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Leisure - Swimming PowerPoint Presentation
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Leisure - Swimming

Leisure - Swimming

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Leisure - Swimming

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  1. Leisure - Swimming By Michael Le Pine-Day Year 8

  2. Swimming Swimming is a popular sport in the world today. Swimming helps heal injuries & keep you fit. There are now many different strokes & famous swimmers. Swimming is a huge part of many cultures. When people think swimming they picture someone swimming freestyle, but did you know that there are many different types of strokes?

  3. Breaststroke Breaststroke – Breaststroke is my best stroke because I find it easy to propel myself through the water. In breaststroke you need to use both your arms & legs in the same motion that a frog swims in. This stroke is a very common stroke today.

  4. Backstroke - I don’t like backstroke because I always sink, even though I know the proper technique. Backstroke is similar to freestyle except you swim backwards, but backstroke comes with downsides, for example you can’t exactly know when your about to hit the end of the pool.  Backstroke

  5. Butterfly – Butterfly the hardest of them all. This is a very difficult stroke because you swim with both arms at the same time whilst partially out of the water. Butterfly is a great stroke to keep you fit & healthy through out life. Butterfly

  6. Freestyle Freestyle – Freestyle is a very common stroke among swimmers & is the main swim style. In freestyle you move your arms in an oval sort of motion & kick normally. It is a great stroke to be able to swim.

  7. All of these strokes are designed for efficiency in different situations.

  8. Effects There are lots of reasons why people swim; it might be to heal an injury or loose weight. Swimming is great to meet all these needs & has great results such as being very healthy in old age. Swimming does have an effect on lives.

  9. Michael Phelps Swimming is a famous sport which many people are interested in. Today there are many famous swimmers, one of them being Michael Phelps. Michael Fred Phelps was born on the 30th June 1985 in Baltimore, Maryland. He’s 6ft, 4 (193cm) & has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Michael Phelps broke world records at 15yrs 10mths & has won over 50swimming competition medals. Michael Phelps has started a foundation to keep people healthy & fit so they can live a prolonged, healthy life. Michael has a huge influence on many people today with his foundation to help others & let others know to ‘Never give up’.

  10. Consequences – When people think consequences they think negative consequences, but consequences are also good as well. Swimming is a sport with good consequences that relieves physical & mental pain for a lot of people. Swimming is a popular sport worldwide which helps heal injuries, keep you healthy & help you live longer. Many people swim in old age because it helps with pain & injuries that they might have. Swimming is a great sport with great long-term consequences. Consequences

  11. Swimming is truly a huge part of many cultures . . .

  12. Thank You To . . . Your Info Helped Make AGreat Story.