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Underbalance Drilling

Underbalance Drilling. Rotating Heads & Rotating BOP’s. Rotating Heads Rotating BOP’s. Used to divert the return flow stream down the blooey line, flow line or to the choke manifold. Rotating Drilling Heads. Two types of systems; hydraulic active (RBOP) and mechanical sealing (RH)

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Underbalance Drilling

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  1. Underbalance Drilling Rotating Heads & Rotating BOP’s

  2. RotatingHeadsRotating BOP’s • Used to divert the return flow stream down the blooey line, flow line or to the choke manifold.

  3. Rotating Drilling Heads • Two types of systems; hydraulic active (RBOP) and mechanical sealing (RH) • Both are used successfully in air and underbalanced wells

  4. Rotating HeadMechanical Sealing Type Gas and Air Drilling

  5. Rotating Head Mechanical Sealing Mechanism Drilling Fluid Description

  6. Rotating BOPHydraulic ActiveRBOPTM Kelly Packer

  7. Closing Unit

  8. Manufacturers • Williams • Smith Grant • Shaffer RSBOP (Varco) • Northland Inter-Tech • RBOP • TESCO1 • Alpine - Technicorp • Lynn International • Others

  9. Mechanical Seal Rotating Heads • Pressure Ranges • Low 300psi • Medium 700psi • High 1500psi • Very High 3000psi • Static pressure ranges are twice as high

  10. Mechanical Sealing Rotating Heads • Kelly Bushing • Drive Bushing • Swing Bolt Clamp • Stripper Rubber Grant - Smith

  11. Conventional Rotating HeadWilliams Model 9000 Kelly Driver 500 psi rotating Bearing Assembly 1000 psi static Up to 200 rpm Stripper Rubber Geothermal model - two stripper rubbers Bowl Drilling Fluid Description

  12. Negative Impact to Stripper Rubber Elements The purpose of the stripper rubber is to provide a seal around the kelly as it rotates and to seal around the drill pipe while tripping in or out of the hole.

  13. Stripper Rubber Composition • Natural- Air, Mist, Foam, Gas • Polyurethane- Oil Based below 140 F • Nitrile - Oil Based above 140 F • Butyl - Geothermal and H2S

  14. Negative Impact to Stripper Rubber Elements Kelly condition is critical. • Surface condition- check wear pattern on corners • Bent Kelly’s

  15. Alignment • Rig to Stack Alignment is critical • Check Daily • Suspect to excessive element usage

  16. Other Negative Impacts • Drill pipe identification grooves • Pitting and abrasion on drill pipe • Tong and slip die damage • Some hardbanding • Mills and bits

  17. Other Negative Impacts • Extreme cold • Extreme heat • Age • Sun light

  18. Low Pressure Rotating Head Gas and Air Drilling

  19. Medium Pressure RDH • Pressureto 700 psi • Single or Dual Element • Lower Mounting Spools from 7 1/16” 2000 psi to 13 5/8”- 5000 psi. • Outlet Flanges are 7 1/16”-2000/3000 psi Grant - Smith

  20. WATER COOLED SEALS Maximize the operating life of the bearing assembly. POSITIVE OIL LUBRICATION provides continuous flushing to keep debris out of te bearings and seals and maintains lubrication up to 2300 psi. HYDRAULIC OPERATED CLAMP Provides a continuous closing force to compensate for operating stress. Williams model 7000 is also designed to handle today’s most demanding underbalanced drilling requirements. It is available in explosion proof and offshore models and comes with a side outlet flange. This unit is also equipped with a captive space vent for purging the system in sour gas applications. DUAL ROTATING STRIPPER RUBBERS Are designed to automatically seal tighter as pressures increase. The bottom rubber wears first, leaving the top rubber in newer condition for added safety. High Pressure MODEL 7000 For use on rigs with top drives or Kellys CALL FOR SIZES AVAILABLE


  22. Rotating Head Schematics Single Element Dual Element

  23. Main Components • Hydraulic Oiler Lubricator/ And cooling System • Heavy Duty Rotating Drilling Head

  24. Bearing Assembly • Contains large heavy duty tapered roller bearings • Bearing Chamber sealed with low pressure seals against atmospheric pressure • Separate high pressure seal assembly to contain wellbore pressure

