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  3. BATH SALTS • Bath salts are legally sold at convenience stores, gas stations and head shops. • Sold legally online and in drug paraphernalia stores under a variety of names, such as "Ivory Wave," "Purple Wave," "Red Dove," "Blue Silk," "Zoom," "Bloom," "Cloud Nine," "Ocean Snow," "Lunar Wave," "Vanilla Sky," "White Lightning," "Scarface," and "Hurricane Charlie." • Though they are generally used for their cosmetic purposes, bath salts contain a chemical known as methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), which is also found in some plant fertilizers and is known for its stimulatory properties. • The salts are not designated for human consumption, yet there have been hundreds of reported incidents of users snorting, smoking and even injecting the substances.

  4. BATH SALTS • Side effects of ingesting the salts, which have been compared to methamphetamine and cocaine, include: • increased blood pressure, • increased heart rate, • agitation, hallucinations, • extreme paranoia and delusions • insomnia, • irritability, • dizziness, • depression, • suicidal thoughts, • seizures, and panic attacks. • impaired perception of reality • reduced motor control • decreased ability to think clearly.

  5. COMMENTS ON BATH SALT USE • “If you take the very worst of some of the other drugs–LSD and Ecstasy with their hallucinogenic-delusional type properties, PCP with extreme agitation, superhuman strength and combativeness, as well as the stimulant properties of cocaine and meth-if you take all the worst of those and put them all together this is what you get. It’s ugly,” • Neil Brown, a man who admitted to using heroin and crack cocaine, was shocked at the bath salts’ effects, according to an article in the Huffington Post. Brown, a Mississippi resident, consumed the bath salts and then used his skinning knife to cut his face and abdomen. While he survived, Brown was so traumatized by the incident that he wrote Mississippi lawmakers asking them to ban the substance.

  6. COMMENTS ON BATH SALT USE • DOSE:  repeatedinsufflatedMDPVBODY WEIGHT:135 lbI'm a 19 year old male, 135lb. I decided to give MDPV a try as a study aid in the place of adderall. I have a lot of experience with adderall, although I do not have a prescription for it. My friend's girlfriend has ADD so she usually sells it to me pretty cheap ($1.50/30mg IR). Adderall was like a wonder drug for studying and school, as well as enjoyable. Adderall gives me the energy to stay alert during the day and the feelsgoodman reward is perhaps the best motivation. I found myself taking adderall just to have a good time and just to get shit done. It's an extremely productive drug if you can practice moderation. I read up on MDPV and concluded it would be a decent alternative since it was compared to ritalin on some reports. I also read that it was extremely addictive but felt that if I could handle Adderall, this would be no problem. Fucking wrong... A little history on my drug use, I have done booze, weed, hydrocodone, salvia, DPH, DXM, adderall, mdma, mushrooms, and finally MDPV. It's a tuesday afternoon, I have been expecting my MDPV for about a week now. I decide to check the mail before I go to Wal-Mart. Among the multiple trash ads I found a small white envelope addressed for me from Taiwan. Sure enough, a small vacuum sealed bag which contained an even smaller baggie with a label that read: MDPV, 1000mg, NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION (in BOLD). The baggie contained a almost pure white powder, texture was dense and compressed (maybe like flour?). I did my research and knew the standard dose is usually around 2-3mg insufflated... then I realize I don't have a milligram scale. I eyeballed a small little 'bump' (I later realize that these 'bumps' were too much), rolled up a dollar and hit it. Oh my god that tasted like crap, synthetic chemical taste... it was weird. I've snorted adderall before so I was expecting some kind of unpleasent taste but this shit was bad.

  7. COMMENTS ON BATH SALT USE J, my roommate and I compulsively redose on MDPV again as if it had become a ritual by now. It's about 2 in the morning and we were all tweaked and feeling excellent. It was at this point that I realized there was no way I would be able to fall asleep. We once again redose and the cramps begin to settle in.. We redose again... why wouldn't we..? \ I felt jittery and completely tired and drained. It was difficult to organize my thoughts and formulate a response. It was at this point that I truly realize how fucked up I was. I became paranoid and anxious, everyone was looking at me and judging me. I am completly brain dead and began to feel lightheaded. My entire body was drained, I have absolutly no mental energy. As I suspected, the stomach cramps began to come on full force, worse than any of the other times. My heart rate is unusually high (although it had been this way since yesterday) and my heart begins to beat really hard. It honestly felt like I was dying, and there was no way to make it better unless I redosed. I refrain from redosing as I realize that this is the only way to overcome the comedown... actually, it just postpones the comedown. I began to realize my chest tighten and it becomes hard to breathe. My heart is pounding harder than ever before, first sign of tachycardia. MDPV is perhaps one of the dirtiest highs I have ever felt and the comedown is one of the worst feelings in the world. The more I compusively redose, the worse the comedown is. Perhaps the doses I did were way to high but in the end, it does not matter. Even if I started on a small dose, I would have to fight the craving to redose. At this point I have not decided if I want to try the substance again. The high does not even justify the comedown. Looking back, we probably did close to 75-100mg each in exchange for our souls and the worst experience of our lives. I think I will stick to adderall instead... Exp Year: 2010ID: 84783Gender: Male Added: Jun 10, 2010Views: 21799[ View as PDF (for printing) ] [ View as LaTeX (for geeks) ] [ Switch Colors ]

