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  1. GEAR UP 10th Grade Registration

  2. T-2-4 and Academic Press • T-2-4: Every student will graduate ready to enter a Technical program, a 2-year program, or a 4-year program. • Access to rigorous coursework to create a College and Career Ready culture

  3. College & Career Readiness • “College” and/or “Career”: students leaving LC with the ability to pursue the college and/or career option of their choice that leads to a post-secondary credential: BA, AA, high-skill certificates, work-readiness credential or apprenticeship. • Readiness: The level of academic preparation necessary for a student to enroll and succeed without remediation in both credit-bearing, college courses, and/or, enter the workforce ready to learn and succeed at job specific skills. This level of academic preparation is the same in both options.

  4. Choosing Classes We build our master schedule based on student interest and need. It is important for students to make the most informed choices now so we build the proper classes.

  5. Building a Schedule School Board & LC Policy states that ALL students will maintain a schedule of no less than classes. 6 Students must sign up for the required classes listed on your registration form. If a student has not finished credits in Art, CTE, Fitness, or World Language – consider these classes for your electives.

  6. Registration Dates Friday, February 21 World History/AP Euro classes Monday, February 24 CORE classes Counselors will be coming to classes to help students complete the official registration form. 9 Thursday, February 20 Science classes 10 Wednesday, February 19 English classes 11

  7. Graduation Requirements

  8. Graduation Planning Sheet This sheet was provided to all students in MAPS on Tuesday to help plan out four years of classes.

  9. The road to graduation

  10. Core Content Classes Now we are going to look in-depth at the 5 core content area class options: Social Studies English Fitness & Health Math Science

  11. English Washington 4-year public and private colleges require you have 4 years of English. WWU 4 years required Gonzaga 4 years required UW 4 years required EWU 4 years required WSU 4 years required

  12. English Pre-AP English 10 or English 10 10 4.0 Credits Required (including English 9) Pre-AP & AP courses have required Summer Assignments AP Language & Composition or English 11 11 AP Literature & Composition or English 12: College Prep or English 12: Creative Writingor English 12: Mythology 12

  13. Social Studies There is no 10th grade Social Studies requirement, but there are elective optionsstudents can take to earn AP credit. WWU 3 years required Gonzaga 3 years required UW 3 years required EWU 3 years required WSU 3 years required

  14. Social Studies 3.0 Credits Required (including World History 9 or AP European History) • AP Art History or • AP European History or • AP Human Geography 10 optional • AP US History or • American Studies 11 required 12 • AP Comparative Gov’t/AP US Gov’t or • Current World Affairs (CWA)/Civics required

  15. Math All Washington 4-year public and private colleges require you to go through at least Algebra II, and prefer that you have completed Pre-Calculus or Calculus. WWU 3 years required through Algebra II. 4 years highly recommended Gonzaga 3 years required through Algebra II. 4 years highly recommended UW 3 years required through Algebra II. 4 years highly recommended EWU 3 years required through Algebra II. 4 years highly recommended WSU 3 years required through Algebra II. 4 years highly recommended

  16. Math Options AP Calculus AB & BC 3.0 Credits Required (including 9th grade math) 4 years of math highly recommended for students entering a 2 or 4 year post-high school program AP Statistics Quantitative Math (seniors only) Pre-Calculus Reg. or Pre-AP Algebra II Reg. or Pre-AP Geometry Reg. or Pre-AP Intermediate Math NOTE: Parent permission required for this option Algebra I

  17. Science Most 4-year colleges require you to take 1-2 years of an “Algebra-based Science” in your 11th and/or 12th grade years. The courses with an * on the next slide satisfy that requirement. Gonzaga 11th/12th enrollment in *Science WWU 11th/12thenrollment in *Science WSU 11th/12th enrollment in *Science UW 11th/12th enrollment in *Science EWU 11th/12th enrollment in * Science

  18. Science Options 3.0 Credits Required (including 9th grade science) 4 years of science highly recommended for students entering a 2 or 4-year post-high school program Pre-AP Biology or MESA Biology or Biology 10 10 *AP Biology *AP Chemistry *AP Environmental Science *AP Physics 1 – Algebra Based *AP Physics C – Calculus Based *Chemistry *Physics Human Biology Environmental Chemistry 11 & 12 * = Algebra-based science for 4 year college entry

  19. Foods & Fitness “0” Hour Adv. Conditioning Enrollment is generally reserved for athletes - permission from the teacher is required Fitness (Includes Advanced Conditioning during theschool day) Fitness & Health 1.5 Credits Fitness + 0.5Credit Health Required If you haven’t completed Fitness or Health, be sure to sign up! Health or Intro to Health Science Careers SVL Fitness You are responsible for signing up for SVL. After you register online, bring completed form to your counselor. • SVL Athlete Option • For students who are in a school or club sport. • This does NOT count as 1 of your 6 classes! • You are responsible for signing up for SVL. After you register online, bring completed form to your counselor.

  20. Building skills by choosing balanced electives

  21. World Languages Chinese French Japanese Spanish 1st - 4thYear 1st - 4th Year (AP) 1st - 4th Year 1st - 5th Year (AP) • Most 4-year colleges require 2 consecutive years of the same language, some colleges require 3 years. Check the college admission requirements for the school(s) you are considering.

