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FUTURE FORMS. Miguel Pérez Pacho Antonio Plaza Castro. USES OF WILL. To talk about a future action or event at the point of decission : To make predictions about the future : To make promises :. I will come to the cinema with you tonight , I think .

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  1. FUTURE FORMS Miguel Pérez Pacho Antonio Plaza Castro

  2. USES OF WILL • To talk about a futureactionoreventat thepointofdecission: • Tomakepredictionsaboutthefuture: • Tomakepromises: I will come tothe cinema withyoutonight, I think. Youwillmeet a tall, darkstranger. I’llbuyyou a carforyourbithday. I’llbethereforyou.

  3. USES OF GOING TO • Totalkaboutintentions: • Futureeventsand actionsbasedonpresentevidence: What are youplaningto do thissummer? ¨We’regoingtovisitourfriends in New Zealand¨ ¨Theyhaveanadvantage of threegoals, they’regoingtowinthe match forsure¨

  4. USES OF PRESENT CONTINUOUS • To talk aboutplansandarrangementsforthefuture A time referenceoftenmakesthefuturemeaningclear. (tonight, tomorrowmorning) Whatareyoudoingtonight? We’remeetingearlytomorrowmorning.

  5. USES OF PRESENTSIMPLE • Timetables and schedules • Withfuturereferencesin subordinateclausesaftertime conjunctionssuch as when, until, as soon as… ¨Theplaneleaves at 6.30 tomorrowmorning ¨We’llreplywhenwehearfromyou¨

  6. USES OF BE + INFINITIVE • Be + infinitiveis formal. • Itisused in rules orinstructions. Itparticularycommon in newsreports. Staff arenottousecompanytelephonesfo personal calls. The Prime MinisteristovisitSouth America nextmonth. Itisusedto talk aboutofficialplans.

  7. USES OF FUTURE CONTINUOUS • Focusesonanactionor in progress at a specific time time in thefuture ¨This time nextweek, I’ll be enjoyingmy holidays in New York¨

  8. USES OF FUTURE PERFECT • It looks forwardto a future time andthen looks back from a point. By theendofnextyealwe ‘llhavefinishedthe film.

  9. USES OF FUTURE IN THE PASTWas/weregoingto/would+verb • To look back to a past time and talkaboutthefutureas itwas at a past time Bythe time I leftschool, I knewI wasgoingto/ wouldbecome a doctor Past time Future

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