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WHAT YEAR WAS IT? Jennifer M. Dawson PowerPoint Presentation
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WHAT YEAR WAS IT? Jennifer M. Dawson

WHAT YEAR WAS IT? Jennifer M. Dawson

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WHAT YEAR WAS IT? Jennifer M. Dawson

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  1. WHAT YEAR WAS IT? Jennifer M. Dawson

  2. Average INDIVIDUAL income per year $ 6,000 • Average cost of a NEW house $ 13,050 • Average cost of a NEW car $ 3,500 • Loaf of bread $ .21 • Gas per gallon $ .30 • Ticket to the movies $ 1.25 COST OF LIVING:

  3. Phillies pitcher, Jim Bunning pitches a perfect game against the New York Mets on Father’s Day of this year at Shea Stadium, helping the Phil’s bring home a 6-0 win. At this time it was only the 7th time in baseball history this feat was accomplished… A loud but extremely talented boxer by the name Cassius Clay, (future Muhammad Ali), won the Boxing World Heavyweight Championship from Sonny Liston

  4. HASBRO Toy Company lunches a new line of action figures for boys by the name of G.I. Joe to join the Barbie Doll for girls

  5. Pablo Picasso paints his fourth “Head of a Bearded Man”

  6. Dr. James Hardy performs the first ever heart transplant; however there was no human heart available so he used a chimpanzee heart. The 68 year old Boyd Rush died 90 minutes after surgery concluded. The year prior, Dr. Hardy performed the first lung transplant. U.S. Surgeon General, Luther Terry, reports for the first time from the U.S. Government that,“SMOKING‘may’ be hazardous for one’s health.”

  7. This year plans to build the World Trade Center are unveiled…

  8. Race Riots break out in Harlem, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Jersey City, Rochester, Elizabeth and Patterson, NJ and Dixmoor, Illinois

  9. At age 35, Martin Luther King, was the youngest man to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his continuous efforts in promoting justice, freedom and rights for all races and creeds. He turned over his prize money of $54,123 directly to the furtherance of the Civil Rights Movement. Four years later, Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed while standing on his hotel balcony in Memphis, TN, prior to a protest march…

  10. President Lyndon Johnson signs into law the Civil Rights Act This Act made illegal: racial discrimination in public places; it requires employers to provide equal employment opportunities. Projects involving federal funds would be “cut off,” if there was evidence of discrimination based on color, race or national origin. The Act also attempted to filibuster the voting discrimination.

  11. Nelson Mandela, and 7 others, are sentenced to life imprisonment in South Africa. Nelson Mandela was one of the founders of the political group known as the African National Congress. He was devoted to peaceful demonstrations, but eventually turned to violence. The ANC and MK (Guerrilla forces) planned to sabotage key strategic locations and civilian buildings in their "fight for freedom". Nelson was convicted of treason (trying to derail the government), and he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

  12. FORD MOTOR Company reveals and rolls out the first Ford Mustang…

  13. Hits the U.S. when the Beatles make their first live appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show BEATLEMANIA!!! (Oddly enough the NYPD reports no crimes committed that exact same night…)

  14. What year was it??? 1964