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Greene, New York PowerPoint Presentation
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Greene, New York

Greene, New York

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Greene, New York

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  1. The town of Greene was named after General Nathaniel Greene. Stephan Ketchum settled the town of Greene in 1792 Greene, New York

  2. The Sherwood Inn 25 Genesee St Greene, NY 13778

  3. Photo taken on 5/6/2013

  4. Different views of the site Photos taken on 5/6/13

  5. Proposal • I would like to use the earnings from this grant to work in collaboration with the owners of the Sherwood Inn to build a tour business that will take people on a tour of the Inn, hear the haunted history and the history in general of the hotel and the town of Greene as well. With the recent reopening on May 1, 2013 I believe that with this collaboration the Inn could make a profit from choosing to work with us.

  6. Employees • I will be hiring • 3 tour guides • 14 actors/actresses

  7. Budget Plan • Tour guides (3) • Will be paid $300.00 per week ($900.00 per week) • Uniform cost= $200.00 (each guide will get 4 uniforms totaling to $2,500.00)

  8. Budget Plan • Actors/actresses (14) • Will be paid $250.000 per week ($3,500.00 per week) • Costumes will cost around $4,500.00

  9. Budget Plan • Overall, the yearly expenses for this project will be around $358,100.00 • I am asking for $380,000.00. • There is a difference of $21,900.00 in which will be set aside for miscellaneous expenses (repairs, new additions to the scenes of the hauntings, etc, replacement parts, and various other things)

  10. In the future • If I am awarded this grant, I would like to see the growth of traffic, tourism, and an increase in the earnings of mom and pop stores and restaurants around the community grow. Not only would this collaboration help the Sherwood Inn, it would also help members of the community and the community itself. The Town of Greene is all about keeping the town historical, with this project I believe that tours at the Sherwood would assist in helping this wish from various community members.

  11. Along with the collaboration with the owners of the Sherwood Inn, I would like to advertise the walking, guided tours to the public year round and especially during the summer when the community is full of visitors especially on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month between May and late September/early October when the local Car Show/Bike show is held. This event brings a large amount of people to Greene. This will not only help the Sherwood but the other various shops/restaurants in town as well.

  12. We are not asking for the full $1,000,000 because we do not believe that we will need it. • We would like to earn money throughout our first year of business to keep going with this project and to keep the history of the Sherwood Inn alive. • The money from this grant will be used to get the tools and other things we will need to get off the ground. • Money earned from the tours will be placed aside for future expenses.