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Egg Parachute

Egg Parachute

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Egg Parachute

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  1. Egg Parachute By: Luke Fickenworth and Sam Gravois

  2. Understand • We were required to build a probe with a drogue and regular parachute that would prevent an egg from breaking on a 12 meter fall • The drogue parachute must come out first, and the egg cannot break or crack in any way • It was compared to a probe landing on the moon

  3. Explore • We researched some designs online, and discovered that we needed to supply a safe and secure place for egg for the trip down in the air • We determined that we did not want a very large probe, because that would increase our mass and require a larger parachute to slow the probe down

  4. Explore • So we decided to make a probe made of a cardboard cylinder, which would minimize the mass, and in turn minimize the size of the parachute needed to slow down our probe so our egg would land safely • Inside our cylinder we put a part of an egg carton with the bottom cut off so our egg would sit comfortably inside our probe

  5. Define • We looked at the requirments our probe and parachute had to meet • There was a maximum mass limit of 200 grams • We had to have two parachutes, a regular and a drogue parachute which had to be one fourth the surface area of the regular parachute • We used the equation to calculate terminal velocity

  6. Ideate - We used paper to make a funnel shaped container to hold the parachute - The funnel was then taped to the probe - Our parachute was cut out in a rectangular shape of a trash bag - The parachute was connected to the funnel with string - Lastly we made a smaller parachute to help pull out the main parachute from the funnel - The smaller parachute was then tied to the larger one with fishing line - The egg was suspended inside of the probe

  7. I D E A T E

  8. Ideate

  9. Prototype - Now it came time to build our first model

  10. Refine - The funnel we used to pack the parachute into was too small - The parachute was packed too tightly, and twisted up to let the other parachute pull it out - This led to the big parachute not deploying out of the funnel - We fixed this by replacing the funnel with a new, longer, wider one that would allow the parachute to be packed looser, and therefore pulled out easier - The new funnel worked

  11. Solution

  12. Solution Here is a link to our parachute in action:

  13. Solution Our recorded times:

  14. Solution If I had to rate our project, I would rate it at a 7 out of 10. Our parachute was successful, but it took us longer than some of the other groups to get a working model. If i was to do this project again, I would make a much larger area for the parachute to go in before deployment, and maybe a slightly larger parachute.