network model management system n.
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Network Model Management System PowerPoint Presentation
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Network Model Management System

Network Model Management System

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Network Model Management System

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  1. Network Model Management System

  2. NMMS Conceptual flow diagram

  3. Data Submittal Process 1.Reports will be available to list all pending submittals. 2. Updates and confirmation for in-service dates, will be requested weekly. 3. Status of submittals will be available to ERCOT and submitters. 4. Submitters may query and sort their projects to facilitate close coordination with ERCOT on pending projects. 5. Submitters, Operations Model Coordinator, and Planning Model Coordinator will be reminded of upcoming Planning projects that may need to be converted to Operations projects. 6. Data submittal forms and conventions controlled by Portal software. 7. Approved Project “in-service” date schedules published weekly.

  4. Project Build and Test Process • Check Project for completeness. Request additional data when needed. • Perform accuracy checks on submittal. • Post the accepted Project. • Add changed contingency files and one-line display changes. • Place Test Model and Project on Test System. Check for sequence dependencies, performs LF, base LMP calculations, CA, and fidelity checks. • Project is approved for energization on date as submitted and moved to Model Database as ‘pending” Project.

  5. Incremental UpdateProject

  6. Model Database Network Operations Model and Projects Planning Models and Projects CRR Models

  7. Update Network Operations Model Process

  8. Build Day-ahead Model Process Network Operations Model plus Day-ahead projects plus Day-ahead outages

  9. Internal Data Editor and Comparison Tool Provides capability to make large scale changes in the database. (owner name change) Routine comparison of model in Production Database and model in Model Database

  10. Application Software Data Process • Provides real-time data for applications running on the production system.

  11. Timeline Database Process • Build Base Model up to start date • 2. Attach increments from start date to end date • 3. Attach description of projects and scheduled date for each • 4. Post to MIS for Market Participants

  12. Study Case Builder Process Selects “today's” model and adds projects up to the desired date. A description will be added to indicate which Projects were added. Include revised one-line displays and contingency files.

  13. CRR Auction Case Builder Process 1. Define Time Period 2. Start with Network Operations Model 3. Add Operations approved Projects available for the defined time period. 4. Add planning Projects for the defined period. 5. Add outages for the defined period.

  14. Planning Case Builder Process • Start with Current Operations Model • Add Operations approved Projects for the defined time frame. • Add Planning Projects as required for defined time frame.

  15. NMMS Conceptual flow diagram

  16. Questions ?