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Hypothalamus. + GHRH –GHIH +TRH -GHIH + GnRH + PRH –PIH + CRH - Dopamine. hGH TSH LH FSH PRL ACTH.

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  1. Hypothalamus + GHRH –GHIH +TRH -GHIH + GnRH + PRH –PIH + CRH - Dopamine hGH TSH LH FSH PRL ACTH Anterior PituitarySomatotrophs Thyrotrophs Gonadotrophs Lactotrophs Corticotrophs Liver, muscle, bone Thyroid F: Ovary F: Ovary Mammary Glands Adrenal Cortex Cartilage, other cells follicular cells graafian follicle Primordial follicle Alveoli zona glomerulosa ? M: Testis M: Testis Zona fasciculata Leydig cells sertoli cells Causes secretion Causes secretion F: Ovulation F: development milk production secretion of of insulinlike growth of T3 and T4 Formation of of 2nd ooctye by breast prepared glucocorticoids factor corpus luteum by progesterone and M: secretion of M: secretion of hCS DHT ABP and sperm- atogensis

  2. Growth of body cells, controls BMR, F: estrogen: 2nd female sex control protein catabolism, protein synthesis, proteins sythesis characterisitcs, increases Glucose snythesis, lipolysis, tissue repair, and glucose use, ATP protein anabolism, lowers increases resistance toincrease in blood production, lipolysis, blood cholesterol, inhibits stress, anti-iflammatory, inglucose accelerates growth GnRH, FSH, LH high levels causes depression F: progesterone synergistic of the immune responses. with estrogen to prepare endometrium for implantation, prepares mammary gland for milk production, inhibits GnRH and LH M: Controls male pattern of development, enlargement of penis and expression of 2nd sex characteristics, protein anabolism Insulin-like T3 and T4 F: progesterone and estrogen glucococorticoids growth factor M: Testosterone and DHT

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