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  1. Heroin By Josh Meyer

  2. What is heroin!?!?!?! • Heroin is a highly addictive and rapidly acting opiate (a drug that is derived from opium.) Heroin is produced from morphine, which is a principal component of opium. Basically heroin is one of the many bad drugs of opium. Just like a lot of other drugs, this is a very addicting drug, which means that if you take it once, that will most likely not be your only time. Heroin is a very terrible drug that can cause death, heart attacks, and “closing of lungs.” Heroin is just like any other drug, DON’T TAKE IT!!!

  3. How is heroin abused? • Heroin is injected, snorted, and smoked. Many new, younger users begin by snorting or smoking heroin because they wish to avoid the social stigma attached to injection drug use. These users often mistakenly believe that snorting or smoking heroin will not lead to addiction.

  4. How is heroin abused? (continued) • Users who snort or smoke heroin at times graduate to injection because as their bodies become conditioned to the drug, the effects it produces are less intense. They then turn to injection--a more efficient means of administering the drug, to try to attain the more intense effects they experienced when they began using the drug.

  5. What are nicknames of heroin? • Big H • Capital H • Horse • Good H • Mexican horse • Train • Thunder • Popping So if anybody ever asks you, “you want to hang out with Big H.” Make sure that you know what he is talking about first, ok?

  6. What does heroin look like? Don’t Mistake it as Dirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Can heroin be helpful? • When injected, users describe a rush of euphoria and inner peace. As a powerful analgesic, heroin removes all feelings of pain, anxiety, cold and discomfort. These feelings can be achieved using any method of ingestion, but only intravenous injection can produce the immediate rush. These effects of heroin are achieved, even at fairly high levels, without impairing cognitive or motor activity.

  8. Heroin is mostly used at the age of… • Heroin is used as early as the age of 12 because of peer pressure and “thinking that they are cool.” • Heroin is most commonly used at the age of 14-15, their first year of high school, which is because all the freshman want to fit in and be cool, so they take drugs. That is for a lot of things, some good some bad. Drugs are never a good thing to take, don’t start cause if you do, you wont be able to stop.

  9. What is the worst thing you can do with heroin? The worst thing you can do with heroin (or any kind of drug) is take an overdose of that drug. If you are sick, take the amount you need, DO NOT double it because you think it will help you heal faster, it will just make it worse. That is the absolute worse thing that you can do.

  10. What does a person on heroin look like? • This is not the girl from twilight, she is a girl on heroin.

  11. Thank You!!! • Thank you to the website of and • hhtp:// • Thank you for helping me with this project!! Yay!! (I did not copy and paste, I put it into my own words)