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Horror movie conventions

Horror movie conventions . setting.

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Horror movie conventions

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  1. Horror movie conventions

  2. setting The mise-en-sene of a horror film is a huge factor in why these film are so scary. These films all like to have similar way of creating this fear for the views. They do it by using an unsocial able places add poor lighting to the mix and then some non dieagetic sound. For example a shot of a poorly lit street alleyway with a victim taking a short cut, add some sound of bin falling over, cats jumping all over the place and water droplets dropping into a puddle. Then shove a shot of a person’s side and hand with a knife glistening well there's the scary scene. Other examples are isolated places, urban environments, rural areas, small towns with low population. All these setting share the same connotation which is that feeling of been purely alone and being isolated. These place set you off to great start when creating a horror film.

  3. Camera shots Different film genres have different ways of using their cameras, so its no different when it comes to horror. Horror films spend a lot of money on creating these scary scene by using very expensive shots. High and low angle shots connote power and fear. POV shots allow the audience to apart of the action by either watch being killed, killing other witnesses the killing. hand held shots make the auidence concentrate more on what is happening. This is due to the fact that the audinece cant really see much of what is going on.

  4. Characters Hero Heroin Victim The immature, alcohol fuelled teenagers who always get killed Disturb children Supernatural's (ghosts, zombies, etc)

  5. iconography The colours black and red are strongly thought of when it comes to horror films. These colour make people think of darkeners, blood etc. Weapons are also apart of the iconography. For example a knife is very iconic because horror like the scream franchise, which are very popular films. Locations can also be iconic. Haunted houses and dark woods can be considered iconic because the feeling of isolation and the fear of the unknown make past and present audience quake with fear.

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