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Zombie Horror Movie

Zombie Horror Movie. grey. Change of person. Black and white. Beat up. White face. Zombie movie mind map. Blood. basic. Gory. Different genres.

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Zombie Horror Movie

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  1. Zombie Horror Movie

  2. grey Change of person Black and white Beat up White face Zombie movie mind map Blood basic Gory Different genres

  3. As the genre is a horror movie so the age is going to be around the young adult to mid twenties range because some people don’t like suspense and dark movies. I don’t think it would have a specific gender appeal but a lot more boys/men take more of an interest to zombie as exposed to women. The movie does involve zombies so a lot of little ones can be scared of abnormal things and a lot of older people can be switched off at things that are not real. I believe every race will take an interest unless they have a specific religion against zombies and things that don’t use real life.

  4. The props for this is normal typical clothes with a fake knife and fake blood.

  5. The social class is D to A because it is really for anyone who is interested in zombies and likes dark films such as horrors. There is no specific occupation to show they like zombie horrors but there can be jobs such as people to do with death and the people who believe in abnormal happenings. I Think in this genre you can either get people who just like to watch the latest films and like horrors or people who are very obsessed with zombies and go to the next extreme and believing these kind of things can happen or have a massive impact on their lifestyle. Most of these peoples occupations will be everyday normal lifestyles in everyday jobs and will watch these in the spare time.

  6. My film is going to be a zombie documentary based in a school with average normal school kids from out of nowhere the abnormal occurs when a class mate comes in as a zombie and tries to attack and change the 3 classmates to zombies. It is based in the classroom and the corridor with props such as masks and makeup. My storyboard is on paper and it shows the direction of the shots and what is going on.

  7. I'm filming the short video with just the camera in my hand as I want it to have shaky documentary type of films with scenes of the camera being at different angles on desks and floorboards .

  8. The film will be filmed in colour but edit it to be in black and white to give it the old effect that old zombie horrors used to have. 'I Walked with a Zombie' (1943) I also wanted to include this early, eerie, and atmospheric voodoo entry from Jacques Tourneur and Val Lewton. Classics voodoo films of the '30s and '40s . This one was gloriously shot in black and white, and had one of the most striking zombies ever in the tall black actor Darby Jones. Jacques Tourneur's haunting direction, J. Roy Hunt's rich black-and-white cinematography, and Roy Webb's inspired score create a very otherworldly atmosphere, and actor Darby Jones' portrayal of an emaciated, bug-eyed island native who may or may not be a zombie is disturbingly unforgettable. I think it is a very simple straight forward quite boring black and white film but effective with the voodoo zombie films . Review of I walked with a zombie

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