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CDR Based Customer Care and Convergent Billing PowerPoint Presentation
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CDR Based Customer Care and Convergent Billing

CDR Based Customer Care and Convergent Billing

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CDR Based Customer Care and Convergent Billing

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  1. Greetings to All Participants CDR Based Customer Care and Convergent Billing

  2. Web Self Care Customer Care Network Printing System/ Print Vendor Claearing House or Other Sources Payment Interfaces Cr Card/Banks/Chq etc. AAA Self Care Report Generation Payments Security Billing Rating Inventory Mediation Customer Care DATABASE Provisioning

  3. 4 data centres (Hyderabad, Pune, Chandigarh, Kolkata) • Proof Of Concept : 9 months • Roll out phase; 9 months • Two System Integrators • 2 yrs warranty; 5 yrs. AMC • South & East – CSG Kenan for billing and mediation. • All the operational and business processes are to be integrated to manage entire business of BSNL.

  4. Tender divided into two • Set of two tenders for servers and software – M/s TCS and M/s HCL • The second tender exclusively for STORAGE. • One vendor selected for all the zones - WIPRO

  5. Requirements • Switches support 100% CDR generation have storage of 7 days CDRs • On-Line data transfer from switches a must. • Same billing solution will also support meter based billing • Provision of X.25 accessories, software, cable on NT Switches • All 256P RAX/512P SBM has to be converted into AN-RAX

  6. Requirements • Magnetic Tape Emulator (MTE) required for E-10B switches; is part of the tender. • 75% of the CSR equipment through reallocation • MPLS based NIB-II network shall be utilised. • Setting up call center not part of project • Responsibility of setting up of customer care center with SSA • Anti virus for existing PCs and new PCs (procured by SSAs) to be purchased by circles/SSAs

  7. Requirements • SSA will form the basic unit for roll out • Data center operational responsibility with BSNL – CGM IT circle. • Infrastructure responsibility with respective circles. • Centralized Data Center wise IVRS planned. • Adequate training for BSNL personnel

  8. Benefitsofproposedsolution • Move from telephone based system to Customer based system • Accurate and timely invoicing of call details to generate error free bills • Supports different tariffs, different Billing cycles, different discounting schemes for different category of subscribers. • Pre-paid and Post Paid integration possible • Easy implementation of change in business policies and rules. • Host of online services, online query and prompt customer response

  9. Benefitsofproposedsolution • Advanced Rating Capability – peak rate, off-peak rate, special days, tiered rating • No Need of charge-configuration at switch level • On demand itemized call detail • Advance Discounting Capability – CUG, F&F, Cross product, double set discount (e.g.10% off on rentals if STD calls exceed 500mins.) • High Usage monitoring • Flexible bill cycle • Accounting

  10. Implementationintwophases

  11. Whatwearebuyinginthisproject • DC class servers • Edge class servers • Network • IVRS, CTI, ACD, IP-EPABX, IP Phones • PCs, printers • Laptops (for Data centre alone) • Physical security (for Data centre alone) • UPS(for data centre alone)

  12. Whatwearebuyinginthisproject • Billing, Accounting, Mediation, Provisioning, Bill formatter, RA, CRM, (FRS), IM, DQ, WSC, EMS, EAI, RDBMS, Security systems (Logical), IOBAS and FMS. • Services • Data centre operation during wty and AMC.

  13. NORTH ZONE Invoice for child account2 to South Zone. WEST ZONE SOUTH ZONE /CENTRAL POINT Invoice for child account1 to South Zone. EAST ZONE Invoice for child account3 to South Zone. CorporateBilling • Custom integration to synchronize data across zones • Regular bill runs for corporate accounts in their respective zones • Transfer of invoice data to centralized South zone • Application of bulk discounts and single bill for corporates • Update different zones with proportional data. • Transfer of payments/adjustments from/to zones Other Billing Systems

  14. SummarizedSchedule ofRequirement – NorthWest

  15. CollectionMethodologyofCDRs NIDS Eth S W I T C H Firewall Data Center Backbone Router Mediation System Backbone Router E3/STM-1 E3/STM-1 SSA Edge Rtr Edge Rtr Edge Rtr Edge Rtr NIB – MPLS VPN Network Edge Rtr Edge Rtr E1 E1 Aggregation Router (Optional) Aggregation Router (Optional) Call Received E1 E1 Call Made LocalExchange CDR Generated Call Completed LE Router LE Router CES PSTN Swt. PSTN Swt. MTE CDOT

