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Chapter 14

Chapter 14. Regular Services in Guest Rooms. Part I Dialogues Part II Vocabulary Study Part III Listening and Speaking Part IV Practical Writing Part V Feature Reading. Dialogue 1 Cleaning the Guest Room. Context: Mr. Lewis returns to the hotel in the afternoon and finds

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Chapter 14

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  1. Chapter 14 Regular Services in Guest Rooms

  2. Part I Dialogues Part II Vocabulary Study Part III Listening and Speaking Part IV Practical Writing Part V Feature Reading

  3. Dialogue 1 Cleaning the Guest Room • Context: Mr. Lewis returns to the hotel in the afternoon and finds • his room has not been cleaned. He calls the Room • Center. • Pre-listening questions: • Why has Mr. Lewis’s room not cleaned? • 2) Does the room attendant check the minibar? Why or why not? Staff: Good afternoon. Room Center. How may I you ? Guest: Good afternoon. Could you send someone to clean my room.

  4. Staff: May I have your name and room number, please? Guest: John Lewis. Room 1202. Staff: Yes, Mr. Lewis. The “DND” sign hanged on your room doorknob most of the day. So we didn’t clean the room so as not to disturb you? Guest: Well, it is my fault. I forgot to take down the sign when I went out . Staff: Do you wish the room to be cleaned now? Staff: Yes if there is not much bother. Guest: No trouble at all, sir. The room attendant will be in your room soon. (A few minutes later) Staff: It is room attendant. May I come in? Guest: Yes, please.

  5. Staff: Good afternoon, Mr. Lewis. I’m here to clean the room. Do you mind my opening the window? Guest: No, of course not. Staff: Oh, sir, I’m afraid you have not marked the minibar list. You had a scotch Whisky which costs RMB50. Am I correct? Guest: Yes, exactly. Staff: Would you please sign your name on the minibar list ? Guest: Sure. …Here you are. (after the cleaning) Staff: Is there anything else I can do for you, Mr.Lewis? Guest:No, thank you. I really appreciate your efficient work. Staff:My pleasure. We are always at your service. Goodbye.

  6. Dialogue 2 Wake-up Call Service • Context: Mr. White is going to visit Suzhou and plans to • return on the same day. He wishes to get up • early, so he places a wake-up call service with • the housekeeper. • Pre-listening questions: • What are the three ways to place the wake-up • call service? • 2) What does the room attendant say to wake up Mr. White?

  7. Guest: Excuse me, do you offer wake-up call service here? Staff: Yes, we off wake-up call service either by operator, by knock at the door or by the in-room computer system. Which do you prefer? Guest: I’d rather like to be waken up tomorrow by knocking at the door. Staff: No problem, sir. Our room attendant can do that. What time do you wish to be woken up? Guest: At 6:00 a.m. I need to be up early so that I could go to Suzhou and return on the same day. Staff: That is understood. Have a good sleep, sir. Good night. (Early the following morning) Staff:It is just six o’clock, Mr. White. It is the time you asked me to give a call.

  8. Guest: Oh, yes, thank you. Staff: May I open the window? Guest: Yes, please Staff: Would you like to have breakfast in your room? Guest: That would be nice, thanks. Bring me a cup of coffee, would you? Staff: Ok. Anything else, sir? Guest: No, no more. I’m on a diet. Staff: I will go and get your breakfast. I will be back in a few minutes.

  9. Dialogue 3 Arranging an Extra Bed • Context: Mr. and Mrs. Smith have just checked in this morning. They are expecting their mother to come to the hotel to join them. Mr. Smith calls the housekeeper asking for an extra bed. • Pre-listening questions: • What kind of bed does Mr. Smith request to be placed in the room? • How much is the charge for such a bed?

  10. Staff: Housekeeping. Li Feng speaking. How may I help you? Guest: Yes, I’d like to have an extra bed in our room. Staff: May I have your name and room number ,please? Guest: I’m Peter Smith. Room 809 Staff: Yes, Mr. Smith. You said you need one extra bed in your room. Am I correct? Guest: Exactly Staff: And what kind of bed do you need? For children or for adults? Guest:For our mother.

  11. Staff: I’m afraid we have to charge half of one room night rate for such a bed, that is, RMB 425 or 50 US dollars per night. Guest: Ok, we will take one. Staff: When do you wish the bed to be placed in your room, sir? Guest: Eh, anytime before our mother arrives. that is around 4:00 o’clock Staff: Ok. We will have your request registered at the Reception Desk first, and the charge will be billed to your room account. Guest:. No problem. Could you bring in one more blanket, please? Staff: Certainly. We will also provide another set of guest supplies in the room.

