explosive blast simulators n.
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  1. EXPLOSIVE BLAST SIMULATORS • Safe to Use Not a pyrotechnic • Realistic Performance 130 dB Blasts • Cost Effective 10 cents per shot • Easy to Use Sets up in seconds • Easy to Maintain No Explosive Storage Requirements • Adapts to Changing Training Requirements Reprogrammable in the Field Safely Simulate IEDs, Roadside Bombs, Artillery and Other Ordnance

  2. EXPLOSIVE BLAST SIMULATORS The X-02 and X-03 are both highly portable, wireless remote control operated propane/oxygen cannons using field programmable logic circuitry to safely produce explosive effects ranging from a single 100dB “dull thud” to rapidly repeated explosive sharp jarring “cracks” of 130dB or more. Both immediate and extended visual smoke signatures are available.

  3. Safe to Use • Eliminates Hazards of Class 1 Explosives • No Fragmentation Hazards • No Explosive Distance Requirement • No Misfires or Wait Times • Will not Damage Nearby Windows, Structures, etc. (Video of X-02 with stretched newsprint 6 feet above and 2 feet behind Simulator)

  4. Patented Use of Sensors and Triggers • US Patent 6,599,127 • Sensors and Triggers can Replicate Real World Threats as they Emerge. • Provides the most Realistic and Objective Training Scenarios EOD Training Scenario Booby Trap Scenario Roadside IED Scenario

  5. Command Detonation • Detonation and Arming on Command Provides Instructors Complete Control • Instructors may also Remotely Detonate and Disarm even when using Automatic Triggers and Sensors • Can Send and Receive Data, Status and Commands via RS232 and RS485 Protocols. Artillery Simulation Scenario Security Checkpoint Scenario

  6. Cost Effective • Uses readily available Oxygen and Propane at an average cost of only 10 cents per shot • Gas cylinders provide over 150 shots before refilling • Requires no Environmental Impact Studies • Reduces Hazardous Materials Paperwork • Eliminates Storage and Control costs of Pyrotechnics. • A Single Explosive Blast Simulator can monitor multiple Training Devices and Sensors • Reprogrammable at any time in the field if Training or Safety Requirements change

  7. Easy to Maintain and Operate • Set up/shut down in seconds: Open cylinder valves, switch to LIVE. Close valves, switch to OFF • Can fire 150 shots up to several times a minute without refilling gas cylinders • No empty canisters or trash to clean up • No special maintenance or storage requirements • Eliminates security issues required for pyrotechnics • 12 Volt rechargeable battery power supply • An operator can be fully trained in just minutes

  8. Options and Accessories • Smoke Signatures- 20 foot high Column of Fullers Earth immediately dispersed upon Report as well as Electrically Ignited Smoke Candles producing 40,000 cu ft of Smoke for 3 Minutes. • Accessories Available- Custom Camouflage Finish, custom color Sunbrella® material cover for Protection and Concealment plus custom Sensors and Trigger Control Units for effectively simulating Real World Threats, i.e. Trip Wires, Pressure Pads, Magnetometer Triggers, Motion Detectors, Anti-Lift Devices, etc. • All units are proudly made in the USA from top quality materials and components; Austenitic Stainless Steels, Marine Grade and Anodized Aluminum Alloys, Heat Shrink Adhesive Lined Sealed Electrical Connectors and come with an Absolute One Year Warranty.