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Dates to remember

Dates to remember

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Dates to remember

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  1. Dates to remember Family access both new and existing will stop August 31 All event registrations end August 31 County Dues information to state office September 15 Group Enrollment forms September 15 Enrollment reopens October 1

  2. Run the potential duplicates report in the quick reports drop down menu

  3. This gives you the option to open or save the report. Saved report will be titled potential duplicates.pdf

  4. Same Family Login to the active member or newest record and look at the member list for the family if both records are in the same family contact the state office to have the merge completed.

  5. Different familyif profiles are in different families one must first be moved to the correct family. Do this through the manager control panel. Verify the family information and address before you move the profile. Then select the correct family from the pull down menu under the Move ”member” to a different Family option. Then select the Login to New Family After change option and click on Change Family. This will move the profile and log you into the new family to verify the move was successful and into the correct family. If the move was successful now the state office can finish the merge for you.

  6. Merging Members State office must do the final merge but members need to be in the same family in order for a merge to take place. Member profiles that have both been active in the same year cannot be merged until the next rollover.

  7. Removing empty families: Run the Quick reports from the drop down menu

  8. You have the option to open or save the report the report will be named Family_-_Without_Members.pdf

  9. From the Enrollment tab select the Families tab. Here you can search for any families that appear on the report.

  10. Login as the family and verify there are no members listed in the Manager Control Panel. If there are no members click on the edit family button. At the bottom of the Family information page it will give you the option to Archive Family or Delete the Family. It is ok to delete a family that has no members.

  11. What if we have 2 families with members but they are the same family and each one has members in it?Move all members to the correct family and delete the duplicate empty family.

  12. Changes to county dues need to be in by Sept 15th.Current Dues Spread sheet located on the S: Drive under Enrollment. submit county dues and any increases that will occur throughout the year.

  13. 4HOnline Payment Process Member enrolls in 4HO for events and enrollment and chooses payment type Is this pay by check? Fiscal office runs 4HO report of received transfers for the month and invoices the county for transfers with “invoice” in check number field 4H State Office marks transfer received in 4HO and puts “invoice” in check number field *Payments by mocode, managed care, waiver, or other methods should be put on a separate transfer and sent to 4-H State office with appropriate information and/or forms County receives payment, marks paid in 4HO, and creates transfer form in 4HO Is this a credit card payment? $20 to 4-H State Office, county dues (if applicable) is credited to monthly invoice Did payment process? 4H Program support contacts customer to resubmit payment info Process starts over with member choosing payment type Key: YES No

  14. HighlightsCounty will mark members as paid and create a transfer in 4HOnline (Same as current process.)State 4-H Office will mark transfer received and put “invoice” in the check number field4HOnline invoice line item will include both 4-H enrollment and event feesCounty will be able to run a report in 4HOnline to match the invoice line item amountMembers will still have the option to pay by credit card County fees collected by credit card will show as a credit on the invoiceCounty may choose to pay invoice with a single check or two checks (1 from the County Extension Council and 1 from the County 4-H Council) SPIN Club credits, regional or county event fees, and other 4-H related payments and credits may also be included on the invoicesInvoicing process will begin October 1, 2018

  15. Volunteer ScreeningNew vendor, same process (mostly)Completed registry forms are turned into the local Extension office NO Social Security card or payment is needed with the formOnly complete highlighted areas on formCounty offices send the registry forms to the 4-H office vail U.S. mail or scan share driveOnce screenings are processed, volunteer applicant will be either confirmed/denied in 4HonlineOne time consent policy can screen as often as needed with no additional consents Goal is to have the registry form uploaded in 4Honline for applicants to print and complete at home if ablePlease be patience and provide feedback