biodiversity and climate change n.
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Biodiversity and Climate Change PowerPoint Presentation
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Biodiversity and Climate Change

Biodiversity and Climate Change

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Biodiversity and Climate Change

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  1. Biodiversity and Climate Change United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity

  2. Section 1: Impacts ofclimate change on biodiversity Section 2: Impacts of biodiversity on climate change Section 3: Climate change within the Convention on Biological Diversity

  3. Section 1: Impacts of Climate Change on Biodiversity • Millennium Ecosystem Assessment – climate change is the second greatest threat to biodiversity • Climate change is changing species through: • shifting habitat • changing life cycles • the development of new physical traits • Climate change is reducing the ability of indigenous and local communities to sustain traditional, biodiversity-based livelihoods

  4. Die-offs Coral bleaching die-offs of up to 50% in the Indian Ocean Extinctions A species of Golden Toad in Costa Rica Life Cycles Gothic marmots emerge from hibernation about a month earlier than 30 years ago The average weight of adult female polar bears has decreased by more than 20% over the last 25 years Physiology

  5. Section 2: Impacts of Biodiversity on Climate Change • Reducing emissions from deforestation and other forms of land use change • Providing a ‘safety net’ of genetic resources for adaptation • Providing protection (bioshields) against the negative impacts of climate change

  6. Forests account for more than half of the global stock of carbon stored in terrestrial vegetation and soil Reducing Emissions Land races of many crops are providing genetic material for the development of drought-resistant crop varieties Biodiversity Safety Net The value of mangroves as coastal protection has been estimated at $25 – $50 per hectare Bioshields

  7. Section 3: Climate Change within the Convention on Biological Diversity The cross-cutting issues on biodiversity and climate change COP decision VIII/30: • recommendations for the enhancement of climate change considerations in all Programmes of Work and • information on the role of protected areas

  8. The Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group on Climate Change and Biodiversity Four AHTEGs: • First meeting 21 - 25 January 2002 • Last meeting 13 - 16 September 2005 AHTEG reports were published as two technical series: • TS 10 - Interlinkages between biological diversity and climate change • TS 25 - Guidance for Promoting Synergy Among Activities Addressing Biological Diversity, Desertification, Land Degradation and Climate Change

  9. Climate Change Components of the Programmes of Work

  10. Climate Change Components of the Programmes of Work

  11. Climate Change Components of the Programmes of Work

  12. Article 8j on local and indigenous communities and traditional knowledge COP decision VIII/5 B • noted the specific vulnerabilities of indigenous and local communities to the impacts of climate change • requested further research on climate change vulnerability targeting highly vulnerable indigenous and local communities

  13. Joint work undertaken with the UNFCCC • Called for in multiple COP decisions (eg. decision VIII/3) • Coordinated through the Joint Liaison Group • Focuses on technology transfer, vulnerability and adaptation, and reducing emissions from deforestation

  14. Section 4: Response of the Convention on Biological Diversity 2010 Biodiversity Target Target 7.1: Maintain and enhance resilience of the components of biodiversity to adapt to climate change