  12. Dialogue 4 Various Services in Guest Room • Context: The room attendant comes in Mr. Bush’s • room with the fresh towel he requested. • Pre-listening questions: • Why does the guest want an adapter? • Dose the hotel charge the guest for the bottle of honey in the room?

  13. Staff: I havebrought some fresh towels, Mr. Bush. Guest: Thanks a lot. Staff: Do youneed anything else? Guest: Yes, I need some more complimentary mineral water, Can you do me the favor? Staff: I will go to the reception desk to see if I can. Guest: OK, By the way, there is a bottle of honey on the nightstand, Is it complimentary or shall I pay for it? Staff: It is on the house, sir. Guest: Very good.

  14. Staff: Anything else we can do for you? Guest: Oh, yes. I nearly forget. The electricity in the bathroom does not go with my electrical shaver. It is possible for me to get an adapter? Staff: Yes .what is the voltage of your shaver? Guest: Sixty-six volts. Staff: I can go and fetch you one such adapter. We provide adapters free of charge. What else do you need? Guest: I think my shoes need polishing. Do you offer such service?

  15. Staff: Yes, sir. let me take the shoes to the shoe polishing room and polished shoes will be returned to you in about ten minutes. Guest: That would be fine. Thank you for all the trouble. Staff: My pleasure. I will be back soon with the adapter and mineral water you want. See you later.

  16. Vocabulary Study The Room Center Disturb v. Minibar list Whisky n. Efficient adj. Bill the charge to ones room account Guest supply Shaver n. Towel n. 房务中心 打扰 客房小冰箱酒水单 威士忌酒 有效率的 把费用记入(某人)帐户 房内客用品 剃须刀 毛巾

  17. Complimentary adj. Honey n. Nightstand n. On the house Adapter n. Voltage n. Polish v. 免费的 蜂蜜 床头柜 免费的 电源适配器(插座) (电压)伏特 擦(鞋)

  18. Exercise 1: Match the expressions on the left with the best meaning on the right. • -----disturb a. items available to the guests in the • guest room. • 2-----extra b. to interrupt someone so that they • can not continue what they are • going on • 3. -----hang c. a piece of cloth that you use for • drying your skin or for drying • things • 4. -----supply d. to be fixed in position at the top • 5. -----towel e. something which is added to a • basic product or service that may • cost more

  19. Exercise 2: Complete the following with words or expressions from the dialogues. • Please m-----down the items you have consumed • and sign this slip. • 2. The stock will be replenished and the charges will be b-----to your account accordingly. • 3. We charge nothing for the mineral water; they are--------- • 4. I a----his help when we checked in. • 5. Could you b----some more boiled water and some fresh fruit?

  20. 1. Functional Sentences 接听电话时 Good morning, madam,--------- What can I do for you? Is there anything I can do for you? May / Can I help you? 当客人请求帮忙时 Yes, with pleasure. Certainly, madam. I’m glad to do it if I can. Yes, of course. I’m always at your service. In what way can I help you, sir?

  21. 询问客人姓名及房间号码 May I have your name and room number, please? Could you give me your name and room number, sir? 请求客人做某事时 Could you fill out the room changing sheet, please? Would you please fill in the registration form? Would you return your room key and room card, please?

  22. 客人要求无法满足时 I’m terribly sorry, madam.--------- Wehaven’t any empty rooms now. I’ll let you know when one is available. We are not permitted to do this. I’m afraid it’s against our hotel policy. 询问客人的喜欢或意愿时 Would you like some flowers/fruit? What kind of flowers/fruit would you like? 过道内与客人相遇时 Good morning, sir. After you, please.

  23. 客人要求加床时 Certainly, madam.--------------- But I’ll have to contact the Front Office first. But I’ll get the permission of the Front Office first. 当客人要求换房 Just a minute, please.------------------ Let me check if we have any room available. I’ll have to check the computer records first. 客人向你致谢时 My pleasure. It’s my pleasure. With pleasure. Glad to be of service I’m glad I could be of service

  24. 2. Answer the following questions • What would you do if you meet a guest in the corridor? • when a guest passes you by and says “Excuse me” what is your answer? • When a guest asks for something that you can’t oblige. What should you do? • When a guest asks something that you’re not sure, how would you answer him/her? • When you ask a guest to do something, what should you say? • When a guest asks you for help, what is your answer?