  8. SPICE K2 K3 “Legal Marijuana” Mixture of herbal and spice plant products that are sprayed or soaked with synthetic cannabinoids Marketed as incense and “not for human consumption”, sold in smoke shops BUT, has recently spiked in popularity as a product to be smoked, usually resulting in a high similar to marijuana Also packaged as: K2, Ultra, Summit, Blonde, Standard, Yucatan Gold, Genie, Pot-pourri, Bombay Blue, plus many others

  9. SPICE K2 K3 Many users express their experience as a full body high, more intense than marijuana It is available for anyone to buy at most smoke shops for around$30 for three gram Comparable in price to marijuana Doesn’t show up on UA drug tests •Note: Redwood Toxicology lab has recently created a drug test for JWH-018, JWH-073 Buy online in bulk for cheap You can also purchase pure synthetic cannabinoids on line which has been reported to trigger intense hallucinations and LSD-like results

  10. SPICE K2 K3 Many users express their experience as a full body high, more intense than marijuana It is available for anyone to buy at most smoke shops for around$30 for three gram Comparable in price to marijuana Doesn’t show up on UA drug tests •Note: Redwood Toxicology lab has recently created a drug test for JWH-018, JWH-073 Buy online in bulk for cheap You can also purchase pure synthetic cannabinoids on line which has been reported to trigger intense hallucinations and LSD-like results

  11. SPICE K2 K3

  12. EXPERIENCE- SPICE K2 Never again. It’s been less than 12 hours since I smoked three or four hits of “incense” and I can confidently say that I have never been through a worse experience in my life. I wish I could write out a timeline like so many others have. However, I could barely focus on breathing much less tracking time while I was, for lack of a better word, tripping. Let me open this story with a little background about myself. I am an extremely intelligent woman. I just graduated with a double degree, I have a high GRE score, and I’ll be working on applying to grad schools shortly. At one point in time I thought I would become an addiction counselor and I’ve always believed you can’t counsel anyone through a situation unless you have insight as to what they are going through. This is what led me to experiment with drugs. Many I’ve done just one, specifically to record the effects and feelings associated with those drugs. I’ve tried coke once, ecstasy once, oxy once, even heroin once. I fell in love with psychedelics unexpectedly. That’s not to say I’m addicted at all. I’ve done shrooms twice and LSD eight times over two years (haven’t touched it in about three just out of respect for my neurological health). The only drug I’ve made a habit out of is marijuana and it’s a very casual habit at that. I say this all to prove that I am no newby when it comes to holding yourself together on psychedelics. I’ve almost freaked out, talked myself through trips, done acid completely alone, and successfully talked other people through freak outs. When I tell you I will NEVER touch this again, you should understand how FUCKED UP this stuff is. I smoked the old chemical form of K2 before it was made illegal, so I was surprised when the owner of the head shop recommended the new chemical form of synthetic THC they created to replace the old (so it would stay legal). I picked up some kratom (my original intention) and a gram of Syn Fire, which was told was “the most potent” of the brands. Being an experienced smoker I, of course, went for potency. Mistake. My roommate and I got home and immediately packed a bowl, excited that our old favorite (K2) was still around. It was a little difficult to light the bowl at first, so I took a few hits right off the bat. My roommate had two...only two. I had maybe four. We decided to stop after that, due to the small amount I had purchased. I try to make things last. I am so glad we stopped there. As we got higher, I monologued my experiences to my roommate. It went something like this. “I’m really stoned...good job. You finally pulled through....woah, dude. I’m like really high! This is awesome! ...wow I’m almost too high. ...I am too high... I don’t know if I like this... I don’t like this.” It really happened almost that quickly. I expected it to plateau like marijuana does, but it just kept going. The high increased exponentially until I was tripping. This wasn't like weed or the old K2 I smoked. This wasn’t even like LSD or shrooms.

