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  1. NANO TECHNOLOGY COSMETICS Very small.Very efficient.Pure MoistureNano TechnologyCosmetics.

  2. THE REVOLUTION IN SKIN CARE • Outstanding improvement of skin elasticity of more than 60%, • less wrinkles and lines, • overall tighter and healthier skin (cellulitis) • suitable for all skin types

  3. COMMITMENT Sangui BioTech is totally commited to products that really help and serve people. We believe in reality, not virtuality. Our products must all stand this test: Do our patients and customers get a real benefit? Do our products really offer new aspects and alternatives? If the answer is yes, we proceed. This is true with our wound care medical products, that have opened new horizons in the treatment of chronic wounds, this is true with our revolutionary blood additive project, and this is also true with our cosmetic products. We offer women all over the world a new and proven concept to thoroughly regenerate their skin. We don‘t engage in look-alikes. We engage in innovations.

  4. COMPETENCE Sangui BioTech is researching and developing in the pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic fields. Our portfolio comprises of haemoglobin based products, innovative wound pads, and this series of cosmetic products which are radically new and exclusive. Like anything else we do. The underlying technology is patented. It is the result of deep research by scientific experts who combine their expertise to find solutions of both the dermatological and the physical issues involved. We did not copy any existing concepts, but rather chose to start from scratch with just an open mind. That is why it is so radically different, and that is why it works. And we prove: Whilst a boost of skin elasticity of 20% is considered a huge effort, and 25% may well be the pinnacle so far, we achieved an improvement of more than 60%. After all, this is what really counts.

  5. NANO BEAUTY + HYALURON • Intense skin repair with Hyaluronic Acid • Immediate and lasting effect • Boost for radiant skin

  6. NANO BEAUTY + HYALURON • Hyaluronic Acid has become one of the most sought after agents for moisturizing and unwrinkling of the older skin. As the body ages, its own production of hyaluronic Acid fades, and so does the natural elasticity of the skin. It ages. • Hyaluronic acid applied by Sanguis Nano Beauty plus Hyaluron adds to the skin what is missing, without the need of needles and injections or other harmful ways to penetrate the skin. It just finds its natural way where it is needed. This is the way it should be.

  7. NANO BODY CARE • Nano Technology to boost firmness of skin • Anti-cellulite care with proven results of more than 60% improved skin elasticity (Dermatest, Muenster/Germany)

  8. NANO FACE CARE • An oxygen boost to face, neck and décolleté • Revolutionary anti-aging care • Suitable for delicate skin types • See & feel the difference

  9. NANO FACE PURIFIER • Nano Purifier to thoroughly clean delicate skin of face, neck and décolleté, leaving it soft and moisturized at the same time • Ideal preparation for further treatment

  10. FACE CARE DAY CREAM • Luxury special day care cream to complete the Nano Face Treatment • High quality nutrition for complete regeneration

  11. YOUNG AND OLDER SKIN Microscopic view through the skin of a 21-and a 66-year old Change of the structural and bio-chemistry parameter: • Degeneration of collagen- und elastine fibres, glycoproteins • Degeneration of the microvascular systems • Reduction of density of the capillary density • Reduced capacity of metabolism • Increase of dryness, caused by degradation of glucosaminoglucans

  12. COLLAGEN SYNTHESIS IS DEPENDENT ON SUBSTRATES • The collagen synthesis is governed amongst others by: • amino acids • oxygen • ascorbic acid • Fe 2+-Ions

  13. NO SCALPELS OR INJECTIONSREGENERATION INSTEAD With Pure Moisture Nano cosmetics, we reach naturally were it really counts, at the collagen level. Therefore, no devices such as scapels or hypodermic needles or injections are needed. The skin stays intact, as it should be.

  14. VISIBLE RESULTS • results after 1 week • results after 3 weeks

  15. By RENATE PENTZIEN Renate Pentzien is the driving force behind developing the Pure Moisture brand. She caught on early onto the benefits to her skin by using Pure Moisture products and has been the ambassador for the Pure Moisture brand ever since. She is constantly looking for improvement of our cosmetic series, and so are we.

  16. WATER AND OXYGEN ARE EXISTENTIAL EVERYWHERE... ON PLANET MARS OR WITHIN THE SKIN Water • The human body consists of approx. 80% water. Likewise a live cell consists of 90% water. Oxygen • Without oxygen cells can‘t generate energy • boosts regeneration (collagen- and GAG-synthesis) • activates micro circulation • boosts Angiogenesis • is absorbed by the skin • boosts cell division


  18. CERTIFIED NANO TECHNOLOGY • CAN Nanotechnology Centre, Hamburg/Germany, certifies Pure Moistures liquid nano structures

  19. CAN (CENTRE FOR NANOTECHNOLOGY) • Evaluation and measurement of liquid nano structures in Pure Moisture products

  20. TESTING THE ELASTICITY OF THE SKIN The 61,66 % Improvement Certificate

  21. DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 SanguiBioTech is ISO certified

  22. SAFETY FIRST • SanguiBioTech is totally dedicated to product safety. As a certified manufacturer of cosmetic and medical products, we know that product safety is paramount to everything we do. Therefore, all products are thoroughly tested and checked before released into the market. All ingredients come with data sheets and safety analyses , and only material of the highest standards are used in our products. Sangui BioTech also believes in restriction. Therefore, only what is absolutely necessary will find its way into our products. Less is more. Where possible, preservatives are excluded or used at minimum levels. No animals are tested.

  23. DERMATEST CERTIFIES VERY GOOD QUALITY • Dermatest GmbH Muenster/Germany, certifies Pure Moisture as dermatologically tested – with very good acceptance • no allergic reactions

  24. By RENATE PENTZIEN A revolutionary cosmetic series developed by SanguiBioTech GmbH, Germany

  25. Contact SanguiBioTech GmbH Alfred-Herrhausen Strasse 44 D-58455 Witten/Herdecke Tel. 0049 2302 915 200 Fax: 0049 2302 915 191

  26. NANO TECHNOLOGY COSMETICS Very small.Very efficient.Pure MoistureNano TechnologyCosmetics.