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SAFETY : Central to Everything We Do PowerPoint Presentation
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SAFETY : Central to Everything We Do

SAFETY : Central to Everything We Do

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SAFETY : Central to Everything We Do

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  1. SAFETY:Central to Everything We Do • Furmanite has a full-time safety director and a comprehensive safety program • Every technician must be certified in safety training • Recently reached milestone of 6 million man-hours without a lost time accident • Experience Modification Rating (EMR) is currently at 0.45 and continues to trend downwards over previous years

  2. Since 1929, Furmanite has maintained its leadership role in the research and development of on-site repair and maintenance FURMANITE’SHISTORY & EXPERTISE • 2006, Furmanite purchases the General Services Group (GSG) of Flowserve • Furmaniteis the single most authoritative sourcefor all of your global industrial services needs

  3. DOMESTIC SERVICE CENTERS For a complete listing of regional and global Furmanite locations, visit us online at

  4. GLOBAL COVERAGE Canada Sweden Finland Norway Denmark Germany England Netherlands Azerbaijan Belgium France Japan Portugal China USA HongKong Thailand UAE India Bahrain Malaysia Singapore 6 Continents 70+ Locations 1,400+ Technicians Indonesia New Zealand Australia South America S. Africa For a complete listing of regional and global Furmanite locations, visit us online at

  5. ADVANCED SOLUTIONSTHAT WORK TOGETHER • Engineering Support Services • On-Line Leak Sealing • On-Site Machining • Pipe Isolation and Weld Test • Bolt Torquing & Tensioning • Hot-Tapping and Line Stopping • Valve Repair – Shop or On-site • Trevitest™ On-lineValve Testing • Specialty Concrete Repair • Field Polymers and Coatings • Tank Roof Repair • Heat Treatment Services

  6. LEAK SEALING APPLICATIONS • Holes in pipes or valves • Cracked welds • Packing glands • Flange leaks • Valve bonnets • Threaded fittings • Exchanger leaks • Pressure seal valves • Turbine horizontal joints


  8. CLAMP ARRANGEMENTS Piping Configurations (some examples):

  9. CLAMP ARRANGEMENTS Piping Configurations (some examples):

  10. CLAMP ARRANGEMENTS Piping Configurations (some examples):

  11. CLAMP ARRANGEMENTS Piping Configurations (some examples):

  12. STRUCTURAL CLAMPS & RESTRAINTS “Non-Structural” Enclosure Clamp – for Fluid Containment Only “Non-Structural” and “Structural” Enclosure Clamps “Structural” Enclosure Clamp – for Fluid Containment AND Restraint of Axial Loads in Pipe

  13. SPECIALIZED DESIGN APPLICATIONS • Full FEA Capabilities • Finite Element Analysis can be used for certain clamps: • Where strict code compliance is required • Or where joint separation is an issue

  14. ON-SITE MACHININGThe Furmanite Advantage • Cost effective, quality solutions for routine and complex applications • Global reputation andexperience base • Enhanced by our ownership of machine manufacturer Silk™

  15. ON-SITE MACHINING SERVICES • Flange facing • Drilling / tapping • Line boring • Milling • Pipe cutting and beveling • Specialty grinding and polishing • Shaft turning • Stud drilling • Other specialized applications • Drilling, Trepanning, Fine Boringand Reaming, for example

  16. Flanges Heat exchangers Cover joints Boiler manways Industrial pipelines Vessel joints Hub profiles Boiler Feed Water Pumps Front and backof heat exchangers Oval manways Oval handholes Sealing surfacesof pressure vesselsand boilers Turbine horizontal joints ON-SITE MACHINING APPLICATIONS

  17. SELF LEVELING MACHINE (SLM) Acquired February 2011 • SLM specializes in machining very large circular and irregular shaped surfaces on structural components • There is virtually no size limit because our milling cutters are controlled by a scanning laser plane and are independent of any deflections which might occur in the portable machine frame • This allows large structures to be machined in a single set up with tolerances similar to those achieved on major workshop machines • Our equipment is readily portable and we cover the world for large size, on site machining

