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LBNE Working Group Meeting

LBNE Working Group Meeting. June 27, 2012 3:30– 4:30 PM (CT) Snake Pit. Agenda. Project Report [Jim Strait/Elaine McCluskey ] LBNE Reconfiguration Results of Tuesday’s meeting with DOE Discussion on planning Director’s CD-1 Review [Dean Hoffer] Next Meeting [Dean Hoffer].

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LBNE Working Group Meeting

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  1. LBNE Working Group Meeting June 27, 2012 3:30– 4:30 PM (CT) Snake Pit

  2. Agenda • Project Report [Jim Strait/Elaine McCluskey] • LBNE Reconfiguration • Results of Tuesday’s meeting with DOE • Discussion on planning Director’s CD-1 Review [Dean Hoffer] • Next Meeting [Dean Hoffer] 27-Jun-2012 LBNE WGM

  3. Director’s CD-1 Review Preps • Tentative Schedule: Week of September 17 • Confirming Key Management Availability • Scope Focus: • Cost/Schedule/Management (this includes ES&H and Quality) • Follow-up to implementation of Applicable Recommendations from Director’s Review in March • Duration – estimate at 2 – 2 ½ (need agenda to finalize) • Charge – started working on • Agenda – work on draft after Charge is drafted 27-Jun-2012 LBNE WGM

  4. Director’s CD-1 Review Preps (continued) • Will be 4 Breakout Sessions • Beamline • Detector • Civil Facilities • Project Management • Reserve Meeting Rooms • Most Rooms Available • May need to move MINOS Collaboration Meeting out of One West on 20-Sept • Establish Review Committee Team • Start drafting list and request participation after Charge is finalized with draft agenda 27-Jun-2012 LBNE WGM

  5. Director’s CD-1 Review Preps (continued) • OPMO Review Website – Will create when finalize review date • LBNE Review Website • LBNE to have review documents posted by the end of day on Monday, 3-Sept. (Labor Day) • This includes all the CD-1 related documents (i.e. PEP, PMP, Schedules, BOEs, MOU, links to internal design reviews, etc.) • Drafts of all Plenary and Breakout talks are to be posted by that Monday also • Additions/Updates to the documents/talks can be made after that Monday, but need to indicated on webpage of the change and the date of that change 27-Jun-2012 LBNE WGM

  6. DOE CD-1 Review • DOE CD-1 Review consistent of two reviews in one. • Independent Project Review (IPR) • Performed by Office of Project Assessment (OPA) • Independent Cost Review (ICR) • Performed by Office of Engineering and Construction Management (OECM) • Schedule October 30 • Duration - 3 or 4 Day Review • Review Documentation would need to be posted by the end of day Monday, October 15 (this includes presentations for plenary and breakouts – can be draft). 3 ½ weeks after end of Director’s Review 27-Jun-2012 LBNE WGM

  7. DOE CD-1 Review (continued) • Rooms – Current conflict with 3 rooms because of Project X Collaboration Meeting (have call into Steve Holmes to discuss) • Working with Steve Meador from OPA on review details • Potential call early next week (w/ Steve Meador and Mike Procario) 27-Jun-2012 LBNE WGM

  8. Independent Cost Review • OECM Reviewers are part of the OPA Review Team (usually part of Cost and Schedule Subcommittee) • Some documentation requested earlier than then required posting date (Based on Mu2e Review) • WBS and Dictionary • Cost Book • Lifecycle Costs • Alternative Analysis • OECM gave us a Typical ICR Checklist (document link out on WGM webpage) • OECM Reviewers gave to project areas of WBS that they would concentrate on during review (about 2 weeks ahead of review) 27-Jun-2012 LBNE WGM

  9. Next Meeting • Ongoing every two weeks • Next Meeting will be on Tuesday 17-July from 3:00 – 4:00 PM (CT) and then every two weeks after until review 27-Jun-2012 LBNE WGM

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