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Doing your Bronze DofE PowerPoint Presentation
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Doing your Bronze DofE

Doing your Bronze DofE

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Doing your Bronze DofE

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  1. Doing your Bronze DofE • Takes time and commitment. • Involves you in a lot of activities outside of classroom time. • Improves your fitness. • Helps you learn new skills. • Helps others in the community. • Will cost money. • Gains a widely recognised award.

  2. While doing your Bronze DofE you will become involved in different activities: • Volunteering • Learning a Skill • Taking part in a Physical Activity • Training in navigation and camp craft • Undertaking overnight expeditions

  3. You will take personal responsibility for arranging the following activities

  4. To prepare you for your practice expedition in May you will undertake navigation and camp craft training • This will take place after school on one night each week from January to May. • Each session will last 1½ hours.

  5. Your Qualifying Expedition will take place in October 2014 • You will go on an unsupervised, one night expedition with your team. • An assessor will check on your progress at various points on the expedition. • You will also carry out an expedition project. • After completion your team will make a presentation on all that you have done to complete your Bronze DofE Award.

  6. Your eDofE Account • You will record your activities progress online on eDofE. • You will be trained in how to do this. • You will also arrange for your Volunteering, Physical and Skills activities to be assessed and your Assessors’ Reports will be entered in your eDofE account.

  7. Before we enrol you to do your Bronze DofE with Hyndland Secondary, we would like you to understand the level of your commitment by arranging your Volunteering Physical and Skills activities.The planning form that you take away today should be completed and returned with your enrolment form by a time to be announced.

  8. A message to Parents and Carers We hope that this presentation will give you an idea of the commitment that your sons and daughters will be making, over and above their school work and other activities, when they undertake the Bronze DofE Award. Staff in Hyndland Secondary offer substantial training and support to help participants through their Bronze DofE Award, however participants must also assume personal responsibility by attending training, undertaking and keeping a log of activities and obtaining Assessor’s Reports. We would urge you to log on to for a full overview of what is involved in the Bronze DofE Award, in order to have an informed discussion with your son or daughter before they enrol.

  9. Carrying out a DofE Award Costs Money We would like you to be aware of the costs involved when your son or daughter undertakes their Bronze DofE Award with Hyndland Secondary. Once calculations of costs are completed. The cost to you will be based on the final overall cost divided by the number of pupils taking part. Therefore, when your son or daughter enrols, you are also being asked to honour your commitment to pay for their participation. You can expect the cost at Bronze level to beapproximately £200.00 plus the cost of purchasing personal kit, food etc. for expeditions. Hyndland Secondary subsidises the administrative and staffing costs incurred in running the DofE programme and negotiates the best price with outdoor providers.