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Music of the 1980’s

Music of the 1980’s. 1980 Hit Songs. Rock with You Crazy Little Thing Called Love Coming Up Funkytown. It's Still Rock and Roll to Me Lost in Love Do That to Me One More Time. Grammy Awards. Sailing: Christopher Cross- record Christopher Cross- Album Sailing: song.

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Music of the 1980’s

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  1. Music of the 1980’s

  2. 1980Hit Songs • Rock with You • Crazy Little Thing Called Love • Coming Up • Funkytown

  3. It's Still Rock and Roll to Me • Lost in Love • Do That to Me One More Time

  4. Grammy Awards • Sailing: Christopher Cross- record • Christopher Cross- Album • Sailing: song

  5. Disco continued to sell well in 1980- • Songs like Blondie's "Call Me" • Diana Ross "Upside Down" • Irene Cara "Fame"

  6. Listeners tastes were changing though • Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, and Bob Seger were all becoming popular • Captain and Tennille: "Do That to Me One More Time"

  7. Kenny Roger "Lady" • Christopher Cross "Sailing"----these were "mushy" ballads that were also very popular

  8. The Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight" became the first rap record to make the Top Hundred (peaked at #36)

  9. Digitally recorded LP's were widely marketed for the first time • Introduction of the Sony Walkman (portable stereo)

  10. The Walkman changed the listening habits of the entire country • Single handedly responsible for the boom in cassette sales during the early 80's

  11. New generation was discovering Jim Morrison and The Doors (thanks to the movie Apocalype Now because it used the song "The End" in it)

  12. Morrison became a popular icon- Rolling Stone Magazine did a cover story on him • Headline: "He's Hot. He's Sexy. He's Dead."

  13. John Lennon: assassinated in New York City by mental patient • Mark David Chapman

  14. 1981 • Lady • Starting Over • Kiss on My List • 9 to 5 • Take It On the Run

  15. Morning Train • Slow Hand

  16. Grammy Awards • Bette Davis Eyes: Kim Carnes- record • Double Fantasy: John Lennon, Yoko One- album • Bette Davis Eyes: song

  17. MTV • MTV: all music video cable channel that was relatively commercial free • Debut was with Buggles' song "Video Killed the Radio Star" • Immediate sensation

  18. Bars drew in extra business by hanging a sign out that said "We have MTV" • Original veejays were: Alan Hunter, Martha Quinn, JJ Jackson, Mark Goodman, and Nina Blackwood

  19. Channel was originally dominated by English artists, because American artists were not in the habit of making videos • Many critics noticed a lack of black artists

  20. Disco backlash: many white record buyers were considering anything black to be "disco" • Black recording artists were having a tough time crossing over into the pop world

  21. Rick James: Top 20 hit with "Super Freak"---couldn't get the video played on MTV

  22. Prince: "Controversy" album---was booed off stage while opening for Rolling Stones at the LA Coliseum

  23. Only two records by black artists topped the charts in 1981: Diana Ross and Lionel Richie's "Endless Love" and "Celebration" • Blondie experimented with rap in "Rapture"

  24. White America was still wanting: REO Speedwagon, Styx, Journey and pop country Eddie Rabbit and Dolly Parton, and Daryl Hall and John Oates---

  25. Styx and Hall & Oates

  26. Also: Rick Springfield: Australian actor and musician • Fluke hit in 1972 with "Speak to the Sky" • One of America's leading heartthrobs

  27. Had a regular role as Dr. Noah Drake on soap opera General Hospital

  28. Olivia Newton-John: "Physical" • Christopher Cross: "Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)"

  29. 1982 • Any Day Now • Jack and Diane • Abracadabra • Hard to Say I'm Sorry • Gloria

  30. I Can't Go for That • Hurts So Good

  31. Grammy Awards • Rosanna: Toto-record • Toto IV: Toto- album • Always on My Mind- song

  32. Independent film: Wild Style came out this year • Explored rap music, breakdancing, and graffiti art scenes in the black community of New York's South Bronx

  33. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five- rap act that appeared in the movie • They released single called "The Message"

  34. First rap hit to comment on the social issues and pressures facing urban blacks

  35. Not a huge pop hit, but crossed over just enough to start getting white people to see that something was starting to develop in the ghettos of America

  36. Pretty dull year for American music: • Hall and Oates and Lionel Richie dominated the charts • John Cougar starting to become popular

  37. Steve Miller and Chicago still popular from the 1970's • Joan Jett brought real rock and roll to the charts

  38. The Blasters and The Stray Cats were popular among American kids too • The Go-Go's: products of LA punk scene

  39. Frank Zappa: he and daughter Moon Unit did "Valley Girl" • Used "valspeaking" residents of LA and gave him the biggest hit of his career

  40. Liberace • his chauffeur Scott Thorson had been his companion • Filed a lawsuit against Liberace- wanted his belongings back • Liberace denied being homosexual

  41. Joan Jett and The Blackhearts: "I Love Rock N Roll" • Paul McCartney with Stevie Wonder: "Ebony and Ivory"

  42. Survivor: "Eye of the Tiger" • J. Geils Band: "Centerfold" • Daryl Hall and John Oates: "Maneater"

  43. 1983 • Down Under • Billie Jean • Every Breath You Take • Maniac

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