  13. EXPERIENCE – SPICE K2 This was a new, awful experience. I assume my heart was racing, but I couldn’t feel it. My head was completely disconnected from my body. I couldn’t feel my extremities. I felt like each breath wasn’t enough. I started breathing as deeply as I could, but it never seemed like I enough. I was just suddenly in a state of extreme terror. I couldn’t focus on anything too long, and I was dizzy as hell. I could only hope my roommate wasn’t experiencing the same thing. Now, as I said, I’m an experienced tripper, so I tried to talk myself down. I have never had a bad trip. I feel that demonstrates that what I was going through last night was ridiculous. I, someone who always has control over themselves and the situation, almost started screaming and clawing at my face. Only holding onto my roommate and talking myself down was keeping me from completely losing it. After a half an hour the effects had not dissipated. It came in waves. Every time I thought I was coming down, I would just hop right back up to another level of high.I just had this sense of impending doom.. All I wanted it to do was stop. I begged for it to stop, but substances, obviously, don’t heed our cries. After about an hour I started feeling better... at least my head did. The muscles in my legs began to twitch violently, eventually spreading to my entire body, and only extreme efforts to relax kept my from convulsing. I have never felt the urge to call 911 before, but I seriously considered it multiple times last night. I thought I was going to die. I did. A slight feeling of anxiety stayed with me throughout the night. I took my hits at about 9:15 or 9:30pm. Even as I type this at 8:30, eleven hours after my first hit, I’m trembling slightly and my eyes are having some trouble focusing. The come down was awful. I felt like I might vomit and the headache is extremely annoying. I still have both symptoms, making me regret, even more, the misguided decision to try a chemical synthetic of something so natural and pure. What really scared me was the involuntary muscle spasms. I reminded myself of a Parkinson’s patient. There’s a famous study involving heroin addicts that had them use a form a synthetic heroin... The subjects exhibited symptoms of Parkinson’s. Synthetic HEROIN! What the hell are they putting in this stuff?! I feel the fool for putting something so unknown into myself and can only hope I haven’t done any permanent damage to myself.I will NEVER try this substance again, nor will I use a psychedelic again for fear of falling back into that terrible state of being again. If I, a practiced tripper who can talk herself down from almost anything, had to put all my inner strength into not breaking down screaming, clawing at my face, and convulsing on the floor there is something wrong with that “incense”. Never again. Exp Year: 2010ID: 92533Gender: Female Added: Dec 20, 2011Views: 3300[

  14. MGL C270 s3 Whoever distributes, delivers or gives away in any public way or from house to house or place to place, any bottle, box, envelope or package containing any liquid, medicine, pill, powder, tablet or other article composed of any drug, poison or other ingredient or substance which may be in any way injurious or harmful to any person who may taste, eat, drink or otherwise use the same, shall be punished by a fine of not less than fifty nor more than one hundred dollars.

  15. Nitrous Oxide INHALANTS • Dentist Office • Air rifle cartridges • Whipping cream • Party stores No chemical field test available

  16. Common Types of Inhalants Dry cleaning fluid Spot remover Degreaser Whipped cream Whippets Gas Liquid/local anesthetics Airplane glue Rubber cement Spray paint Hair spray White-out or thinner Air freshener Asthma spray Nail polish Nail polish remover Lighter fluid VCR head cleaner

  17. MGL C270 s18 SALE/POSSESSION/USE OF SUBSTANCES WITH TOXIC VAPORS Section 18. No person shall intentionally smell or inhale the fumes of any substance having the property of releasing toxic vapors, for the purpose of causing a condition of intoxication, euphoria, excitement, exhilaration, stupefaction, or dulled senses or nervous system, nor possess, buy or sell any such substance for the purpose of violating or aiding another to violate this section. This section shall not apply to the inhalation of anesthesia for medical or dental purposes. Whoever violates the provisions of this section shall be punished by a fine of not more than two hundred dollars or by imprisonment for not more than six months, or both. Any person who is discovered by a police officer or special police officer in the act of violating this section may be arrested without a warrant by such police officer or special police officer, and held in custody, in jail, or otherwise, until a complaint is made against him for such offense which complaint shall be made as soon as practicable and in any case within twenty-four hours, Sundays and legal holidays excepted. THIS IS AN ARRESTABLE OFFENCE


  19. DXMDextromethorphan • Recommended medical dose is 1/6-1/3 oz containing 15-30 mg DXM • Doses of 4 or more ounces produce disassociative effects similar to PCP and Ketamine • Addictive- Tolerance and Physical dependence may develop • Effects are: • Euphoria • Enhanced awareness • Impaired judgment • Loss of coordination • Dizziness and nausea • Panic attacks, psychosis • Seizures • Coma and Death • Internet sites • A Semi-synthetic Narcotic found in over the counter cold medicines marked “DM” or “Tuss” • Over 70 products contain DXM • Street references Red devils, Dex, Robo-Trippin, Robo-Dosing, Triple C’s • -There have been reports of users drinking 3-4 bottles of cough syrup or 20-30 tablets of Coricidin a day

  20. DXM OVERDOSES • High doses of DXM can cause: • the inability to move arms or legs or to talk • slowed breathing, • permanent brain damage, • cerebral hemorrhages, stroke, • death (from stopped breathing.) • In addition, individuals risk hypothermia (exceptionally high fever), particularly if they use the drug in a hot environment or while physically exerting themselves—such as at a rave or danceclub.

