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Nano Coating Technology PowerPoint Presentation
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Nano Coating Technology

Nano Coating Technology

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Nano Coating Technology

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  1. NanoSlic: High performance,  NanoSlic: High performance,  Protective, Hydrophobic and  Protective, Hydrophobic and  Oleophobic Ceramic Nanocoatings Oleophobic Ceramic Nanocoatings

  2. About Us Florida CirTech Florida CirTech is a developer and manufacturer of protective nanocoatings that are both hydrophobic and oleophobic in nature. Florida CirTech is a ISO 9001 certified company which was founded in 1991 by Mike Scimeca with concept of focussing on materials chemistry. high performance

  3. Nano Coating Technology Nano Coating Technology lNanoSlic's  structure  functional  thick  layer  at  the  substrate  interface, above that is a ceramic  layer  that  provides  resistance,  electrical  insulation,  resistance  from  corrosion  and  scratches, and the topmost surface  is  another  nanocoating  which  imparts tough resistance to water,  oil,  chemicals  and  other  harsh  environmental elements.  unique  integrates  layers­  hybrid  three  Nanometer  chemical 

  4. Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Hydrophobic and Oleophobic surfaces repel water and oil away respectively as if it were afraid of them. The combination of both of these properties makes NanoSlic an ideal permanent coating for the protection of a wide variety of Industrial and consumer surfaces.

  5. Applications Applications lHigh nanocoatings are widely used in a wide variety of including industry, protection, automotive protection, stencil agricultural applications. performance applications electronics wheel industrial applications,

  6. Easy To Clean Easy To Clean lNanocoatings  are  easy  to  clean  as  these surfaces do not attract water,  oils,  chemicals,  and  other  liquids.  Reduced  maintenance  means  less  expenditures on maintenance which  can prove costly in the long run.

  7. Reference Reference lFor  more  information  visit  our  website l  And  for  you  any  type  of  queries,  you  can  call  us  at  (970)  346­ 800296­52