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Left Side – Process Page- Step #1 PowerPoint Presentation
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Left Side – Process Page- Step #1

Left Side – Process Page- Step #1

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Left Side – Process Page- Step #1

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  1. Left Side – Process Page- Step #1 • Listen to Charleston Party, in Flapper Style. • What does this music bring to mind?? Make a list while listening…

  2. Introduction to the “Roaring” Twenties • The 1920s are often remembered for the upbeat, boisterous characteristics that earned the decade its nickname, the “roaring twenties” • Indeed, as World War I ended, Americans seemed to dive into a whirlwind of changes in technology, fashion and entertainment that created a kind of modernizing “roar”.

  3. Examples… • Millions of Henry Ford’s Model T automobiles sold in 1925, mobilizing teenagers to “go out motoring” to experience “talkies” or speaking movies • Young women “flappers” went alone to movies and wore hemlines above the knee • Jazz musicians dizzied audiences in a cultural awakening called The Harlem Renaissance. • Lovers listened to songs such as “hot lips” and read books such as “Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun.”

  4. Consumerism skyrocketed!! • Thousands of Safeway and Sears stores advertised Listerine for bad breath, vacuum cleaners to ease household chores, shaving lotion, and hand-held cameras • The federal government supported these trends with conservative pro-business presidents at the helm • BUT……

  5. The 1920s also had major problems… • Economic recession • Labor unrest • The rise of anti-communist sentiments • Anti-immigration legislation • Racial violence (re-birth of the KKK)

  6. Left Side continued..Step #2 • Create two lists of slang words • First list: 5 slang words you or your friends use • Second list: 5 slang words parents use (or a older generation) • Be prepared to share list! Why do you think groups of people (particularly young people) create slang? What can slang teach us about a certain time period?

  7. Your job….create a short skit using your slang terms… • You must create a skit that brings to life a scene set in the 1920s. You must incorporate all slang terms and make the audience feel as if they have stepped back in time to the Roaring Twenties. • Then…revise the skit and replace the 1920s slang expressions with equivalent modern-day slang. • You will perform both skits!!!

  8. Left Side Continued..Step #3 • Why do you think some slang expressions from the 1920s have endured to the present day? • What were the topics to which the slang expressions primarily related? What do these topics reveal about the social climate of the 1920s? • What do you think future generations will say about contemporary American society based on modern-day slang?