  21. EROWID EXPERIENCE VAULTS 03/02/2010 • A Lower Level of Consciousness • DXM • by Sun Tzu •  DOSE:708 mgoralDXM (liquid)BODY WEIGHT:175 lbThis was not my first experience with DXM, although it was the most enjoyable and memorable. I had extracted the DXM from 2 8 oz. bottles of maximum strength cough syrup via the agent lemon method, because my friend, Shaela, wanted to try it after I told her about it. We each drank our half of the extracted liquid, and immediately left to visit another friend, Sandra. Over the course of the 2 hours that we spent at Sandra's house, the effects of the DXM gradually came on. The 'heavy limb' feeling and the '3rd person vision' sensations were most prominent. We decided to go hang out at a nearby Chili's restaurant. The three of us each ordered a beer there, and Sandra ordered some food (Shaela and I weren't hungry, probably because of the DXM). Shaela and I were absorbed in our DXM experiences, which by now were quite strong. Because of our interest in the altered state of consciousness, we were not particularly talkative, so Sandra (who still didn't know that we were tripping), started drawing a picture on a napkin. This caught my attention, and I watched, utterly fascinated by the simple act of drawing. With unaltered consciousness, I probably would have just seen it as 'Sandra drawing a picture.' On acid, I would have seen it as a sort of gestalt form: picture and artist together as one (that would be considered a 'higher consciousness'). DXM, however, was taking me in the other direction. Not only was the picture separate from Sandra, every other part of the act of drawing was separated as well. The napkin was separate from the picture, which was separate from the ink it was made of, which was seperate from the pen it came from, which was separate from Sandra's hand, which was separate from Sandra's mind. These seperate elements had only the most tenuous of connections between them, in my perception (probably imparted by what was left of my rational mind). Suddenly, it dawned on me: I had achieved a 'lower consciousness!' This was almost a spiritual experience for me, which I had never had with any other drug, or even with my previous uses of DXM. Even my experiences with seeing the unity and wholeness of things on acid did not produce this reaction in me. Maybe I just had to see everything separated and distinct on DXM to realize that the opposite was true with acid. Exp Year: 2004ID: 44073Gender: Male Added: Mar 2, 2010Views: 612[

  22. Prescription Drugs

  23. OXYCONTIN • A CLASS B drug • Manufactured by Purdue Pharma • A sustained time release formula of OXYCODONE • developed to treat severe prolonged pain. • A semi-synthetic OPIOD based Method of ABUSE- Tablets are chewed to negate the time release aspect Street Value- $1.00 per milligram Because Oxycontin is opiate based drug it may be possible to obtain charges of TRAFFICKING IN A CLASS A SUBSTANCE for possessing 14 grams (total weight) or more

  24. Oxycodone Oxycontin 10 mg 20 mg 40 mg 80 mg 160 mg (disc 2001)

  25. Oxycodone Tablet or Capsule Opiate Substance Narcotic Analgesic Treatment of Pain Highly Addictive

  26. Oxycodone (Brand Names) Percocet Endocet Oxycocet Roxilox Percodan Oxycodan Oxycontin Roxicet Oxycet Percocet-5 Tylox Endodan Roxiprin

  27. NEW OXYCONTIN TABLETS: The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has reported that Purdue Pharma L.P. (Purdue) has notified the DEA regarding the new formulation for their OxyContin tablets. An “OP” marking will be on the reformulated tablets, which differs from the traditional “OC” markingsOP designates the new tamper-resistant formulation of OxyContin® (extended-release oxycodone).

  28. RITALIN • A growing number of incidents of abuse have been associated with teens and young adults using MPH for its stimulant effects: • appetite suppression, • wakefulness, • increased attentiveness, • increased focus and euphoria. • It is being used for appetite suppression in many teenagers; college students are taking advantage of its stimulant affects to help them stay focused and awake for those long nights of studying. • The drug has street names such as "Vitamin R," "R-Ball" and the "Smart Drug." It is inexpensive to purchase from friends or dealers for anywhere from 50 cents and up to $5 per pill.

  29. Suboxone/ Subutex Subutex Suboxone


  31. METHADONE Methadone Pills Liquid Methadone

  32. Methamphetamine

  33. Methamphetamine Precursor 240 mg Pseudoephedrine $6.00 per pkg. Approximate 10 tablets – 2 grams of Meth

  34. Bottle Cook- FAIRLY NEWOne Pot/ Shake and Bake The shake and bake meth requires an empty two liter soda bottle, cold medicine in pill form, and chemicals. Shake and bake the ingredients in the bottle and you bypass the meth lab for an instantaneous, yet deadly high. With the shake and bake meth procedure, there is no need to use a flame. If oxygen is present in the soda bottle, a fireball can form as a result of the process and chemical mixture. Even something seemingly benign, such as opening the soda bottle cap too quickly can result in an explosion. When the soda bottle explodes, the burns are often more severe than with the traditional meth lab. This is due to the fact that the drug user is holding the bottle when it explodes, making it virtually impossible to escape the blast.

