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Clay Items

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  1. Gujarat has an ancient history and a glorious cultural heritage. The age old crafts of the place have survived till date. The art and crafts are preserved and are even practiced widely across the state. The handicrafts of Gujarat are famous for their color scheme, detail and intricate work and artistic appearance. These handicrafts are a product of skilled craftsmanship of India. There is a wide variety available in handicrafts. One can choose from silver jewelry, embroidery, furniture, clay items, handmade durries (carpets), stone crafts and other materials

  2. Clay Items • Pottery is one of the oldest handicrafts of the state and is being practiced since the ancient times. The creativity of the potter in molding the clay in a well proportioned utensil is just amazing. Later, these utensils are painted with vibrant colors to make them attractive. Potters in the Kutch region also make beautiful Terracotta toys. Those in the Aravallis and ChhotaUdepur tribal lands are proficient in making long necked terracotta figurines of the Gora Dev (tribal Horse-God). Another place to buy good decorative pieces of terracotta is Poshina. You can pick a host of other items from Kutch, like mud wall paintings, plaques, inset with mirrors, etc.

  3. Embroidery • Embroidery is one of the most delicate handicrafts practiced in Gujarat. The art of embroidery is primarily practiced by the wives of herdsmen, nomads and agriculturists, as a second source of income. The patterns vary with the community and region. There is a wide variety to choose from, like Bavalia embroidery, Banni embroidery, Rabari embroidery, as well as the embroidery done by the communities of Ahir, Jats, SodhaRajputs, Mutwa and Mukka. Apart from the usual embroidery work, the state is also famous for the Gold embroidery done on fabrics.

  4. Dhurries • Dhurries, carpets, blankets and rugs are still woven on primitive pit looms in the villages of Kutch. The artisans weave the designs with their hands and work on the machines operated by foot pedals. These carpets are known for their beautiful patterns, contrasting color schemes and intricate weaving. The durries available here are made from wool, goat hair and cotton. As a result, handloom weaving is an important occupation in villages, situated on the Ahmedabad - Bhavnagar highway.

  5. Furniture • The art of making wooden furniture is practiced primarily in southern Gujarat. Sankheda, near Vadodara, is known for its lacquered wooden furniture. The craft of making wooden items includes rounding the wood with tools. This is followed by painting it with floral and abstract designs in bright shades of gold, silver, maroon, green, vermilion, and brown. This is done with the help of sticks dipped in a colored mixture of dyes, powdered zinc, lac and resin. Mahuva, Surat and Kutch are also famous for making lacquered furniture similar to that of Sankheda.