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  1. Monitoring and Evaluation of HIV/AIDS WPP:Situation, challenges and next stepsA contribution to the Blueprint for Business Action on HIV/AIDSErick Maville, GBC Downloadedfrom

  2. What is Monitoring, What is Evaluation? Why is M&E important? Current companies’ practices in M&E Main challenges Next steps GBC/GTZ Workshop on M&E, Frankfurt, Sept. 20, 2005

  3. What is Monitoring ?What is Evaluation ? Monitoring: routine, regular assessment of ongoing activities and progress. Involves counting the input and routinely looking at the process and the output (quality of services delivery). Evaluation: episodic assessment of overall achievements and the extent to which they can be attributed to specific interventions. Involves measuring the outcomes and impact of a program over time in order to investigate its effectiveness.

  4. What is Monitoring ?What is Evaluation ? National AIDS Councils: monitoring and evaluation operations manual, UNAIDS, World Bank, 2002

  5. Why is M&E important? • M&E: a crucial component to integrate at the beginning • of any program • Providing early evidence of program effectiveness • 2) Ensuring that interventions are effective or need to be orientated • 3) Communicating with those who are involved: employees and stakeholders (donors, partners, customers, etc.)

  6. Key findings of the Frankfurt workshop The roadmap used by multinational companies (UNILEVER, LAFARGE, CFAO…) as a monitoring tool • Providing a user friendly methodology for WPP implementation in a diversity of environments and locations • Presenting for each component of a WPP a brief description of implementation status (traffic light presentation) • Measuring inputs and key ouputs • But : • It is not an evaluation tool • No providing outcomes and impact indicators

  7. Main challenges 1) Establishing a “comprehensive M&E system” for WPP (still not systematic) 2) Harmonizing M&E methods between companies 3) Developing outcomes and Impact indicators 4) Providing benchmark data to compare corporate performances on HIV/Aids 5) Encouraging reporting practices on HIV/AIDS by companies

  8. Upcoming > By March 2006, development of a “user friendly” CD-ROM on M&E (joint project GBC/GTZ) 1) Simplified guidelines to define a M&E workplan 2) Library of existing tools (Roadmap, Checklist assessment, KAP Survey, prevalence survey, etc) 3) Key indicators by component of a WPP 4) Benchmark data (sector-based and country based)

  9. "This Blueprint provides modules for businesses of all sizes with Clear, Crisp and Concise action points on HIV/AIDS programming!" Mr Emmanuel ALHASSAN: Special Advisor, Public-Private Partnerships, National Action Committee on AIDS, Nigeria " I am delighted to be part of the Editorial Board of this guide, which in my opinion will help the private sector in its fight against HIV/AIDS. I think that it will be a "plus" in the practical process of finding solutions to effectively fight against this scourge. It will help harmonize the HIV programs of different size companies of the private sector " Dr Prince-Igor ANY-GRAH: Occupational Health & Private Physician, Côte d'Ivoire Thank you! " This blueprint offers a practical guide on how to set up workplace programs, giving useful hints on the building blocks that would ensure successful response to HIV/AIDS for businesses " Mr George WAINAINA: Program Manager Kenya HIV/AIDS Business Council, Kenya Now we listen to you... " I think the Blueprint for Business Action will assist the companies in Malawi to adopt some of the strategies with ease" Ms Rose KUMWENDA NG'OMA: Program Director, Malawi Business Coalition Against AIDS, Malawi . " A simple tool, prompting for action "  Dr. Henriette MEILO: Dermatologist, DARVIR Douala, Cameroon Dr Christophe Longuet: Medical Manager Africa HIV/AIDS, MSD. Blueprint Coordinator Dr Donald de Korte: Director, HIV Access Programs, MSD. Chair of Editorial Board