  35. Bottle Method and Ingredients

  36. MethamphetamineVISUAL PHYSICAL CUES Meth Sores-(Scratching crank bugs)

  37. MethamphetamineVISUAL PHYSICAL CUES Injection Sites Physical Deterioration Meth Teeth

  38. MethamphetamineVISUAL PHYSICAL CUES

  39. METHAMPHETAMINE EXPERIENCE It all started one labor day weekend, my friend and I had gone to south beach. I was into going out clubbing with my friends. I had been clean off of coke for 2 years and finally thought my life was in order. I guess I shoudve said one more time wont hurt me or drag me back in, but I was wrong. It did not only drag me back in, it was an every weekend thing, sometimes starting thursday night into sunday night. After awhile the E wasn't doing it for me, and thats when I got introduced to 'Tina' crystal meth. I remember doing my first bump, I danced all over the club and felt fine and alive. A part of me still misses those first few times where I was untouchable and could go all night, and nights at a time and still be able to function and go to work. I would say that lasted the first year. I never did it everyday but just on the weekend would be enough. I would party from sat. night and make sure I had a little left over to give me that boost before work monday. By the time I fell asleep it would be monday nights at around 11. For the rest of the week, I would work, come home and pass out. After awhile I felt I needed to do it even when I didn't go out on the weekends. I would sit home on the computer and bump. I had lost weight and finally was feeling at a comfortable weight. At that time I just wanted to look cute in my outfits. In reality I would use it more as a diet and way of losing weight fast. Bad thing is during the week when I was not on it I would eat everything in sight. What do you think started going in my mind every weekend? 'I ate so much I need to do this so I can lose weight.' For three years, every weekend that what me and my freinds would do. I can't say how I regret doing that first bump. I have been cleaning up my act longer and longer each time. I have been trying to stop little by little. I have been getting better, every relapse that I have I am able to go longer without doing it because I see the side effects. I no longer have clear skin, and I have scars from picking at pimples that didn't need to be picked, all over my arm and acne on my face. Its a horrible feeling to go around with scars and cuts on your face and arm and not feel guilty because I am doing this to myself. I have to tell you how hard it is to stop for even three weekends, and all that is going thru my mind is I ate so much recently how am I going to lose it without coming back to the same wrong path. Its a struggle and a fight that I am still dealing with today. As much as I want to stop, I still crave how the first few bumps made me feel. That will never happen.

  40. EROWID . COM

  41. EROWID MDPV COMMON & BRAND NAMES MDPV; NRG-1; Bath Salts EFFECTS CLASSIFICATION Stimulant CHEMICAL NAME 3,4-methylenedioxypyrovalerone DESCRIPTION MDPV is an uncommon stimulant with a short history of human use. It is known for its tendency to cause compulsive redosing and some users report sexual arousal as an effect. MDPV has been found in products labeled as "bath salts" and "plant food/fertilizer". RESEARCH & JOURNAL ARTICLES #

  42. EROWID EXPERIENCE VAULTS 02/23/2010 • RESEARCH & JOURNAL ARTICLES # • 1-(4-Methylphenyl)-2-pyrrolidin-1-yl-pentan-1-one (Pyrovalerone) analogues - Meltzer et al., 2006 • » » »   MORE   » » » • EXPERIENCES # • One of My New Favourites, by magicalchem • An Adventure in Euphoria and Tachycardia, by konshuss • I Went to Hell and I Saw the Abyss, by GRiMM • Most Devilish Powdered eVil, by Anonymous • Spinning Wild, by Neveragain • » » »   MORE   » » » • BATH SALT EXPERIENCES # • 96 Hours of Fun Hell Anxiety and Insanity, by Mr. Bacon • It Did Wake Me Up, by honest man • A Scary Drug, by Michael G • Experimenting with Experimentals, by Cook Brosef • Totally Screwed Me Up, by whyforyouask • » » »   MORE   » » » • SECONDARY RESOURCES # • MDPV Megathread, Bluelight • MDPV Megathread 2, Bluelight • MDPV Experiences, Drugs-Forum • Methylenedioxypyrovalerone, Wikipedia • MEDIA COVERAGE # • An Alarming New Stimulant, Legal in Many States, New York Times, Jul 17 2011 • Bangor man on bath salts dies after arrest, police say, Bangor Daily News, July 25 2011 • Order bans sale here of 'bath salts', Intelligencer Journal, Jun 29 2011 • 'Bath Salts': Evil Lurking at Your Corner Store, Time, May 29 2011 • 'Ivory Wave' May Be New Legal High After 'Miaow Miaow' (Mephedrone) Ban, Science Daily, Mar 14 2011 • Aussies snort super-addictive 'Ivory Wave', ninmsn (Australia), Feb 5 2010

