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An Introduction to Lions Quest

An Introduction to Lions Quest. As a business leader, what are some of the skills you see as being necessary to work in today’s marketplace?. Overview of Lions Quest. Lions Quest is a school based, positive youth development program encompassing: Drug and bullying prevention

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An Introduction to Lions Quest

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  1. An Introduction to Lions Quest

  2. As a business leader, what are some of the skills you see as being necessary to work in today’s marketplace?

  3. Overview of Lions Quest Lions Quest is a school based, positive youth development program encompassing: • Drug and bullying prevention • Violence prevention and conflict resolution • Teaching Social and Emotional skills • Building Character and teaching Values • Using Service as a way to apply topics learned in the classroom

  4. Lions Quest Programs • Lions Quest Skills for Growing (Ages 5 - 10) • Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence (Ages 11 – 14) • Lions Quest Skills for Action (Ages 15 – 20)

  5. Program Goals • Engage students, families, the school, and community members, • Provide opportunities for young people to learn essential social and emotional skills, • Engage young people in the practice of good citizenship through service learning and philanthropy and • Strengthen young people’s commitment to their family, positive peers, school, and community.

  6. Life Skills Development Lions Quest programs emphasize essential life skills such as: • managing emotions and resolvingconflicts, • self-confidence and self-discipline, • responsibility and good judgment, • effective communication, • decision-making and problem-solving, • strengthening relationships, • resisting negative peer pressure, • higher-order thinking and goal-setting, and • community and civic engagement.

  7. Five Program Components • classroom curriculum to integrate within classes such as language arts, health or social studies or as a stand alone course (includes service-learning projects), • parent involvement, • community involvement, • a positive school climate (teaching techniques and subject themes to be integrated into all subjects), and • professional development and training.

  8. Past International President Clement Kusiak

  9. How do I get started? • Learn about the program: • review website • on-line chairperson training • attend a workshop (for free) • talk with teachers or Lion champions in your area • Reach out to educators, administrators, university personnel, or community leaders about Lions Quest. Start with who you know.

  10. What resources are available? • Contact the office in your country – if none, contact LCIF • Promotional Grants available - $1,000 to Districts or MDs without Core 4 grants; no matching funds necessary • Core 4 grants

  11. LCIF Financial Support • Core 4 Grants • Initiate or expand programs • Commitment of MD/district funds • $100,000 available to Multiple Districts • $25,000 for sub-districts • Seeking additional funding through governments, multilateral organizations and foundations

  12. LCIF Additional Support • Streamlining procedures and coordinating international workshops • Bringing country programs together to share ideas and collaborate on projects • Administrative Support, Training and Technical Assistance • Developing innovative materials

  13. New Country Implementation • All stakeholders agree on the suitability of the program for local implementation • Steering Committee formed • Initial implementation plan designed • Program translation and adaptation undertaken • Pilot workshop conducted

  14. How do I choose a Lions Quest Chairperson? • Choose someone with education, social work or other similar background • Choose someone interested in youth programs • Choose someone with energy (the most important qualification!)

  15. Past International PresidentRohit Mehta

  16. Why should Lions support Lions Quest?

  17. Why is Lions Quest Important? • Research has shown that when students’ emotional needs are addressed, children do better academically. SEL programs can improve academic performance by at least 11%! • LQ addresses issues such as drugs and violence not in isolation but together in a holistic, coordinated approach. • LQ teaches 21st Century Workforce Skills • Cultural literacy and global awareness • Higher order thinking and reasoning • Real world application of planning and management • Personal social responsibility • Inventive thinking; creativity • LQ supports Character Education – teaching values based skills such as ethical decision making and social consciousness. • LQ uses civic engagement and service learning as a hands-on tool to teach these Character and SEL skills.

  18. Lions and Lions Quest • Lions Quest is a practical extension of the service ethic of Lionism • Lions entities manage LQ programs at the national level • Local Lions are critical to introducing the program to schools and raising funds • Creates ongoing partnership between local Lions and schools and communities

  19. Lions Quest Strengthens Lionism • Reaching children and students in need • Leveraging LCIF funds • Creating a world brand and reputation for Lions and their youth work • Enhancing Lions membership by attracting individuals committed to youth involvement (New: Lions Quest Clubs!)

  20. Lions Quest in India • Run by the Lions Quest in India Foundation • Council of Governors of each MD appoints one trustee to represent that MD at the Foundation • Foundation appointed a steering committee to make changes to the program to suit local culture, language and education system

  21. LQIF Role • Foundation runs teacher training workshops, makes presentations to Lions, coordinates with government and local NGOs • Monitors the program countrywide • Promotes the program with Lions and education officials • Manages Core 4 grants • Runs administration of the program: selling materials, organizing workshops, paying trainers

  22. What are my first steps? • Write down one way to find out more information • Write down one person you will contact when you return home • Write how you will present LQ to your club • Write one idea you have to involve other Lions

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