OR MAGAZINES AS INSPIRATION: Women’s fashion magazines often inspire us with their stunning upcoming trends. But trends resurface so frequently we probably already might have items in our closet that are “in” this season. The best magazines to refer to for fashion updates are like Harappa, Vogue, Elle etc and portals like are in hand tools which can be used wisely to be up to date with what is in and what is out in fashion trends. BY PUTTING AN EFFORT TO DOCUMENT DUDS: Are we a collector or May be we have what seems likes of necklaces, or maybe we have got a ton of little black dresses. Let’s set aside whether we need so many variations on the same item and make sure we are actually putting your collection to use! Source: