region 1 officer training meeting february 2018 n.
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Region 1 Officer Training Meeting – February, 2018 PowerPoint Presentation
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Region 1 Officer Training Meeting – February, 2018

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Region 1 Officer Training Meeting – February, 2018

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Region 1 Officer Training Meeting – February, 2018

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  1. Region 1 Officer Training Meeting – February, 2018 Session 1 Officer Training Session

  2. Agenda

  3. Introductory Remarks Dr. Babak Beheshti – Region 1 Chair

  4. Resources Available from Headquarters MGA staff

  5. IEEE Member& GeographicActivities Cheryl Sinauskas, Director Geographic Activities

  6. IEEE Organizational Governance MEMBERS Assembly BoardofDirectors Publications, Services and Products Board Educational ActivitiesBoard Member&Geo Activities Technical Activities Standards Association Regions & Sections Societies& Tech. Councils & TCs &MSTC&NTCs IEEE-USA Chapters

  7. MemberandGeographicActivities Member Experience Geographic Unit Activities Volunteer Experience Business Activities Membership Operations

  8. MGA Mission& Vision Vision: Ensure Quality Member Opportunities ThroughContinuousEngagement Mission: Inspire, Enable, Empower andEngage Members ofIEEE For the purpose of… ‐ Fulfillingthe missionofIEEE ‐ Enhancing themember’s growthand developmentthrough their life cycle ‐ Providingaprofessional home

  9. KeyMGAFunctions • Member Experience andOperations • Memberand membershipdevelopment,memberresearch,memberproduct portfolio mgmt, myIEEE,, • Managesthe annual membershipcycleand processingofrenewalinvoices,membershipcards, grade elevationsmembershipprogramsfor both joinandrenew • IEEESupport(Contact)Center • Students,YoungProfessionals,WomeninEngineering,Life Members • Admission&Advancement(A&A)andFellowsprocesssupport GeoUnitOperations&Activities • GeoUnitFormations–Sections,Chapters,StudentBranches VolunteerTraining – IEEE CLE and VoLT • VolunteerTools– vTools,eNotice, EWH,SAMIEEE BusinessownerforIEEE Collabratec™

  10. IEEE MembershipByRegion R7–14,826 R10‐109,247 R1to6–170,436 R8–68,895 R9– 16,241 TOTALMEMBERSHIP– 379,645 Data: asof 08-31-2017

  11. Havepride in our current position Our current memberexperience is“Good” Overall Satisfaction* VerySatisfyingProducts&Services IEEE Spectrum Online Publications Printed Publications Conferences IEEE E-mail Alias 90,000+NewMembersaYear 65%of Membersjoinbecause someone elserecommendedIEEE to them HigherGradeRetentionis82%+ Very satisfied, 21% Very satisfied, 20% Somewhat satisfied, 42% Somewhat satisfied, 41% Neithersatisfied nordissatisfied, 19% Neithersatisfied nordissatisfied, 20% Somewhat dissatisfied, 13% Verydissatisfied,6% Somewhat dissatisfied, 12% Verydissatisfied,6% HigherGrade withoutGraduateStudents Students IncludingGraduate Students * 2016MemberSegmentationdata

  12. But our opportunity is massive Importantproductswhereweneedto improve satisfaction ProfessionalNetworking Discounts OnlineCareerTools ContinuingEducation PromotingtheProfession We lose85,000members per year Welose85%of newmembersin their first 5 years More than 40% of members find IEEE difficult to navigate anduse Studentretentionisonly28% Satisfaction couldbe… Very Satisfied (60%+) Somewhat Satisfied (30%+)

  13. A glimpse ofour potential… 11

  14. MGA GoalsforMembership EnsureQualityMemberOpportunitiesThrough ContinuousEngagement Deliveringanexceptionalmembershipexperience(50%ormore of membersratingasIEEE membership“topbox”or "verysatisfied") Expanding IEEE's globalmembershippresence. Developingandsupportingapositiveprofessional developmentexperienceforvolunteers who delivertheIEEEexperience. (2016Member SegmentationStudy& Industry research)

  15. Implementing the Strategy • Focusonincreasingsatisfactionfortheproductsandservicesinareasmostimportanttomembers • Top5Areas with Largest Importance vs. Satisfaction Gaps: • Online Professional Networking -Career Resources • Discounts - ContinuingEducation • Accessto Information & Publications • Leveragelocallyauthenticstrategiesandexperiences • Exploreinnovativeandexperimentalmodelsformemberengagement • SupportofallIEEEisrequested

  16. 2018 Priority Projects

  17. Sections CoverBroad Scope Locally Member& GeographicActivities Board GeographicUnit Structure Regions Technical ActivitiesBoard Areas Areas Divisions Section Parent Committees- WIE,YPs, LMC, Consultants Network IEEESocieties&TechnicalCouncils Affinity Groups Chapters Sub- Sections Student Branches Councils SBAffinityGroups SBChapters

  18. TIPS for IEEELeaders • ▸LeadByExample • ▸EncourageOwnershipofGoalsthatare • EngagementOriented • ▸UseProjectstodriveeffective Engagement • ▸Focusonkeyaudiences:YP,WIE,LifeMember, students,industryprofessionals. • ▸Measureresults 16

  19. Section Leader – Handy Links ▸SectionVitalityDashboard‐ ▸SectionVitalityChecklistandSectionElectionCalendarTool ▸v‐Tools(Voting,e‐Notice,IEEEWebhosting‐wordpressetc.)‐ ▸MGAWebsite‐ ▸MDWebsite‐ ▸SupportCenter‐ ▸CenterForLeadershipExcellence,CLE(Officertraining,job descriptionsformostvolunteerpositions)https://ieee‐

  20. Thank You!

  21. 5 minute Break

  22. Unit Chair – Section, Chapter, Affinity groups Ed Palacio, Dr. Charles Rubenstein, Bob Pellegrino

  23. Agenda • Governance-  Chair’s place in IEEE. Responsibilities, Authority, and Accountability.  Organizational linkage • Administration and Reporting - Administrative and reporting requirements • Tools– variety of tools available • Programs– organizing, structuring, running and reporting activities • Affinity Groups and Chapters – role and importance of various affinity groups and society chapters • Vitality & Sustainability – focusing on the member, succession planning, recruitment and retention.

  24. Governance Chair’s place in IEEE. Responsibilities, Authority, and Accountability.  Organizational linkage

  25. Section Chair • You are the highest ranking elected volunteer leader of a primary IEEE Geographic core Unit • As such, you are acting as a Local General Manager with significant: • Authority • Responsibility • Accountability • All within well specified boundaries

  26. Sections CoverBroad Scope Locally Member& GeographicActivities Board GeographicUnit Structure Regions Technical ActivitiesBoard Areas Areas Parent Committees- WIE,YPs, LMC, Consultants Network Divisions Section IEEESocieties&TechnicalCouncils Affinity Groups Chapters Sub- Sections Student Branches Councils SBChapters SBAffinityGroups

  27. Your Domain is Quite Broad • You are primarily responsible for the oversight, coordination, finances and reporting of all local member engagement activities within your geographic boundaries • Section Level • All Society Chapters within your domain • All Affinity Group activities within your domain • All Student Branch Activities within your domain • Volunteer Officer Development/Succession • As well as the overall health of your Section

  28. Your are not Alone in this Journey • There is a significant superstructure established for the sole purpose of having you succeed • Regional Officers • Area Coordinator • MGA Parent Units – YP, WIE, Students, LM • Societies • MGA Staff They can all provide guidance, best practices, tools and data to help you in your endeavors

  29. You cannot, and are not, expected to do this alone • Your Section Organization must be built to allow you to delegate many of these tasks • Your Section must resemble the Regional structure • Chairs and Vice Chairs • Secretary and Treasurer • Society Chapter Chairs • Affinity Group Chairs • Programs Coordinator or Programs Chair • Student Activities Coordinator and Student Activates Rep • Newsletter, Webmaster, Awards, Nomination and Appointment In the end, your organizational structure should be designed to allow you to fulfill your organizational mission

  30. YOUR Section is Unique • Whereas there is many things that all Sections have in common, YOURS is quite Unique • Make it your primary duty to understand how/why • YOUR Section has some very specific characteristics • Geographic constrains • Demographics • Industrial Influences • Academic Interests • Technical Interests • Understanding these are what will eventually determine if you are indeed … Inspiring, Enabling, Empowering and Engaging your member.

  31. Guiding Documents – Words to live by • YOU must assure that your Section is compliant with all the following documentation • IEEE Constitution • IEEE Bylaws • IEEE Policies • MGA Operations Manual ( section 9,10, 11) • Region Bylaws • Section Bylaws ( If you have them and as approved by MGA and Region) • Section Operating Procedures

  32. Understanding and Managing Risk • It is YOUR job to understand the level of risk you undertake: • Financially • Contractually • Legally • It is OUR job (Region, MGA, IEEE) to help you do this • If your Section is conducting or plans to conduct any of the following, make sure you seek appropriate council from above: • issuing invoices to vendors for rendering of services related to IEEE activities; • opening a local bank account; • collection of membership dues; • financial sponsorship of a conference; • offering an educational accreditation program; • compensating individuals for work performed on a full or part-time basis; • purchasing or leasing property: • publication of papers and magazines.

  33. Administrationand Reporting Administrative and reporting requirements

  34. Administratively, YOU are running an Operating Unit • As such, you must think both long term and short term • Mission, Values, Vision and Strategy • Yearly Operational Plan • Programs/Activities/Initiatives • Budget and a detailed plan for Expenditures • You must also establish a drumbeat for assessing status and correcting if things go out of plan

  35. YOU are responsible for Required Responses • Whereas your Section Secretary and Treasurer are tasked with the primary reporting responsibilities • It is YOUR job to make sure it gets done • YOU must report, by Feb 28th • Meeting Activities for Units and Subunits • New Officers and Officer Changes • Finance Reporting • If done timely…by Feb 28th… every unit and subunit will receive a 10% bonus.

  36. Additional Requirements • YOU as well as various other officers within your organization must take required training • Ethics • Compliance • YOU and other officers must sign appropriate Conflict of Interest forms More to come in Treasurer and Secretary Session

  37. Tools Variety of tools available

  38. What is available for you to do your job • SAMIEEE - web enabled tool that allows ad-hoc querying, reporting, and downloading of IEEE membership data. Access to this system is limited to registered users with designated or automatic access. • vTools - simplifies administration by offering web based software, reduces time spent managing activities, and assists in member development. • IEEE e-Notice - electronic newsletter subscription service that has been developed for IEEE organizational units to facilitate email distribution of newsletters, meeting notices, and IEEE conference materials. • Section Vitality Dashboard - monitoring tool for use by section leaders that provides a real time, top-down status view of their section vitality metrics and key activities. • IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence Training for Geographic Unit Leaders – Web based training for everything you need to know about your leadership position within your geographic unit.

  39. Programs Organizing, structuring, running and reporting activities

  40. Programs are a direct way YOU deliver Value to your Membership • There is a vast array of Activities/Programs your Section can undertake • Small/Medium/Big • Technical/Professional/Social/Educational • Face to face/web-based • Section/Affinity Group/Chapter/Student Branch/Joint • Initiated/conducted • Tailored and suited for your Section • The most successful Sections plan a repertoire of all of the above • First and Foremost, understand your Section’s needs and wants! • Secondly, understand what your Section can undertake, staff, and deliver • Volunteer staffing • Financial implication • Risk • Thirdly, if uncertain, seek help from above – Region, MGA, Societies, and IEEE Staff are all here to help.

