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“The smart way to do the right thing.” PowerPoint Presentation
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“The smart way to do the right thing.”

“The smart way to do the right thing.”

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“The smart way to do the right thing.”

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  1. Heading Home “The smart way to do the right thing.”

  2. 2007 – Community Response to Homelessness Plan 2008 – CABQ Consolidated Plan 2010 – Implementation Plan Timeline Heading Home

  3. 2007 Heading Home • 5 Community Focus Groups • with input from: • Neighborhood associations • Police officers • Business leaders • Elected officials • Case managers • Transit Department • Housing developers • National Coalition for the Mentally Ill • Legal Aid • NMMFA • Social Security Administration • Veteran’s Administration • Department of Vocational • Rehabilitation • CABQ Dept. of Community and Family Services A Community Response to Homelessness in Albuquerque 2007-2011

  4. Areas Critical for Effective Response: • Affordable Housing • Prevention • Services • Income • Community & Political Will A Community Response toHomelessness in Albuquerque Heading Home

  5. “A Community Response to Homelessness” is incorporated into Albuquerque’s “FIVE YEAR CONSOLIDATED PLAN and WORKFORCE HOUSING PLAN JANUARY 1, 2008 – DECEMBER 30, 2012” 2008 . . . 2009 . . . Heading Home We know the answer to homelessness is • making sure that everyone has a home. But… • What does it look like? • How do we do that?

  6. A group of Albuquerque leaders convene: • Doug ChaplinCommunity Development Division Manager, CABQ Family & Community Services • Lisa HuvalPolicy & Advocacy Director, New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness • Heidi JordanProgram Specialist, CABQ Family & Community Services • Mona KoernerConsultant, New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness • Jennifer MetzlerExecutive Director, Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless • Dennis R. PlummerExecutive Director, Metropolitan Homelessness Project • Rick RennieHistoric District Improvement Company, Asset Manager, Downtown Action Team, Chair-Elect • Mike RobertsonBehavioral Health Division Manager, CABQ Family & Community Services 2009 Heading Home

  7. “A Community Response to Homelessness in Albuquerque” Action Plan for Implementation June 2010 It sets an ambitious goal: End or prevent homelessness for 6,866 households (42% of the 16,219 households most vulnerable to homelessness) 2010 Heading Home First-ever national strategic plan to end homelessness is released. It echoes the Action Plan for Implementation. Synergy builds! It sets 4 goals: • End chronic homelessness in 5 years • Prevent and end homelessness among veterans in 5 years • Prevent and end homelessness for families, youth and children in 10 years • Set a path to ending all types of homelessnesss

  8. August, 11— Core Vision Team met with Mayor Richard Berry Two Actions Were Decided: 1. Cost-effectiveness study of Albuquerque’s Housing First program 2010 Heading Home • Coordinate a more effective initiative that addresses homelessness and • results in systemic changes

  9. ACTION Heading Home • OUR GOAL • To establish new partnerships which assure a sustainable system of housing, services and prevention of homelessness. • SUCCESS WILL BE MEASURED BY: • Housing 75 of Albuquerque’s most vulnerable • Helping those households maintain their housing • Cost effectiveness of helping persons obtain housing, as demonstrated • by Albuquerque Housing First Study (UNM Institute for Social Research)

  10. Data Management Team Mapping Team Household Donor Team Mentor Team Housing Team Logistics Team Supportive Services Team Media Team Coordinated efforts Vision Team Heading Home Goal: To implement “Community Response to Homelessness” recommendations that will to reduce the number of households in Albuquerque experiencing homelessness by 42% in five years, through a community-wide, publicly and privately supported initiative with sustainable funding.

  11. Data Management Team Housing Team Mentor Team Mayor’s leadership team Heading Home The Mayor’s Leadership Team will be key in providing a public face of support and orchestrating requests. Supportive Services Team Media Team Logistics Team Vision Team Mapping Team Household Donor Team

  12. Builds on success Heading Home • We know it works. • Albuquerque’s Housing First Study will show: • Positive cost savings specific to • Albuquerque. • The initiative’s beginning will show: • Visible positive impact in the downtown corridor. • Both will gain: • Public and private support • for continuing… “The smart way to do the right thing.”

  13. Heading Home “The smart way to do the right thing.” Registry Week:Jan. 30 – Feb. 4, 2011

  14. Registry week… Heading Home Jan. 30 – Feb. 4 Public Announcement Mayor Richard Berry supported by Leadership Team • This week targets: • Downtown 4th street corridor • Persons experiencing chronic homelessness • Persons at highest risk of death We will: Demonstrate that a targeted approach works to end homelessness…even for those who have been homeless a long time. We will do this by: Helping 100 of the most vulnerable homeless people who spend time in the downtown area obtain housing. Helping them keep that housing.

  15. Team structure Heading Home • INVITED MEMBERS: • Mayor Richard Berry • Robin Dozier Otten • Norman Becker • Mark Goodman • Jim Hinton • LaDonna Hopkins • Paul Hopkins • Daniel Kuperschmidt • Sherman McCorkle • Diane Ogawa • Jennifer Ramo • Ed Rivera • Tom Swisstack MAYOR’S LEADERSHIP TEAM Government and non-profits cannot do this alone. We need partnerships among these and the private sector to accomplish this paradigm shift. The Leadership Team will help to make this happen. • Purpose • To assure at a high level that this initiative is successful and sustainable. • To give the public face of support to the initiative and to coordinate resources.”

  16. Albuquerque selected as first national training site Red Cross New Mexico has agreed to provide trained volunteers IATSE (film union) has agreed to coordinate logistics of registry week Corporate Volunteer Council may help recruit 1,000 volunteers DWTurner, Christopher Productions and Studio Hill have agreed to assist with media MILESTONES Heading Home