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Direct-entry Digital NOTAM (DDN) System Deployment and Implementation Presentation and Demonstration of DDN Presenters: PowerPoint Presentation
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Direct-entry Digital NOTAM (DDN) System Deployment and Implementation Presentation and Demonstration of DDN Presenters:

Direct-entry Digital NOTAM (DDN) System Deployment and Implementation Presentation and Demonstration of DDN Presenters:

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Direct-entry Digital NOTAM (DDN) System Deployment and Implementation Presentation and Demonstration of DDN Presenters:

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Presentation Transcript

  1. 34TH ANNUAL AIRPORTS CONFERENCE Direct-entry Digital NOTAM (DDN) System Deployment and Implementation Presentation and Demonstration of DDN Presenters: Mark Falen and Steve Meinders

  2. AIM Direct Entry Digital NOTAM Development • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) operates a legacy Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) system. • Transition from Legacy system to digitized NOTAM input with software that contains functionality to provide NOTAMS in ICAO, U.S., and plain language formats

  3. AIM Direct Entry Digital NOTAM Development • Advances in technology and modernization of the air traffic control system (NEXTGEN) have mandated a change in the NOTAM system. • The FAA has requested the Direct entry Digital NOTAM (DDN) system be deployed and implemented at public use airports throughout the National Airspace System (NAS).

  4. Purpose NISC was tasked with: Deploying and Implementing (D&I) the Direct entry Digital NOTAM system (DDN) at 11 FAA identified airports in the NAS Currently conducting a live test program to allow NOTAM entry from airport authorities directly in the U.S. NOTAM System (USNS) Receiving valuable feedback from participating airports Feedback is being evaluated, improvements are being made to the system

  5. Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) • National Airspace Implementation Support Contract (NISC) AIM Task Order signed March 18, 2010

  6. AIM Process and Publish by FAA Integrated permanent and temporary informationComputer readableElectronic distribution to customers Enter NOTAMs at the Source Digital Capture (AIXM via templates) New Concept of Operations DATALINK • Web • External Web Page Service (AIXM) Legacy Formats Web service (AIXM) Originator Federal NOTAM System

  7. Digital NOTAMs • Improve safety - Reducing errors and improve timeliness • Improve accuracy - Less likelihood for human errors • Improve efficiency - Less time to process • Supports NextGen

  8. Direct-entry Digital NOTAM System Will output the NOTAM in: • U.S. domestic NOTAM format • ICAO format • Plain language format

  9. NOTAM Details

  10. What are the Benefits? • Improves Safety • Time reduction for pilots reviewing NOTAMs before flight • Ability to sort NOTAMs • Labor reduction • Airport Operators • Airline Dispatchers • Cost savings due to more efficient operations


  12. What is the purpose of the Safety Management System? (SMS) To create a safer NAS using a formal top down business approach to managing safety risk

  13. HOW DOES SMS DO THIS? SMS addresses all aspects of ATC and navigation services including: airspace changes, air traffic procedures & standards, airport procedures & standards, new & modified equipment, and associated human interactions

  14. HOW DOES SMS DO THIS? Helps reduce the number of isolated safety decisions (more efficient use of time & resources) Includes processes to collect & analyze safety data (tracking) Provides integrated collection of processes, procedures, policies & programs

  15. The SRM process is a means to: Mitigate unacceptable safety risk and reduce the identified risks to the lowest possible level (Controls) Accept residual risks (SRMD) Implement the change & Track hazards to resolution (Safety Assurance) Assess and monitor the Effectiveness of the risk mitigation (Safety Assurance Audit & Evaluation Programs) Reassess change (Safety Promotion) Safety culture (supported through lessons learned)

  16. SAFETY RISK MANAGEMENT DOCUMENT (SRMD) Tool for Decision Making An SRMD thoroughly describes the safety analysis for a proposed change Documents the evidence to support the proposed change Contributes to the decision to implement a change Accepted & approved by AIM August 2009 Intended for Large Airports with Continuously Operating ATCT’s

  17. Direct Entry Digital NOTAM System Test for Large Airports SRMD DEN convened a Safety Risk Management Panel. Very lengthy, expensive process involving key stakeholders, Subject Matter Experts, and users. FAA Headquarters is using the DEN SRMD for all airports with 24 hr. ATCTs. FAA currently working on an SRMD for airports with less than 24 hr. ATCTs, and airports without ATCTs.

  18. EXPECTED IMPACT OF DDN AT DEN Denver International Airport: Issues 5-6k NOTAMS per year 8 Minutes for 5k NOTAMS- 40k m or 667 hrs DDN – expect less than one minute. 5k m or less. or 83 hrs

  19. Current Status Currently 10 airports are using the DDN NOTAM Manager System under the test: • Atlantic City (ACY) • Baltimore Int’l Thurgood Marshall (BWI) • Denver Int’l (DEN) • Fairbanks Int’l (FAI) • Ft. Wayne Int’l (FWA) • Memphis Int’l (MEM) • Norfolk Int’l (ORF) • Richmond Int’l (RIC) • Ronald Reagan National (DCA) • Washington Dulles Int’l (IAD)

  20. Current Status Additional 14 airports ready to implement after server move to OEX: • Louisville - Standiford (SDF) • St. Louis Lambert (STL) • Dallas Ft.Worth (DFW) • Dallas Love (DAL) • Ft. Worth Meachem (FTW) • Ft. Worth Alliance (AFW) • Houston George Bush Intercontinental (IAH) • Houston Hobby (HOU) • Ellington - Houston (EFD) • San Francisco (SFO) • Oakland (OAK) • Chicago O’Hare (ORD) • Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX) • Anchorage (ANC)

  21. Current Process with Airports • Establish contacts with airport managers and Air Traffic Control Tower managers • Review NOTAMS previous 12 months • Request current Airport Plan Map (ALP) • Current Airport Signage Map • ArcGIS Airport Diagram (NASR, etc.) • Review NACO Diagram of Airport Layout

  22. Initial Meeting • Introduce NISC Team to airport personnel • Build working relationships • Validate all airport surfaces • RWY • TWY • APRON • RAMP

  23. Data Preparation • IT completion of ArcGIS build • SRMD • LOA • MOA • Training needs assessment • Develop site specific training

  24. Training and Test Implementation • Train System Administrators • Train NOTAM Issuers • Implement NOTAM Manager • Gather Feedback

  25. Airport DDN Certification Plan Through automation and electronic media, NISC will facilitate airports with an Airport-Certification process. Through the use of a website airports will be able to validate airport surface areas and post required agreements. Training and deployments will be conducted via electronic media.

  26. Airport Priority List for Test • FAA Focus 30 Airports • International Airports • Airports with large numbers of NOTAMs • ATCT 24/7 • Less Complex ATCT 24/7 • Less than 24/7 ATCT or non-ATCT Airports • Airport NOTAM Certification (ANC) Plan - Developing Airport Certification Website

  27. What’s Next? • Reach out to other airports covered under the current safety case • Finish Remaining Focus 30 Airports • Secondary Focus airports with 24/7 towers that are listed on test NCP • Following the completion of the additional safety cases we can begin deployment at: • Facilities with Non-24 hour towers • Tower Light (TLO) • Operational Control Centers (OCC) • Other NOTAM originators

  28. QUESTIONS DDN NOTAM Manager Demonstration