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  2. Wardha District : Fact File • Wardha District: A Fact File • Total Population : 12,99,592 • No. of Taluka/Blocks : 8 • No. of Gram Panchayats : 517 • No. of Villages : 1385

  3. RELEVANT Background • The District is Frontrunner in UID enrolment in the country having completed 86% of UID enrolment of the total population • Selutahsilhaving completed 90% of UID enrolment • One of the first districts in the state to do 100 % digitization by the Primary data entry of Ration Cards in the software ERCMS developed by NIC. • Wardha has made rapid progress in MNREGA in last one year, • Saving Bank Account being opened under mission mode for every adult in a CBS branch under the Financial inclusion scheme. • The district has also completed the Socio-Economic Census covering the entire population.

  4. Enrolments UID Enrolment Status • Agencies Engaged For Enrolment for UID in Wardha district • TerraSoft 2.Glodyne 3.Transline • Additionally Non-Stateagencies are roped in to complete the 100% enrollment in the district by 31st Dec 2012 .

  5. Data-Seeding Beneficiary Data Seeding with uid

  6. Data-Seeding Methodology For Data seeding: • District level Data seeding tool is developed with private partner. • Database of any scheme Can be Matched with UID database automatically henceforth the data can seeded on the basis of the Name of beneficiary with the name in UID database by running aforesaid data Seeding Utility • The names which cannot be matched automatically due to spelling mistakes can be mapped manually for the data seeding, by using the same software which facilitates faster data-seeding and automatic reporting • For the unmapped names a manual survey is planned to be done in order to segregate the people who have not got themselves enrolled under UID and the “Ghost Beneficiaries”

  7. No. of Saving bank a/c s in nationalized bank in wardha

  8. COMMON ISSUES RELATED TO BANKS • Under financial inclusion scheme, the banks are mandated to open the savings account of all the adults in the district in a CBS branch • All the identified bank branches are given targetto cover their respective service area hence covering the entire district • Accounts are to be opened in zero balance scheme • For speedier opening of accounts AnganwadiSevika and AASHA workers are involved to complement the efforts of BCs appointed by the banks • Through initiative of UIDAI - Incentives to Anganwadi and Aasha workers for Bank account opening. • Action points : • Bank Account Seeding With UID needs to be done within time- local vs centralized . • Appointment of New BCs by the banks • Procurement of micro ATMs • Linking of the savings account to UID payment gateway.

  9. Bank Account No. Seeding With UID • The Banks are persuaded for a time bound completion of account number seeding with UID • UID data being included mandatorily in CBS platform • Subsequently, one of the banks has successfully tested the account number seeding with UID using software tool as suggested by the district Administration • It is estimated that using the aforesaid tool the bank account number seeding for the entire district shall be completed within a short period • less than a month • The banks need to upload the out puts of account number seeding with UID into their centralized system by seeding that data to their enter after the validation at branch level

  10. Central Pilot projects

  11. PILOT PROJECT AADHAR LINKED DIRECT CASH SUBSIDY TRANSFER SCHEME (DCT) Following Projects are being taken on the Pilot Basis As Mandated By the Govt. of India Social assistance Schemes (NSAP) MFMS (Mobile Fertilizer Monitoring System ) Scheme of Direct Transfer of Cash Subsidy for Kerosene (DTCK) MGNREGA – as per 30th July 2012 MoRD directive

  12. Project 01: NSAP Social Assistance schemes- dcT Trial underway • Already Procured micro ATM for the Pilot Roll out • The system is going on trial DCT Roll out since November 2012 in Selutaluka • Name of the scheme : Indira Gandhi Old Age Pension Scheme • Villages Covered : Dhanoli, Seloo, Ghorad • No. of Beneficiaries: 369 • In the aforesaid Villages following prerequisite have been completed • Bank account number seeding with UID completed for 100% beneficiaries • Micro ATM system configuration and B.C. Agent ID creation • Payment order has been replaced for disbursement to the local branch of Bank of India • Success of the trial roll out phase will lead out to the implementation in entire Selutalukaand subsequently in the entire district, within a few weeks

  13. Project 01: NSAP SCHEME BENEFICIARY DATA SEEDING WITH UID Around 30% of the beneficiary are having their account in post office which needs to have the account in the CBS of Nationalizes banks our machinery at the village level is directed to expedite this process . Verification is in progress to segregate the beneficiary who have not Enrolled for UID & ghost beneficiary. A time bound drive is planned to include the genuine beneficiaries in the scheme which is the real purpose of the scheme of UID along with the elimination of the fake beneficiaries.

  14. Project 02: MFMS MFMS (Mobile Fertilizer Monitoring System ) • Wardha is one of the 10 pilot Districts in INDIA to START the Mobile fertilizer monitoring system (MFMS) • The project is Monitored by Department of Fertilizers GoI • The scheme enables the post UID authenticated sale transfer of the fertilizer subsidies Directly to the Saving Bank Account of Farmers • For this, all the farmers are required to have their UID Linked account in a CBS branch of nationalized banks • The beneficiary needs to have the AADHAR No. in his name • The Govt. is providing a system for Monitoring the transactions at the Point of Sale (PoS) of the retailers of fertilizer