  43. EROWID EXPERIENCE VAULTS 03/05/2010 • Orgasmic. • Crack • by -Zephyron DOSE:1 repeatedsmokedCocaine(freebase)BODY WEIGHT:135 lbI'm fairly experienced in drugs, but never had I tried crack cocaine, until one faithful night. Before I continue, I'd like to say that this happened over 3 months ago and I haven't touched crack since. Most people think it's wierd that I ended up trying herion before LSD, MDMA, and coke. Reading quite a bit on the internet sparked my interest in cocaine, but I never had the balls to try it for some reason until one night... My friend calls me up and tells me that he wants to smoke out, so I agree and head off to his house. (My friend's dad doesn't care about us doing drugs since he's a crackhead himself. Him and his friend actually bought it for us.) When I get there, we take out the bong and hit a few bowls. My friend then says he has something to show me, so he leads me to his garage and reaches behind some box and pulls out one of those ring box things. I look at him wierd as he shows me the box. He opens it and explains to me what it is. I got pretty nervous, because I'm very cautious when it comes to deadly drugs. Somehow, he calms me down and talks me into taking a hit...or a few. We walk back to his room and he takes out this metal socket and pushes a piece of brillo pad into the end of the small metal socket. My friend then proceeds to show me how to smoke it. Then, it was time... My friend handed me the pipe and started to break off a piece of crack. With my heart pounding against my chest, I grab the piece of crack, lift the pipe up, and place the piece of crack on top. My first hit didn't do anything, because I didn't know to hold in the smoke. All my fears of crack were now gone, and I was anxiously waiting for my first successful hit. I took the pipe and this time held in the smoke for around 30 seconds. When i exhaled it felt like an orgasm. This was truely one of the best highs I had expierenced. Me and my friend proceeded to smoke and push the pipe until we had ran out. Wanting more we go take a hit off of his dad's friend's pipe. Once everybody runs out, we go on a crack run. My crack high was winding down and I wanted a hit pretty bad. Luckily, we got the last pieces of the batch which my friend are the strongest and he wasn't kidding. We returned to my friend's room and go back to smoking. This crack felt incredibly stronger. After the first hit, my mouth was beginning to go numb and I had an incredible head high. We didn't stop till we had finished, and heart was beating at an incredible pace. I couldn't sleep at all. I wasn't high, but there was no way I could sleep. Unfortunately, my friend fell asleep and I had to listen to my friend's dad's crackhead friend tell me all this spiritual mumbo jumbo. We continued the crack smoking for 2 more days and I decided to go back home. I'll never forget those 3 days. Smoking crack is a very pleasurable thing, if not abused. Most people can't get over the addiction, like my friend's dad who is now in jail. I'm not going to lie, if someone offered me a hit right now I'd take it. I'm in no way addicted, though. I've been without it for 3 months now and I doubt I will try it again for another couple of years. Until then, I'll stay with my best friend, mary jane. • Exp Year: 2006ID: 55590Gender: Male Added: Mar 5, 2010Views: 396

  44. EROWID Oxycodone (Percocet, Oxycontin) Basics by Erowid DESCRIPTION # Oxycodone (Percocet, Oxycontin) is a semi-synthetic opioid analgesic (pain killer) similar to morphine. Oxycodone is widely prescribed for the relief of moderate to severe pain, in both regular and time-release forms. It is widely available by prescription and is notoriously addictive, leading many users to have problems controlling their own use. Dose# Oxycodone typically comes in different strengths, including: 5 mg capsules; 5, 10, 15, and 30 mg oral tablets; and 10, 20, 40, and 80 mg sustained-release tablets. Some people choose to grind and insufflate (snort) oxycodone tablets in order to get a stronger effect, however, the use of higher dose sustained-release tablets in this manner can be very dangerous.An average adult dose is typically 5 mg every six hours. Tolerance develops very quickly; those who take it on a daily basis may find they need to increase their dosage in order to get the same effects. Higher doses, especially the 80 mg sustained-release tablets are for opioid-tolerant people only. Price # Prescription prices vary but are in the range of $4-7 per 40 mg tablet in the United States (2009). Canadian prices are much lower. Street prices in the United States are approximately .50-$1.00 per mg ($20-40 for a 40 mg tablet). Law# Oxycodone is available by prescription only in most countries. It is Schedule II in the United States, making it illegal to sell without a license and illegal to purchase or possess without a prescription. Chemistry# Oxycodone is an opioid analgesic, closely related chemically to opioids such as codeine and morphine. Pharmacology # As with most other opioids, oxycodone's mechanism of analgesic action is unknown. It is presumed to work by affecting opioid receptors found in the brain. Production # Most recreationally consumed oxycodone is diverted from prescription medical uses, rather than produced/manufactured illegally. History # Oxycodone was first synthesized in 1916 in Germany and has been used therapeutically since shortly thereafter. It has been available in the United States since about 1939. It became more popular in the 1950s. It was placed into Schedule II in the U.S. in 1970. The sustained-release form (Oxycontin) has been available in the U.S. since 1995/6 and quickly gained popularity. Terminology / Slang # Brand Names: Percocet, Percodan, Endocodone, M-oxy, Oxycontin, Oxydose, OxyFAST, OxyIR, Percolone, Roxicodone, Roxicet, Supeudol, Tylox. The Substance: Oxy, Oxies, O.C.'s, Oxycottons, Oxy 80's, Hillbilly Heroin, Roxies, Percs. The Experience: Jammed.

