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Coast Guard SUPRT Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Coast Guard SUPRT Program

Coast Guard SUPRT Program

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Coast Guard SUPRT Program

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  1. Coast Guard SUPRT Program

  2. General Eligibility Active Duty Members, Members of the Selected Reserve, Civilian Employees Family members

  3. Private and Confidential Privacy protected Personal information is not: provided to the Coast Guard or chain of command shared with family or friends released to other agencies Duty to Warn family maltreatment (spouse, child, or elder abuse) harm to self or others mission readiness

  4. Health and Wellness Coaching Partnership Thought-provoking and creative Facilitates lifestyle improvement Inspires maximum personal and professional potential Client-driven Coach supported

  5. What Is Included? 45-minute sessions Online “chat” and telephonic options Online coaching modules: Living Series Length of coaching varies (5-6 months average)

  6. Coaching Process Explore and Assess Vision and Establish Areas of Focus Goal Development and Plan Monitor Progress and Accountability Outcomes

  7. Areas of Focus Weight, Time, or Stress Management Exercise and Fitness Life Transition: New Baby, Move, Empty Nest, Retirement Tobacco Cessation Personal Leadership

  8. Plan Development Create SMART/MAP goals Specific Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely Measurable, Attainable/Achievable, Passionate Commit to an Action Plan Discuss barriers, triggers, strategies Evaluate effectiveness of behavior-change strategies (ongoing)

  9. Why Do Participants Work with Coaches? Physical Behavior Change Empowerment Energy Support Accountability Perspective Self-confidence Resilience

  10. Health and Wellness Coaching Is NOT… Counseling Judgmental Focusing on the past Telling members what to do or how to do it

  11. CG SUPRT Health and Wellness Coaches Interdisciplinary team of health professionals Have degrees in health-related fields Certified in coaching Have clinical and behavior change expertise

  12. Online Coaching Programs •  LivingEasy™, a resiliency and stress management tool • LivingLean™, a workshop to control unhealthy eating habits • LivingFree™, a course proven to help members stop smoking • LivingFit™, where members learn to make exercise a habit

  13. Enroll in Coaching

  14. Questions 855-CG SUPRT (247-8778)