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Summary - Confluence 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Summary - Confluence 2012

Summary - Confluence 2012

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Summary - Confluence 2012

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  1. Summary - Confluence 2012 Houston | 09 – 10 May 2012

  2. IBS - O&G Logistics Business Unit Ramesh D Nair Head of Business – Oil and Gas Logistics IBS Software Services Where We’re Going • Expand customer footprint • Drive continuous innovation to meet challenges of logistics management practice in Oil and Gas industry • Innovate new delivery models to reduce cost of operations • Drive partnerships with niche technology providers and large system integrators to increase overall value of the solution Where We Are • Industry endorsed solution for logistics management in E&P operations • Marquee customer base – 15 installations across the world • More than 100 dedicated employees – logistics consultants and system developers Where We Were • Started in 2001 as a business unit in IBS • First customer in 2002 • 400 person-years invested in the solution Confluence 2012 - SUMMARY

  3. Confluence 2012 - Objectives To foster an environment of trust, collaboration, shared vision and common purpose for logistics management solution • Create a forum for industry experts to exchange views and experiences pertaining to logistics • Create an alliance of IBS and customers working together to produce a standard logistics management system that fosters industry best practices • Receive direct feedback from users and give them the right to influence iLogistics product evolution in line with a long term vision for the industry Confluence 2012 - SUMMARY

  4. Confluence 2012 - Participation Confluence 2012 - SUMMARY

  5. Theme Address - OGL Challenges The role of IT in enabling Business Transformation Rajiv Shah Chief Executive Officer IBS Software Services • End of Easy Oil – ‘The New Era’ • FDC (Finding and Development Cost) shows increase • Production cost shows an increase • Logistics cost is also showing an upward trend in new sites • Key Questions to ask • How would we ensure safety of men and material in risky, harsh conditions in deep water and artic regions? • How do we reduce logistics cost and thereby reduce, development and production cost in new sites and contribute to the overall profitability of the company ? • How do we create a standardized process that would ensure predictability of operations, reduce learning curves and ensure scalability based on the production ramp up? Confluence 2012 - SUMMARY

  6. Safe, Reliable, & Compliant Logistics Operations John Milne Vice President Global Logistics, BP • Need for developing global strategy and implementation plans • Safety Compliance and Reliability is critical • Plan, Organise, Lead, Control • Establish integrated systems and reporting • Create standardized processes and procedures to enable consistency, sustainability, and scalability • Establish integrated systems, metrics, and reporting to have better visibility and enables advanced planning Confluence 2012 - SUMMARY

  7. Standardisation of Systems and Processes; Our Thoughts David Taylor Delivery Manager, L&I Shell Projects and Technology “ One Process, One System, One Way of Working” • Industry requires • Default, end to end, integrated and standardised, fit for purpose system, applicable across O&G Lifecycle • Move from transactional to an advanced planning and optimisation system • Systems and processes must be able to cope with differing business needs and constraining legislation • Benefits of standardization • Help to reduce system, implementation and running costs • Reduced complexity for vendor and client • Opportunities for collaboration with suppliers, group ventures and JV partners Confluence 2012 - SUMMARY

  8. Future of Oil and Gas Logistics Casey Lowery SCM Global Category Manager Chevron “Provide safe, fully integrated, seamless logistics solution with enhanced visibility and tracking capability” • Current state • Operations in silo • Paper/ excel based manual processes & a few in house developed legacy systems • Numerous reasons why it is critical to have a common logistics solution • Improve safety management, service delivery, reliability & efficiency • Standardize processes and methodologies • Future state • Next generation technologies replacing legacy systems • Optimize asset utilizations, standardize & improve process efficiencies Confluence 2012 - SUMMARY

  9. 4 PL in Oil & Gas Logistics Joe Kelly Head of Logistics Gulf of Mexico, Shell • 4 PL – The new Trend in Logistics • ‘Easy Oil’ is gone, new discoveries are in remote & difficult environments • Support from logistics is becoming more & more critical • Industry needs scalable partners who can grow along with the industry • Supplier capability in 4 PL is growing • Increased asset utilization & cost reduction by usage of 4 PL • Industry need integrated solutions which facilitates the 4 PL operations Confluence 2012 - SUMMARY

  10. Role of IT in Transforming Oil & Gas Logistics Bob Gosier Senior Manager Supply chain- Resource Practice, Accenture • Oil & Gas Technology Trends • Investment in technology is increasing, • Operational excellence, cyber security, cloud services and mobility are now the high profile topics • Base Practice Logistics - deployment of a basin wide logistics operating model, with systems a key element supporting people and process • Logistics Technologies Benefits - operational improvement and financial benefit to upstream operators Confluence 2012 - SUMMARY

  11. Waste Management Solution Wilma Kadim L&I Delivery Consultant Operational Excellence “Waste Management Solution for Oil and Gas Industry” • Management of Waste is one of the major challenges in the industry with strict government regulations and environment • Usually waste management is manual (spreadsheets), which is not efficient resulting in waste exceeding limits • An integrated industry standard solution providing visibility from waste generation to disposal is planned to streamline the waste transport management • Perceived benefits – reduction to cost and exposure, compliance to audit and legal policy, better visibility and management of resources etc. Confluence 2012 - SUMMARY 11

  12. Finding Business Value in Real Time location of Assets and Personnel Peter Ward Sales Director EMEA Zebra Location Solutions “Maximize benefits by combining assets & personnel real time visibility” • Key industry drivers • Productivity • Operational effectiveness & efficiency • Safety • Security • Real time visibility of assets & personnel brings about • Safer work environment • Increased security • Reduced rental costs • Increased system utilization • Wide range of automatic location and identification technologies • GPS, Wifi, RFID, Barcode, Sensors Confluence 2012 - SUMMARY

  13. User Group Sessions Parvathy N Pillai Head of Product Strategy & Management IBS Software Services • Launch of user group and discussions on • Framework & decision making • Development approach and update • Product investment and governance • Conduct and frequency of meetings • Discussion on product roadmap and key customer priorities going forward • Discussion on product direction and vision and support required from user community • Creation of a steering committee and naming of members • Creation of focus groups to consolidate and define requirements • Agreement on way forward Confluence 2012 - SUMMARY

  14. Participant Feedback Overall rating for the event (1 to 10) 6 7 8 10 • Key Comments • This is a great first effortand needs concerted focus to ensure that goals and objectives are • executed and completed • Good session & range of topics, good networking opportunity among logistics professionals • Consolidate system across companies and gain consensus to generate a unified system Confluence 2012 - SUMMARY

  15. Confluence 2012 - SUMMARY