  45. OXYCONTIN- Erowid EFFECTS # Primary effects include analgesia (pain relief), sedation, reduction of anxiety, euphoria, and relaxation. Onset # Effects are generally felt 10-30 minutes after oral ingestion, although it can take up to an hour to feel the full effects. Duration # Oxycodone, when taken orally (and not in sustained-release form) has effects that last from 3 to 5 hours. Sustained-release tablets last up to 12 hours. Visual Effects # Rarely (less than 1% in clinical trials) oxycodone may result in changes in visual perception, or abnormal vision. PROBLEMS # Side effects range from the common: constipation, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, itching/pruritus, dry mouth, sweating, fatigue, and weakness; to the less common: impaired thinking, confusion, loss of appetite, nervousness, sleeplessness/insomnia, fever, diarrhea, difficulty urinating, clammy skin, light-headedness, and fainting; to the rare and very concerning: abdominal pain, seizures, convulsions, difficulty breathing, respiratory depression, respiratory arrest, and circulatory depression or shock. Contraindications # Combining oxycodone with alcohol or other CNS depressants can lead to a dangerous slowing of the central nervous system and respiratory system. Other contraindications include: those hypersensitive to opiates history of drug or alcohol abuse those with head injuries, increased intracranial pressure, seizures, asthma, COPD, prostatic hyperplassia, severe hepatic or renal disease, acute abdominal conditions, urethral stricture, hypothyroidism, Addison's disease, or arrhythmias Addiction Potential # Oxycodone is both physically and psychologically addicting. Anyone taking it, whether for recreational or medicinal reasons, may become addicted, especially if it is used on a daily basis. Tolerance is developed over a period of weeks, resulting in higher doses being needed to achieve the same effects. Withdrawal symptoms, including aches and pains, restlessness, nausea, anxiety, diarrhea, fever, headaches, runny nose, tremors, sweating, vomiting, and trouble sleeping, may be experienced by those ceasing use after regular and especially high-dose use. Long Term Health Problems # Long Term Health Problems Summary Needed. Risk of Death # Risk of Death Summary Needed.

  46. EROWID Oxycodone COMMON & BRAND NAMES Percocet (w/acetaminophen/paracetamol); Percodan (w/aspirin); Oxycontin (time-release); Roxicodone; OxyNorm EFFECTS CLASSIFICATION Analgesic CHEMICAL NAME (5a)-4,5-epoxy-14-hydroxy-3-methoxy-17- methylmorphinan-6-one DESCRIPTION Oxycodone is an semi-synthetic opioid analgesic, used primarily in the treatment of pain. It saw a significant increase in recreational use when the higher-dose time-release form OxyContin was introduced in 1995. CAUTION Oxycodone preparations may contain analgesics such as acetaminophen, which can be toxic to the liver in high doses.

  47. HEROIN How to Inject it Erowid Being on heroin is exactly the same (albeit more powerful) as being on pain pills like Vicodin, Percodan, MS-Contin, etc. It gives a pleasant feeling of well-being just like being high on pain pills: warm, drowsy, a tiny bit itchy. The only way to get anywhere near one's money's worth is to shoot it (unless one comes across snortable stuff like China White, almost-pure powder heroin). Smoking it is a terrible waste which, by the way, isn't done by putting on top of buds and hitting it with a direct flame. It's done by "Chasing the Dragon": it's put on aluminum foil and heated from the bottom and allowed to run down the foil if possible while inhaling the smoke. From personal experience, the user can be on heroin for a few days straight ( a quarter-gram or so per day ) and stop cold- turkey with no symptoms of physical withdrawl whatsoever. Staying on it for periods longer than this is playing with fire. What is a good dosage of heroin for a beginner to start with? Purity of street drugs can vary so much that it would be dangerous to give an estimate. The first time the user tries it he or she should start out with a teeny, tiny bit and go up from there until the user gets an idea of what a good dose is. Personally, it's a good idea to always inject half of the dose and wait a minute ( leaving the needle in ) to see how it feels and then inject the rest. *********************************************************** This information is only for people who are mature enough to respect the dangers involved with injecting heroin. These dangers include physical and mental addiction and the possibility of contracting a terrible disease like AIDS or hepatitis if the user doesn't take the time to be as sanitary as possible and NOT SHARE NEEDLES. – Alcohol swabs are available in a box of about 100 for $2 at Safeway. – A commonly used syringe is the U-100. It is 1CC which is divided into 100 "units". – The bottom of a soda pop can is commonly used as a "spoon" to dissolve the heroin in because it is curved inward like a spoon. The bottom is torn off of a can as close to the bottom as possible. Procedure: The "spoon" is thoroughly cleaned with an alcohol swab. In this example black tar heroin is used. In my area a $15 chunk is about the size of 2 tic-tac candies side-by-side and works just fine. It has no smell except for a faint smell of vinegar. It comes wrapped in plastic inside a tiny balloon. A chunk is placed in the spoon. The syringe is used to suck up about 50-75 units of water and squirt it into the spoon. The spoon is then heated from the bottom with a lighter to make it dissolve better. The plunger can be pulled out of the syringe and used to stir the heroin solution. The end of the plunger should be clean before putting it back in the syringe. A piece of cotton is rolled into a ball a little bigger than a tic-tac. It is a good idea to clean one's fingers with an alcohol swab before rolling the cotton. The cotton is dropped into the heroin and it puffs up like a sponge.