  25. g. When you want to get information from a guest, what would you say? h. When you can’t satisfy a guest request, what should you do? i. When you suggest something to a guest, what do you say? j. When a guest thanks you for your help, what is your reply?

  26. Exercise 1: Listen to the short dialogues. Fill in the blanks. Then practice with your partner. Dialogue 1 Staff: Good morning, what can I ------,madam? Guest: I’m Mary, Room 130.Can you change a room for me? It’s too nosy. I was woken up several times last night. Staff: I’m sorry--------,Room 130 is at the end of the corridor. It’s prone to noise. We will take some measures. But I’m sorry ;we haven’t any -----now. I’ll let you know when one is----. Guest: Anyhow, I’d like to change my room.

  27. Dialogue 2 Guest: Hello. I’d like to know if I can have an extra room for two nights. You know, my daughter is coming to join us for the weekend. We are going to visit some places in Beijing. Staff: ------if we have any room available, madam. Just a minute, please. Eh,…I’m sorry that we-----for the weekend. Guest: Oh, that’s too bad. But can you put up an extra bed in my room then, a kind of roll-away? Staff: Yes, madam. But I’m afraid I have to get------of the Front Office first.

  28. Dialogue 3 Staff: Good morning, Mrs. White. Is there anything------ for you? Guest: I hope so. I’m going to hold a birthday party for my daughter tomorrow evening and I wander if you can book a table for me at a typical Chinese restaurant. Staff: I’d be glad to. Which restaurant----------? Guest: Donglaishun Restaurant.

  29. Dialogue 4 Guest: Would you get me two packs of cigarettes if that is not too much trouble? Staff: That’s no trouble at all, sir.----would you prefer? Guest: Marlboro. Here is the money. Staff: I’ll-------cigarettes as soon as possible. Dialogue 5 Guest: Hello! Can you make up our room earlier next time? Staff: ----------. Guest: --------, Mrs. Taylor. We always try to -------early on request. Just let us know what you need, and if we can, we’ll oblige .

  30. Dialogue 6 Guest: I was going to check out today, but I have to stay for three more nights on some new errand here. Staff: May I know your------------? Guest: Henry Grant, Room 717 . Staff: Please wait a moment, Mr. Grant. I’ll have to check----

  31. Exercise 2: Listen and fill in the missing information. Days for extending stay : Reason: Name of the guest : Room type: The former room number: The later room number:

  32. Exercise 3:Listen and fill in the blanks. Staff: Good morning. Can I help you? Guest: Yes, it is possible for us to for another two days? We’re really enjoying our stay here, touring the city. There are so many places to see that my wife and I have decided to-------to Guangzhou, and stay for more sightseeing. Staff: ---------,please. Your name and room number, please? Guest: Henry Grant, Room 711. Staff: Sorry. There will be someone------tonight. Guest: Will there be other rooms available? Staff: You are lucky. One guest is -----today, and it seems not booked so far.

  33. Guest: Really? It saves lots of trouble.------of room is it? Guest: Fine. One more things. May we use the hotel meeting room during our stay in your hotel? We are to have a meeting on the afternoon of January the 23rd, from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Staff: A standard. Will that be accepted to you? Guest: Ok, it saves money, too. We’ll . Staff: Your room key and card, please. Guest: Here you are. ------------- Our baggage? Staff: The bellman will carry it to Room 909 once it is released . Guest: We really appreciate . Staff: You’re welcome. Enjoy ----------- here!

  34. Exercise 4: Complete the dialogue orally with the Chinese prompts. Staff: Good afternoon, Mr. Woolworth. Guest: ( 下午好,你能帮我个忙吗?) Staff: (可以,乐意效劳。) Guest: Tomorrow is my son birthday. I’m going to hold a birthday party for him. Staff: (我能为你做些什么?) Guest: I’d like you to order a large birthday cake with the words “Happy Birthday” on it and get some fruit for me. Staff: Certainly, Mr. Woolworth. (您需 要哪种水果)Bananas, apples or grapes? Guest: Some apples and grapes. Staff: All right. (您需要买点花吗?)