  41. Section Program Essentials • Bad News/Good News • Section Program Types • Running Your Program: Volunteers! • Advertising Your Program • Reporting Your Programs & Activities • Funding Programs, Approvals and RISK • THE Section Program Essential…

  42. Bad News/Good News • Calendar Year The ‘bad news’ is that your term of office starts January 1 and you were elected - at best - the November before but your members want activities immediately! • Academic Year The GOOD NEWS! is that your section and previous chair probably have activities planned for the next few months <grin>. BUT… DON’T RELAX there’s plenty to plan for through the rest of the year!

  43. Section Program Types - 1 • Section Meetings (ExCom and General) • Section Annual Awards Dinner/Banquet • Chapter Meetings • Chapter Technical Programs, Seminars and Workshops • Society Conferences in your Section • IEEE-USA/Professional Activities Meetings • PACE Programs and Meetings • Student Professional Awareness Conference/Experience • Career/Government Activities

  44. Section Program Types - 2 • Affiliate Group Meetings • WIE, YP, Consultants Network, LM, etc. Programs • Other Local Meetings • World Maker Faire (22-23 September, Hall of Science Queens, NY) • First Robotics, and other STEM Programs • Region/Area/Other Meetings • Region 1 Student Conference (23-25 March, NYIT) • IEEE-USA Future Leaders Forum (26-28 July, Austin TX)

  45. Running Your Program: Volunteers! • Section, Chapter, or Group Selects a ‘Champion’ • Determine if Program is CEU-eligible • Think Micro-Volunteering… Break the tasks into small pieces: speaker selection, registration, PR, CEUs, facilities management, etc.

  46. Advertising Your Program • As soon as your section approves the budget for a program you should begin to advertise it! • Use vTools! for registration • Send PR to your Section eNotice and Web Master • Send PR to R1 Webmaster ( • Rule of Thumb: Three (3) emails or newsletters or announcements are needed before folks get the message!

  47. Funding Programs & Approvals Needed • Funding Programs for Members The Section budget typically covers the cost of refreshments at Chapter and Affinity Group programs for members… PACE Programs can obtain up to $500 in matching funds • Approval Requirements Some programs require more funds than the Section can afford to make available. They require a Section ExCom passed budget. If a conference or mini-conference, they require IEEE registration (ICX form) and if contracts for space, catering, etc., exceed $5000 will require IEEE Staff review and approvals at the REGION Level.

  48. Program Fees, Vendors, Donors/Patrons • Program Fees Whenever a Conference or Workshop, etc., budget is more than a few hundred dollars there are typically registration charges. To calculate what these charges should be to generate at least a 20% surplus for other Section activities, first divide the expenses budget by the number of anticipated paying attendees = BASE cost. Student/Life MEMBERS: 10% over BASE IEEE Members (and Student non-members): 25% over BASE Non-Members: 25% over Member fee (or 50% over BASE) • Vendors and Donors/Patrons Vendors typically pay $250-500 per table top space Donors/Patrons provide funding for breaks, lunches, etc.

  49. Program RISK • RISK… In business we recognize that without risk there is typically no reward. IEEE is a Not-For-Profit 501(c)3 organization, but we are also Not-For-Loss <grin>. Every program that requires donor or registration fees to cover expenses presents a risk to IEEE. Any contract signed by volunteers on behalf of IEEE has a level of risk if the event is cancelled or if insufficient rooms or food and beverages are sold. Typically penalty terms are in the event contracts. PLEASE request that the Region 1 Conferences Coordinator review any contracts BEFORE anyone signs them as they may require special handling or approvals.

  50. Reporting Your Section Programs vToolshelps pre-fill the L-31 Meeting Form as well as provides a means for Free or Fee program registration • Report ALL your programs and activities to: Your Section ExCom Your Section Members Your Area Chair Region Committee(s) that oversee the particular activity