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  1. MEMBERSHIP Recruitment

  2. WHO? • Consulting design engineers • Design build and architectural professionals • Manufacturers • Environmental health professionals • Indoor air quality professionals • Energy professionals • Food technologists • Construction management • Students • Contractors • Instructors/professors/university physical plant staff • Building owners, operators and developers

  3. WHY? • Networking with the industry’s leaders • Access to publications • Support the industry that provides their livelihood • To receive the ASHRAE Journal and Handbook • Access to the latest in technological advancements • Continuing education credits – PDHs and CEUs • Member benefits

  4. CHAPTER COMPOSITION • It is important the chapter has a balanced membership of industry representation • An imbalanced chapter can lead to apathy amongst underrepresented groups • Determine where you need to recruit more members and set goals to grow that area – anyone recruiting for the chapter should focus on this goal • Recruiters should have an enthusiastic/positive testimonial about why they are members, and be prepared to share that with recruits on a whim

  5. RECRUITMENT TOOLS • Tailor chapter programs (meet with CTTC early to help identify these needs) to meet the needs of your target audience • Have BOG members from your target audience and even chapter officers/chairs when possible • Encourage joint meetings with target audiences (e.g. USGBC, AIA, ASME) • Promote company support of membership - every chance you get! • Reward companies who support their employees’ participation (e.g. a slide on your PPT, your newsletter, a special reception) • Schedule two membership promotion nights and get them on the chapter calendar (slide 9) • Have your toolkit (slides 7-8)

  6. REMEMBER WHAT MOTIVATES • Money – it truly does talk. How does ASHRAE membership help people make more money? • Jobs – how does ASHRAE membership help people keep or get a job? • Technical resources – how does ASHRAE bring technology to their members? • Education – how does ASHRAE help members build their knowledge platform? • Networking – how does ASHRAE help members build their professional network? • Fun – though not top on anyone’s list, how does ASHRAE make being a part of the industry fun? • Recognition – members want to be recognized for their presence, their volunteer efforts and their commitment to the industry – it’s so easy to provide this in ASHRAE, and it goes such a long way These are all questions anyone recruiting should be able to answer!

  7. YOUR TOOLKIT Tangible toolkit items: • Always have your display of membership materials and even a computer for helping people join – you need to be sure you know how to join online…or at least the person who is helping people • Buy member pins and pin your new members quickly • Create a chapter incentive for your current members who recruit a new member (gift card to Starbuck’s, ASHRAE logo item) • Don’t forget about needed chapter supplies

  8. YOUR TOOLKIT Intangible toolkit items (the most important): • Be prepared to promote membership at every meeting • Be prepared to sell membership to employers – usually people want to join, but finances are an issue…they need support • Don’t be the chapter where members only speak to their friends! Be prepared with a welcoming smile, a handshake and recognize your new members and visitors - if people aren’t comfortable, they won’t come back!

  9. MEMBERSHIP PROMOTION NIGHT • Hold the first membership promotion night no later than November • Offer an incentive for new members • Offer recognition for existing members • Offer recognition for companies who support membership • Have your toolkit • Show Sustaining Momentum video and PPT available online • Recognize guests and have a recruitment goal prepared • Deliver informal awards for members who have done something special, accomplished something • Follow up within two days with all visitors and those who join for the first time

  10. SPECIAL MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMS • ASHRAE offers a special dues rate for members residing in countries with developing economies per the World Bank List of Economies • Former members who want to reinstate their membership to retain their original election date – all requests should go to • Former members who wish to rejoin and use the same member number, but who are not concerned with original election date, should log on and click Join ASHRAE • Student membership is pivotal in building the future of the industry, Society and your local chapter – most chapters support student membership at some level and it is a best practice

  11. YEA Institute • Any Affiliate, Associate or Member age 35 and younger • Provides educational and leadership opportunities specifically for ASHRAE’s young professional members • YEA has a wealth of resources including: • Member spotlights • Mentoring programs • Recommended chapter programs • Facebook presence with regular updates • Society conference events • Leadership weekend • LeadershipU • New Faces of Engineering for ASHRAE (an EWeek Activity)

  12. THEY JOINED…WHAT’S NEXT? • If they apply online, they should indicate your chapter as their preferred chapter – if they don’t , our system is set to default by postal code (US and Canada and some international countries) or in some cases by country to your chapter • MP chairs should always check their master roster and follow up on any new members not appearing on the roster • Applications for Member grade and current members who wish to advance, can only do so by updating their member bio with relevant education, work experience and licenses • There is a slight delay in processing full Member applications because they must be reviewed – information about the reviewprocess is available online • New members receive a new member newsletter from the Society president via email • New members receive a new member packet with membership card and certificate in no more than six weeks

  13. Q&A • What questions do you have about membership recruitment? GROUP DISCUSSION