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Art in North America PowerPoint Presentation
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Art in North America

Art in North America

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Art in North America

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  1. Art in North America Several different movements were sweeping through North America before and after WWI, leading up to WWII: 1. The Ashcan School (The Eight) (George Bellows) 2. American Regionalism (Grant Wood, Thomas Hart Benton, Edward Hopper) 3. American Modernism (Georgia O’Keeffe) 4. Mexican Socialism (Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo)

  2. George Bellows New York 1911

  3. George Bellows Cliff Dwellers 1913

  4. George Bellows Club Night 1907

  5. George Bellows Both Members of This Club 1909

  6. George Bellows Stag at Sharkeys 1917

  7. American Regionalism • The American Regionalist movement began in the late 1920's and continued through the Great Depression. • Artists of this period relied heavily on government work programs. The most famous of these is the Works Projects Administration or WPA: Created a variety of large scale projects and employed Americans throughout the years of the Great Depression. Federal Art Project also ran from 1935 – 1943.  FAP artists received the famous salary of $23.86 per week at a time when a Woolworth's clerk earned $11 per week Spoke of the importance of Art to the United States • Artists focused on depicting rural subject matter, often described as the “Heart of America.” • Painters from the time include Grant Wood, Edward Hopper, and Thomas Hart Benton.

  8. Grant WoodAmerican Gothic1930 “I  realized that all the really good ideas I ever had came to me when I was milking a cow.  So I went back to Iowa.”  Grant Wood

  9. Grant Wood Daughters of the Revolution 1932

  10. Grant Wood Haying 1939

  11. Edward Hopper Early Sunday Morning 1930

  12. Edward Hopper Night Windows 1928

  13. Edward Hopper Hotel Room 1931

  14. Edward Hopper Nighthawks 1942

  15. Thomas Hart Benton Palisades 1924

  16. Thomas Hart Benton The Ballad of the Jealous Lover of Lone Green Valley 1934

  17. Thomas Hart Benton Persephone1939

  18. Thomas Hart Benton Hailstorm 1940

  19. Dorthea Lange Migrant Mother1936 "The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera."

  20. Dorthea Lange Pledge of Allegiance1942

  21. American Modernism • Gallery 291, opened in part by Alfred Stieglitz in 1905, served as the center point of Modern and avant-garde exhibitions. • Exhibited many of the greatest European modernists: Cezanne, Toulouse-Lautrec, Matisse, Braque, and many more… • The Armory Show in 1913 split open the American conception of art, creating great controversy. 75,000 people attended the exhibition in NY, 200,000 in Chicago.

  22. Georgia O’Keeffe Radiator Building Night, New York 1927

  23. Georgia O’Keeffe Music- Pink and Blue, II1919

  24. Georgia O'Keefe The Black Iris1926

  25. Georgia O'Keeffe Jack-in-the-Pulpit No. IV 1930

  26. Georgia O’ Keefe Yellow Calla 1926

  27. Georgia O’KeeffeCow's Skull with Calico Roses1932

  28. Georgia O’KeeffeBlack Cross, New Mexico1929

  29. Mexican Socialism In 1920, the Mexican government decided that public works of art should play an important role in restoring a nation tattered by civil war. Abandoned the solemn and detached art of Europe and instead embraced bold New World imagery full of color and human activity in a “muralist movement”. In spite of her preference for personal rather than overtly political themes, Frida Kahlo’s work formed a central part of the Mexican Renaissance in its employment of native Mexican elements.

  30. Diego RiveraFlower Day1926

  31. Diego Rivera Man, Controller of the Universe 1935

  32. Diego Rivera The Night of the RIch1928

  33. Diego Riveria Arsenal- Frida Kahlo Distributing Arms1928

  34. Diego Rivera The Flower Carrier 1935

  35. Frida Kahlo A Few Small Nips 1935

  36. Frida Kahlo Mi nana y yo (My Nanny and I) 1937

  37. Frida Kahlo The Two Fridas 1939

  38. Frida Kahlo Self with Monkey 1940

  39. Frida KahloSelf-Portrait with Cropped Hair 1940

  40. Frida Kahlo Roots 1943

  41. Frida Kahlo Diego on my Mind1943