  22. Fine & Performing Arts 1.0 credits required for graduation and most 4 year colleges. Some colleges may require more. Includes Fine Arts, Music, and Performing Artssuch as Drama and Drill Team. All Fine & Performing Arts classes are full year (2 semesters)

  23. Fine Arts AP Digital Photography (including 0 Hour) Web Design Jewelry & SmallSculpture Drawing,Sculpting,& Painting Painting Ceramics Creative Drawing AP Studio Art

  24. Performing Arts Band Orchestra Choir Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Advanced Advanced Advanced Percussion Chamber Vocal Ensemble Marching (7th Hr) Show Choir (0 Hr) Guitar Lab Jazz Band (0 Hr)

  25. Performing Arts Drama(Intro) Drill Team (Tryouts Required) Advanced Drama Musical Theatre

  26. English & Social Studies These are electives and do not fulfill your English or Social Studies graduation requirements. Social Studies Electives English Electives Creative Writing AP Art History *can count for World History 9 AP European History* Debate (0 Hour) AP Human Geography Journalism/LC Journalcan also count as CTE AP Psychology *no longer a 12th grade social studies course Mythology PICI* (Practicum inCommunity Involvement) Writing About Film Psychology/Sociology

  27. Career & Technical (CTE) 1.0 credits required for graduation. All CTE classes are full year (2 semesters) Many of these courses have articulationagreements with SCC/SFCC to grant high school AND free college credit.

  28. Science & Technology CTE Intro to Computer Science Biomedical Research Year 1 Pre-Engineering Tech Design Biomedical Research Year 2 Drafting &Tech Design AP ComputerScience Biomedical MedicalInvestigationsYear 3 Pre-Engineering Robotics Web Design TV & Video Production Biomedical Biomed Innovations Year 4

  29. Culinary & Hospitality CTE Foods & Nutrition/ International Foods ProStart Culinary Arts Foods & Fitness* * Can count as Fitness ProStart Tiger Perk (0 Hour) Work Credit (get credit for your job)

  30. Design & Fashion CTE Fabric & Fashion AP Digital Photography(includes 0 Hour) Fabric & Fashion Intern Yearbook Costume Design/ Theatrical Costuming Jewelry & Small Sculpture Journalism/TheLC Journal Stagecraft (0 Hour)

  31. Health & Human Services CTE Sports Medicine Health Science Careers Legal Studies Criminal Justice Careers in Education/ Teaching Academy Sports Medicine Clinical (7th Hour) Child Development/Child DevelopmentCareers Career Focus (requires 2 or more periods)

  32. Business & Marketing CTE CO-OP/ Entrepreneurship Accounting & Digital QuickBooks Marketing/ Intro to Business Adv. Marketing/ DECA Tiger Depot/ Business Procedures ASB/ Student Body Leadership Independent Business Project Computer Apps: Culminating Project (seniors only) Sports & Entertainment Marketing Tiger Den/ Marketing Management Work Credit(credit for your job)

  33. Special Programs AP CapstoneSeminar(11th grade only) Teacher/Office/Library Assistant*(12th grade only) Math Intern*(12th grade only) AVID(10th grade only) * Teacher permission required. Science Intern*(12th grade only) Cheerleading(11th/12th only) ICAN CreditRecovery

  34. AP tests cost $90, but if you earn a 3, 4, or 5, you can save up to $1200 in tuition. • 85% of colleges say AP favorably impacts admissions decisions. • 31% of colleges look at the AP experience (not just the final grade) when making scholarship decisions. • More than 3,200 colleges in the US offer credit for qualifying AP scores. • AP students are much more likely to graduate from college in 4 years. • AP classes require high-level critical thinking that you will encounter in college. The Value of AP Classes

  35. NEWTECH Skills Center • Available only to next year’s 11th &12th grade students. • Requires 3 periods away from LC (either AM or PM) • • You will need to complete a Skills Center registration form. • Program options: • Automotive Technology • Broadcast Media Production • Collision Repair • Computer Game Programming & Web Development • Construction Technology • Cosmetology • Criminal Justice • Culinary Arts & Hospitality • Dental Careers • Fire Science • Jobs for America's Graduates • Medical Careers • Mobile Entertainment Installation & Repair • Multimedia Graphics & Printing Production • Veterinary Careers • Welding Technology

  36. Spokane Virtual Learning

  37. AP Diploma The AP Capstone Diploma will give students new ways to stand out in college applications and build a stronger foundation in independent research, presentation, collaborative teamwork, with knowledge and skills essential for success in college and beyond. To earn the AP Capstone Diploma: • Earn scores of 3 or higher on a minimum of 5 AP examinations. • Earn a passing score on the AP Seminar Course (11th) and Research project and the AP Capstone Course (12th)

  38. Running Start • Available only to next year’s 11thand 12thgrade students • Earn free college credit while attending high school • You can do full-time (no LC classes) or part-time (a mix of LC & Running Start) • If you are interested in RS, register for LC classes, check on your form that you want to do RS, & attend a RS meeting at lunch in March for info. • Spokane • Community • College • RS Electives at LC: World Languages • & PICI • Eastern • Washington • University • Spokane • Falls