  16. DataCenterNetworkOverview Data Center Router Ethernet Switch Type 2 IDS CDRCollector Firewall Ethernet Switch Type 1 RAS AAA Workstations NIB-II MPLSNetwork Ethernet Switch Type 2 Backbone Router Ethernet Switch Type 2 Server FarmDC Class and Blades Internet Internet Router Internet/Web Servers Firewall

  17. DataCenterNetworkOverview Exchange router – two connections to exchange for CDR collection and service provisioning two WAN connections. Aggregation routers in case of star topology. LAN extender/Remote router for extending LAN from LE to CSR and RLUs Aggregation routers connected to Edge routers of MPLS VPN. Central routers (optional) between Aggregation routers/LE routers and Edge routers. Backbone Routers (two in each DC) for connecting DC to MPLS VPN

  18. DataCenterNetworkOverview Data Centre routers – termination of all data traffic in the billing network. X.25 serial connectivity to CDR collectors; connected to the Backbone routers. Managed ethernet switch, CSR ethernet switch, Data centre ethernet switches (Type I and Type II), Work station ethernet switch at DC. Internet Router at DC for internet connectivity to the DC. RAS for connectivity for remote CSRs.

  19. Typical Exchange RouterConnectivity

  20. Zone-wise Exchange Router NIB-2 Connectivity

  21. Zone-wise Exchange Router NIB-2Connectivity

  22. Zone-wise Exchange Router NIB-2 Connectivity Remote Router

  23. ReuseofexistingCSRnetwork Central router To MPLS Network Existing network To MPLS Network Local exchange router

  24. DataCenterNetworkArchitecture

  25. Servers • Data centre class servers • Billing and Accounting (Including Rating, OM (if part of Billing) and all other related functionalities). • Revenue assurance • Mediation • Provisioning • EAI • CRM (Including CHS, WSC, OM and all other related functionalities) • Directory Enquiry • EMS • IOBAS • FMS • Backup • High availability

  26. Servers • Edge class servers • EMS Gateways • HTTP servers • SMTP servers • Print Servers • AAA Servers • Logical Security Elements • Network Device Management Servers • DNS Servers • IVRS • Proxies, etc

  27. DatacentreServers • Sizing as per ISV recommendation • All applications shall fail over on to High availability Server in separate partitions in N+1 configuration • Shall be 64 Bit multiprocessing UNIX Servers • With minimum 64 cores having at least 1.5 GHz Processing speed. • Support multiple partitions with 4 GB DDR2 memory per core • At least two numbers of 4 Gbps Fiber Channel adapter. • Database partitions shall have minimum of 4 fibre channel adapter per partition.

  28. EdgeclassServers • 32/ 64 Bit processor of 3.2/ 1.6 GHz based with multiprocessing capabilities • Min 2 processors • Min 4 GB DDR2 ECC SDRAM • 2 x 72 GB internal SCSI Hard Disk • Dual Fibre Channel Ports per shelf for public interconnect to SAN with 1+1 redundancy. • PC based Management Consoles for DC class servers and Edge servers will be connected to the servers using dedicated Ethernet switched network

  29. IVRS • Automatic Telephone Fault Booking & Clearance Service • Automatic Bill Enquiry & Payment Reminder Service • Automatic Changed Number Information & Bulk Changed Number Announcement Service • Automatic Trunk Call Booking Service • Interactive Commercial Inquiry & Special Services Inquiry • Interactive Telephone Connection Booking And Status Enquiry Service

  30. Data Center LAN E1R2/E1PRI IP EPABX E1R2/E1PRI CRM CTI Server IVRS BSNL PSTN Cloud Call Transfer To Agent WAN Call Center 2 Call Center 1

  31. Web Self Care (WSC) • A one-stop facility (web access) to the individual subscribers as well as corporate customers • Post a request for activation or deactivation of a service • Electronic Bill presentment and payment • Trouble Ticketing • Integration with CRM, existing web portal, GSM CRM etc. • Data encryption, Authentication, Authorisation, Account access management, Logging and monitoring all system access, Resource allocation management, User access privileges management etc.

  32. ElectronicStapling • Single bill for corporate customers as well as individual customers covering multiple services provided across different geographic locations in India. • Creation of one bill for corporate customers with bulk discounting • Process one payment against the single corporate bill and do end to end accounting for all electronically stapled bills taken from other billing systems. • Work in conjunction with other Billing systems.