  15. Project 02: MFMS Steps Taken By Wardha District • The database of all the Farmers / Land owners was extract Form No 8 A of Land Management Information System (LMIS) • The hard copy of farmer Database was distributed At Taluka level for further process • A team Comprising of Talathi, Gramsewak ,& Agriculture assistant are allotted 1/3rd of the village each, for collection of UID No and Bank Account Details of the land Owners • The work of data collection & the Digitization of that Data is in progress • Registration of 81 and 636 Wholesale and Retail Fertilizer Dealers respectively thus completion 100% registration • Online acknowledgements of fertilizer sale uploaded by Wholesaler and retailers • Beneficiaries’ Data Seeding with UID is 30.29% and Bank Account Opening rate is 44.18% out of a 205611 Land Owners

  16. Project 02: MFMS BANKING ISSUES RELATED TO MfMS SCHEME • Issuing of KISAN Credit Cards to all the eligible farmers. • Issuing of RuPay cards to all the KCC holders. • Converting the DCC non CBS account of farmers to nationalized bank account • Confirmation of AADHAR linkage of respective bank accounts to farmers database • Bank of INDIA i.e. the LDB has issued 15000 KCC to the eligible farmers (without NPA) 3000 farmers are issued the RUPAY Card are already linked with UID as a proof of Concept

  17. Project 03: kerosene Subsidy Scheme of Direct Transfer of Cash Subsidy for Kerosene DTCK • The district is one of the 29 districts in India Selected for the Pilot Project for Kerosene Subsidies DTCK • The Project is mandated by Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, GoI • The facilitation of Kerosene distribution is done by department of Food and Civil Supplies GoM • The beneficiaries for this scheme are identified by the Ration cards • Ration Card digitization is monitored by Food and civil Supplies department GoM, which needs to be seeded with UID

  18. Project 03: kerosene subsidy Digitization of RATION CARD • Ration Card data Entry is done in the Centralized Software developed by NIC named ERCMS • Wardha district was the first to make a special provision of funds for Digitization of Ration cards by earmarking the budget from Funds for Innovative Schemes (Navinya-PurnaYojana) which was subsequently followed by many other districts of the state • Wardha is among the leading districts in the state to have completed the 100% data entry into ERCMS software • The district got the RC family members’ names database of the ERCMS from NIC in excel format after specific requests and subsequent follow-ups by the district

  19. Project 03: kerosene Subsidy Ration Cards Seeding With UID For The Entire District • Status : 62% of 2.52 Lacs ration Cards have been Seeded with the UID • 6825 rations Cards are identified wherein more a UID No. appears in more than ration Card • Names of the individuals in RC are seeded using the data seeding tool • It is decided that if any one member in the ration card is having a matching UID no. the said card shall be deemed to be seeded • It is provisional result of RC data seeding with UID, as the final output shall be subject to manual seeding of miss-spelt names, validations of seeded data

  20. Project 03: kerosene Subsidy Issues To be Addressed for THE Scheme • Subsidy transfer and physical Kerosene allocation • Fixing of the eligibility of the beneficiary and the quantum of benefits based on the type of RC, No of Persons, LPG Connection status • LPG Consumer data Seeding with UID and Stamping of LPG Connection status in the ration card is also in progress • We need to procure/develop the system to monitor the transaction of kerosene at the Point of Sale • Direct cash transfer would require on line tracking of sale – mfms or BC model ?

  21. Project04: MNREGA MgNREGAJobcard Data Seeding

  22. 5 villages already under ICT Biometric attendance capture • 2 Talukas - linkage of UID to attendance in progress • Next stages : UID linked job cards, bank accounts --- uid based attendance, and DCT or BC model. • Also working on Android based GPS tagging and asset listing , and GIS mapping of all works.

  23. DISTRICT INITIATIVEs AS Pilot projects

  24. Project05: e-Scholarship E-sCHOLARSHIP Beneficiary Data seeding with UID The scholarships are provided to the eligible students by education department and the social justice departments. The data of their students having the UID number of the respective departments was provided by after mapping the student database with the UID database. The low percentage of UID mapping is attributed to a lower number of UID enrollment among the students. A special drive is planned under Rajasva Abhiyaan to expedite the UID enrollment and also opening of Bank accounts in the name of every students in a time bound manner.


  26. PROECT 06: LPG DCTS ISSUES FOR DCTS OF LPG SUBSIDES • As of now the LPG consumers are entitled for the 6 subsidized cylinder per year from OMC and 3 cylinders from the state GOVT. • The subsidy for 3 cylinders is to be provided only to the BPL and ANTODAYA RC holders • A list of beneficiaries needs to be prepared after LPG data consumer data seeding and matching it with the RC details • A system needs to be devised to monitor the transaction of LPG consumers and integration of the transactions with the subsides estimation system for the state subsidy component • 5. A subsidy payment disbursement mechanism for OMC and State Govt. Subsidies needs to be devised and rolled out

  27. SOME FACTs of the UID database made available to WARDHA district : • The database of UID No. of the Citizen enrolled is provided by UIDAI • The villages are not sorted out on taluka or Census code wise; • There is a need for Data Cleaning process to overcome the shortcomings of the addresses as; • Different vendors spelled the name of a particular village in different fashion • Several village names are common for many villages in the district and sometimes even in a taluka • Data of a few villages are still missing, in some villages enrollment %age is very low; • Taluka-wise folder was created in the district as a part of data cleaning exercise done in the district itself;


  29. Screen shots of seeding software Welcome Screen

  30. Screen shots of seeding software

  31. Screen shots of seeding software Importing Data

  32. Screen shots of seeding software Mapping of Similar Records

  33. Screen shots of seeding software Report of UID and Ration Data Mapped

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