  48. HEROIN How to Inject it Erowid The tip of the syringe is pushed into the center of the cotton and the plunger is slowly pulled back until all of the heroin is sucked in. This cotton is necessary to filter out any particles and such in the heroin solution. The area on the body chosen for injection is thoroughly cleaned with an alcohol swab. I think the spot on the bend of the arm is so commonly used because it's so darned easy to get the needle into the vein properly. The needle is placed almost flat on the skin so it doesn't get wiggled around too much. The needle is inserted so it goes down the length of the vein and not across it. Going across it just makes it way too easy to accidentally poke through the other side or pull out. Holding the syringe almost flat against the skin after the user feels the needle is deep enough in keeps the syringe from accidentally being jostled around and the needle being pulled out or pushed through the side of the vein. Now for the tricky part. The user has to make sure that the needle is in the vein before injecting. If the heroin is injected when the needle isn't in the vein the heroin will just form a big heroin blister which takes hours and hours to get absorbed by the body. Usually it will burn while it's being injected if it's not going in the vein. This is one way to tell if it's not going in the vein. The user should also keep a close eye to see if a blister is forming. When the needle is inserted the plunger is pulled slowly a tiny bit to see if blood comes in. This shows that it's in the vein. Sometimes when the plunger is pulled, only a slow trickle of blood comes in and the rest is air. With practice it's easier to tell if this trickle indicates a good enough insertion into the vein. Injecting a tiny bit of air ( about an eighth-inch ) with the heroin is harmless but if the user is nervous about this the syringe could be tilted so the air floats to the other end. From personal experience a quarter- inch (about 10 units) of air being injected with heroin is harmless but there's no need to make a habit of injecting air. With a little practice the user can be pretty sure the heroin is going in the vein without first checking for blood but still checking for a burning feeling where it's being injected or a blister forming. When trying heroin for the first time the user, of course, starts out with a tiny bit to see how his or her body reacts to it. As with pain pills sometimes the stomach gets queasy when the body isn't used to it. In the case of an overdose the only thing I know to do is to keep the person up and walking around to keep the heart going. If medical attention is needed I'm pretty sure the paramedics use a drug called "narcan" which blocks the effects of opiate narcotics like heroin.

  49. POLICE INTERACTIONS Erowid Am I Under Arrest? Am I Free to Go? Police in Modern America Know your rights. Always be polite and courteous to police. Ask to call your lawyer: never talk about, admit or deny anything. Do not consent to a search unless the police have a warrant. Be extremely clear. Ask "Am I under Arrest? Am I Free to Go?" GENERAL INFORMATION # Police - Bits and Pieces INTERACTING WITH POLICE # Talking to Cops Interacting with Police, by a mother and prison psychologist Guidelines for Saying No to Police Searches What to Do if You Get Stopped by the Police I Do Not Consent To A Search Police Encounters in Airports Avoiding and Defending Against Pot Prosecutions How To Avoid Getting Busted MYTHS # Do Undercover Police Have to Identify Themselves? RELATED VAULTS # Laws and the Legal System Asset Forfeiture Psychoactives, War, & Covert Operations Capsaicin (Pepper Spray) Psychoactives & Assault ARTICLES & WRITINGS # Police Drug Recognition Methods, by Stephen Pittel MEDIA COVERAGE # ACLU says War On Drugs has increased racial profiling (AP Story) Truck Drivers Billboards Against Police Searches EXPERIENCES # Phish Tour Summer '98, by Charlie False K-9 Threat, by Murple Getting in Trouble for Using Nitrous Medicinally, by Edward H. Getting To Know Me, by Yoschie Am I In Hell, Or Is It Jail?, by Swyftyswyf