  33. DisasterRecovery • An event that makes the continuation of normal functions of a data centre impossible. • North DC will be DR for West DC and vice versa • South DC will be DR for East DC and vice versa • The degradation of performance for the applications failing over to the DR site is permitted up to 50% • Collection servers of mediation system shall have 100% redundancy to take care of both sites • Possible to update the secondary by the Primary on line or at configurable intervals in steps of at least 15 minutes.

  34. CRMFeatures • Single Platform for all CRM related activities like Marketing, Sales, Orders, Service Requests and Analysis for all product lines like LL,BB, Leased Lines etc. • Facility for Customers to manage their accounts/services thru various Channels like Phone, Web, Mail, CSR. • Application offers operations/control/visibility at Zonal level with flexibility to manage even at SSA level. • Unified Database model which avoids redundancy of tables in multiple Databases, there by improving over all Performance. • Sophisticated End-to-end integrated solution incorporating Industry standard Best Practices with customer/employee appealing GUI for Ease of use which enhances Customer Experience & Satisfaction • 360° Customer View to proactively plan campaigns, cross-sell/up-sell and serve better

  35. CRMFeatures • Integrated view for Customer Care and Bill View/Payment which gives complete account profile. E2E functionality for Corporate Customers. • Minimal effort to configure/revert back products and packages • Knowledge base to maintain Customers’ Complaint history and resolutions. • Automated and well-structured workflow processes (provisioning/escalations/ complaints) reducing manual interventions there by avoiding delays/errors with time/event triggered Alerts. • Closed-loop Marketing Processes by optimizing resources/budget and integrated with executing points. • Aiding business decisions with predictive as well as historical analysis for managing Churn and planning Retention Campaigns

  36. BillingFeatures • Convergent billing • Ease of configuring plans • Integration with other systems like CRM, Bill formatter etc; • CDR based billing • Near real time rating • Support for complex discounts • Aggregate usage rating • Complex tax requirements

  37. ProvisioningFeatures • Customer related services can be activated instantaneously on different network elements. • Switch activation is fully automatic • Line testing is completely automatic • Offers a uniform interface to the service order management application. • Physical and logical network inventory details are maintained in centralized database. • Flexible in defining new provisioning workflows • Highly scalable system • Optimized performance

  38. DataMigration • Finalization of all closed cases • Thorough review of outstanding – write off fictitious outstandings; • Recon between billing systems, switches wrt working, closed and DNP connections. • Verification of data related to service connections, TAC members, MP, VIP connections, PCOs. • Deposits – recon between amount available vs category code, plan code; • Customer inventory wrt Outdoor details, MDF particulars, NE and customer address.

  39. Present Status of West D.C. Civil and Electrical works are completed except for BMS room All Hardware has been received (except for CES and MTE) All Software have been received (except for DQ) Servers and storage equipments are physically installed UPS and Batteries are physically installed One set of UPS and batteries shall be ready for A/T by 7th June. SRS documents are being finalised by C.O.

  40. ConnectivityofDC

  41. ConnectivityRequirementforPOCphase CDR STM 1 Link for CDR NIB MKR Chandigarh Data Centre Backbone Router STM 1 Link for DC Via MPLS DR STM 1 Link for CDR Backbone Router Mumbai Via MHS(WTR) STM 1 Link for DC Summary of Requirement A) 4 STM-1 Links to MKR i.e., 2 Nos for Internet, 1 No for CDR collection and 1 No for DR B) 2 STM-1 Links to Mumbai via MHS i.e., 1 No for CDR collection and 1 No for DR C) 2 STM 1 Links to Chinchwad Tax for IVRS Internet Router NIB MKR STM 1 Link DataCentre Pune Internet Router STM 1 Link STM 1 Link IVRS TAX Chinchwad STM 1 Link

  42. ImmediateRequirementforDataCentre STM 1 Link for DC Backbone Router NIB MKR Chandigarh Data Centre Via MPLS Backbone Router STM 1 Link for DR Summary of Immediate Requirement A) 3 STM-1 Links to MKR i.e., 1 No for Internet, 1 No for CDR collection and 1 No for DR B) 1 STM-1 Link to Chinchwad Tax for IVRS Internet Router NIB MKR STM 1 Link DataCentre Pune Internet Router STM 1 Link IVRS TAX Chinchwad

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