  18. BOLTING SERVICES • Furmanite provides complete Bolt Torquing and Tensioning services, from design to final tightening and measurement • Low Profile Tools to 6-1/8” Nut Size and 48,000 foot pounds • Square Drive Tools to 6-1/8” Nut Size and 54,000 foot pounds • Services include: • Hydraulic Bolt Torquing • Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning • Stud Removal • Bolt Stress & Elongation Measurements • Joint Alignment • Nut Splitting

  19. BOLTING SERVICES PSIM – Pressurized System Integrity Management System • Software system designed to manage critical bolted flanges • Internet based allowing client access as the works are performed • Tagging of flanges allows tracking of individual joints during construction and subsequent outage • Can handle in excess of 100,000 flanges • Stores data for historical information retrieval, planning and trouble-shooting

  20. THE TREVITEST SOLUTION Trevitest™ Diagnostic Recorder Features • Developed and patented worldwide by Furmanite to test safety and relief valves in place and online • Accurately tests valves 1” and larger on-line and under normal operating pressure and temperature • No operational interruptions • Valve can be tested remotely for safety purposes • State of the art technology measures force, pressure, lift or displacement and sound via acoustic detection • PC based system with data and document storage capability, using proprietary software • Permanent graphical record for customer

  21. Nuclear Units Utilizing Trevitest

  22. VALVE REPAIR & OEM PRODUCT SALES Furmanite - the largest, single-owned and operated valve repair organization in North America, with over 20 repair shops nationwide • Onsite and In-House valve repair and testing • Repairs include routine maintenance, outage and emergency response • In-service valve testing • New valves and parts available at all locations; select locations are licensed assemblers for TycoTM, CrosbyTM, Anderson GreenwoodTM, KunkleTM, SpenceTM, AshcroftTM, FarrisTM, SuperiorTM and GlobalTM products • Manufacturer of Wilson-Snyder coker switch valves and process control valves • Use of “ValveOne” as a Repair Historian

  23. VALVE REPAIR SOLUTION • Furmanite provides routine and emergency services for all valve repair needs • Repair capabilities for of a large variety of valves, including: • Gate, Globe, Check & Plug • Safety & Safety Relief • Check, Butterfly & Pressure Seal • Control Valves • AOV and MOV Actuators • Factory-Trained Technicians • Procedure based repair activities • Perform in-service set pressure calibrations • Seat leak and assembled hydrotesting per applicable ANSI standards • Complete documentation of repairs through ValveOne

  24. VALVE REPAIR:MOBILE TRAILERS • Cleaning & Sandblasting Equipment • Machining Lathes & Tools • Grinding Equipment • Drill Presses • Air & Water Test Stands • Lapping Equipment • Work Benches

  25. THE FURMANITEDVALVE TAG REPAIR PROGRAM The Furmanite Guarantees: • That the service was performed safely by professionally trained and certified technicians • Our guarantee of the quality of repair in restoring the valve to “like new condition” • Our guarantee that all replacement parts used in the repairs are approved and accepted by the NBIC Repair Program • Our guarantee that all repairs have been documented and records maintained. • Our guarantee that all repairs have been performed in accordance with applicable ASME Codes and the NBIC Repair Program • Our Warranty to you covers any defect that may occur due to workmanship or defective parts that may have been installed during the repair

  26. HOT TAPPING AND LINE STOPPING SERVICES • Hot Tapping • Line Stopping • Line Freezing • OEM Fittings / Repair Clamps • Weld-on and bolt-on designs • Manufacturer (OEM) of World Class Equipment • IPSCO brands • Engineering Solutions • Welding Procedures for all applications • All fittings, equipment & accessories are 100% interchangeable with alternative vendor options

  27. HOT TAPPING CAPABILITIES • Diameters: • ½” Through 72” • Pressures: • Up to 2800 PSI • Temperatures: • To +/- 750 Degrees Fahrenheit

  28. LINE STOPPING CAPABILITIES • Diameters: • ½” Through 84” • Pressures: • To 1480 PSI • Temperatures: • To +/- 750 Degrees Fahrenheit