  25. Drive Assembly andStripper Rubber • Elastomers available for oil, gas or geothermal drilling • Available in single or dual element systems • Combination one piece drive assembly and stripper rubber

  26. • Available to fit all Kelly sizes and • shapes • Designed with vertical bolts or • snap ring • Supplied with each complete • rotating control head • Steel or poly inserts available • Available for all models KELLY DRIVERS

  27. MODEL 8000/9000 STRIPPER RUBBERS • • Standard • Heavy duty • Oil resistant Stripper rubber usage is determined by the operating pressures, Kelly and drill pipe conditions and stack alignment.

  28. (1) (2) MODEL 9200 GEOTHERMALSTRIPPER RUBBERS • • Drill collar (1) • Drill pipe (2) Stripper rubber usage is determined by the operating pressures, Kelly and drill pipe conditions and stack alignment.

  29. Model 7100 Stripper Rubbers • Heavy duty Model 7000 Stripper Rubbers • Heavy duty • Oil resistant 7000 SERIES STRIPPER RUBBERS Stripper rubber usage is determined by the operating pressures, Kelly and drill pipe conditions and stack alignment.

  30. • Used to strip casing in the well • Seals tight against bowl gasket using quick-lock clamp • Assures diversion of mud and gas through the flowline outlet • Available for any size casing up to 13 3/8" • Assures safety of rig personnel CASING STRIPPER RUBBERS Available for all models

  31. • Makes logging faster and easier • Seals tight against bowl gasket using quick lock clamp • Features 7" - 9 5/8" rounded threaded collar to receive logging lubricator LOGGING ADAPTER Available for all models

  32. • Constructed of casing and flanges • • For models 8000 and 9000 series only • • Permits height to be changed to desired length • Used under rotating head to raise flowline • outlet to proper height SPACER SPOOLS Available in all sizes Specify flange series and height when ordering TO ONLY BE USED ABOVE ANNULAR BOP

  33. FLOWLINE FLANGES • Used to connect flowline to Rotating Head • 7 1/16" - 3000 - w / swages from 6" - 12" • 11" - 3000 - w / swages from 6" - 12" Available for all models

  34. • Holds dual split or single • pipe wiper rubbers • Keeps drill pipe clean • • Keeps drilling mud in the hole • • Saves mud and clean up time • • Rubber can be installed or removed • at any time • • Welds to all sizes of drilling nipples PIPE WIPER HOLDER Available for all models

  35. • Operates from the rig’s air supply • Supplies constant flow of filtered oil to bearings and seals • Insures long life of bearings and seals • Supplied with each complete rotating control head • Available for models 8000, 9000 and 9200 only OILER - LUBRICATOR

  36. • Used to trip without bearing assembly • Seals tight against bowl gasket using quick-lock clamp • Helps contain drilling mud while tripping • Can be extended or cut to desired length DRILLING NIPPLE Available for all models

  37. • Used to nipple-up the snubbing unit • • Permits snubbing without removal of • the rotating control head bowl • • Used for models 7000,7100 and IP1000 • 7 1/16” flange connection SNUBBING ADAPTER

  38. Used to test the drill stack TEST PLUG Available for all models

  39. RBOP - Oil Tools International • Developed by SealTech, Oryx Energy, Clayton Williams and Exxon • Designed for use in High GOR wells, Wells With H2S and High Pressure Wells. Drilling Fluid Description

  40. Wellhead Pressure Control • Active pressure unit • Multiple pressure settings • Simple quick packer change • 2000 psi static pressure • 11” ID capabilities

  41. RBOP Schematic

  42. Wellhead Pressure Control Quick-Change Packer Assembly Kelly Drive Assembly Inner Packer Outer Packer Bearing Hydraulic Fluid Inlet Surge Bottle Seal Outlet Flange Bottom Flange

  43. Wellhead Pressure Control • Simple quick packer change • Redundant element sealing • 11” ID capabilities

  44. Multiple pressure settings • Rig floor operation

  45. RBOP Closing Unit

  46. Shaffer Rotating Blow-Out Preventer • 2,500 psi rotating - 5,000 psi static

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