  35. Guest: That sounds good. Please get me a basket of tulips. Staff: Mr. Woolworth?(明天有多少人要 来?) Guest: About fifteen. And one more thing, could you bring some glasses and knives? Staff: Yes, (当然可以,一个生日蛋糕 一些水果和花。对吗?) Guest: Right. Here is RMB 200.Is it enough? Staff: ( 我想足够了。) Guest: Many thanks. Staff: (乐意为您服务) Mr. Woolworth

  36. Exercise 5: Role Play 一个客人睡觉感觉非常不舒服,因为床垫(mattress)的弹簧不好,垫子太薄,他要求楼层服务员给他换一个新垫子。 格林夫人的朋友要来庆祝他女儿的生日。他要求服务员帮忙准备一点食品,并询问是否今晚6点以前能把所有的东西准备好,服务员给了他一个满意的答复。 住在201房的乔丹先生去找经理助理要求给他换一个房间。因为他的妻子夜晚多次被电梯的噪音和往来客人的嘈杂声吵醒。经理助理给了他一个满意的安排。

  37. A Thank-you Letter 收到别人赠送的礼物,或得到别人的某种帮助后,都应写封信以表感谢。 范文: Dear Mr. Li, My visit to London was a memorable occasion. Thank you so much for your thoughtful hospitality. You Certainly know how to make a guest feel at home! Your Delicious meals were a treat, and your arrangement of Touring was really to our taste. I hope your travels will soon bring our way and I hope ,too, you’ll stay with us. I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself.

  38. Sincerely yours, Helen Notes: 感谢信的特点是: 时间及时,简明扼要,着重事由,感谢真诚。 • Exercise1 :Translate the following into Chinese. • Many thanks for your kind invitation. • Thank you for doing me a real favor. • Thank you so much for your generous hospitality • You were kind to send a gift. • It was very good of you to send us an announcement of your marriage.

  39. Exercise 2: Translate the following into English. 亲爱的莱顿先生: 我和我丈夫非常感谢你们所赠的圣诞礼物,我们赏识的不仅是那件礼物,我们更欣赏您的一片感情。 米莉谨上

  40. Hotel Services • Pre-reading questions: • What is the main goal of the hotel industry? • What would you find if you were to spend the night in hotel with all the very latest features? • How do you understand service is the keynote of any hotel? • What are the room attendant’s duties?

  41. Passage A The hotel industry is a mature industry in which consistent service is essential. Hotels, through offering exceptional service, strive to create an environment which allows the guest to feel completely safe, relaxed, comfort-table and just plain pampered. The main goal is to bundle a group of services allowing the guest to feel as if staying at a hotel is better and more convenient than staying at home. This ,of course, is a huge task and can only be accomplished by demanding a continuously perfect level of service offered by the hotel staff. Hotels today are quite

  42. different from those of the past . People who stay in them are generally traveling for business, or they are touring or on vacation. So hotels are designed mainly to meet the needs of one of this two groups of people. Hotels designed for business people are known as commercial or transient hotels. Hotels for people on vacation are called vacation, or resort hotels. And there is also another type of hotel called a residential hotel. This is designed to meet the needs of people who want to leave on a hotel. Hotels have, for the most part , kept up with modern developments in science and engineering. Travelers have come to expect comfortable rooms with pleasing

  43. decorations . The hotel industry spends millions of dollars each year to make certain that travelers are not disappointed. If you were to spend the night in a hotel with all the very latest feature, you might find a panel of buttons at the head of your bed. While lying in bed you could push these buttons to turn on the air conditioner, lock the door, turn off the television set or radio, and turn out the lights. In your room you might also find an ice—making machine and a coffee-making unit. Service is the keynote of any hotel. Today the hungry hotel guests may have a snack in a small coffee shop or a dinner of many courses in a large dining room, or if he prefers to

  44. stay in his room, he may telephone or room service and order food to be brought up to his room. The traveler who arrives with his clothes wrinkled may call for valet service and have his clothes picked up, pressed and returned. Businessman may call for a hotel stenographer to type their letters. People who become ill may call for the hotel doctor. In addition, many kinds of shops and stores are located in hotels to meet the needs of people who are away from home. In a large hotel there is usually a barber shop, beauty shop, newsstand, drugstore, florist shop, gift shop,

  45. dress shop, jewelry shop, and theater ticket agency. Passage B The actual work of cleaning and caring for the guest room is performed by the room attendants. Their duties include recognizing the guest, introducing room facilities and service, making or changing beds, dusting furniture, sweeping or cleaning floors and carpets, washing bathrooms, replacing towels and washing clothes, making up room and doing turn-down service. They should also supply any personal service to satisfy the guests’ reasonable demands, such as wake-up service,

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