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It began in…. PowerPoint Presentation
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It began in….

It began in….

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It began in….

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  1. UsingGoogle Hangout Video MeetingstoSupport Distance Students and Remote WorkEnvironmentsSteve Chambers, Fran Skilton and Anna Wheeler

  2. It began in…. Not Africa but an exotic location far closer to you 2013 Kickstart for the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences when the Anna, Lindy and Penny from the Library presented…

  3. Meet me in the Cloud No harps required Anna Wheeler, Penny Dugmore, Lindy-Ann du Toit Sunset from Mt Ruapehu (2012) by Penny Dugmore

  4. Plan for today Review uses of video conferencing • Fit to eLearning and distance modes (DoNS) • Working uses of videoconferencing (Library) Demo time

  5. eLearning and Distance Natural Sciences

  6. Preamble, what we are doing at DoNS? In 2012 we started to teach distance vet nursing We have experience teaching level 4 Stepping up to the second year of the diploma online has been a challenge… E.g. how do I teach a lab based course that is also heavy in theory. I argued for, and got 16 hours of block course time (instead of 10). This is barely enough to cover lab basics…

  7. The tyranny of distance Learners are remote Support is imperative Short FtF time (block courses) limits effective teaching FtF time devoted to rich activities (labs) and need to foster independent learning of theory at distance Photo Credit: Overcome, 2011, Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic by A. Uzzaman.

  8. Teaching online Demands Access to information Opportunities to interrogate information and discuss meaning (rich/tutor time) Questioning; dynamic real time interaction (often lacking) Challenges Viable systems (free to student) Share documents online, work with others Rich communication

  9. Theory Our future involves migration to technical platforms This graphic from TFE research embodies a view of this future Where are we?

  10. eLearning at distance Video conference Drive to flip classroom Enable online learning 1. Push to video connection 2. Flip on out Source ; Michel Zappa, TFE Research!

  11. Why we used Google Hangouts in DoNS Introduced by library to our faculty meeting Allows document sharing in video Rich communication Available, now, free, low tech Other options exist: • Karen VCS (now available at Unitec and we are trying it) • Skype, blackboard connect Photo Credit: Bowl of clouds, (2008) Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Generic 2.0 by Kevin Dooley. Retrieved from

  12. Features of Google Hangout Pros Video connectup to 10 people Others can watch (for 10+ class) Chat function as well Can record & put the hangout on youtube Cons Baggage from G+ Mobile/iPad doesn't display all windows Needs good bandwidth - wifi didn't work well Less stable than Skype Can't save chat part To record must be 'on air'

  13. Overcoming the challenges Recording: used screenflow and shared video privately, avoids ‘live’ broadcast inherent to hangouts recorded just using google (defaults live broadcast  youtube) User technology/speed, chat is useful for slow connection, avoids data volume of voice transmission Can also capture chat on screenflow (record the whole webinar window)

  14. eLearning gains in focus Video meeting did engage Students need more push to use a flipped approach Set readings in advance and send questions to improve efficiency of sessions Source ; Michel Zappa, TFE Research!

  15. Community "... use of regular weekly G+ Hangouts …. effectively nurtured the development of a sense of community..." Cochrane, T., & Keegan, H. (2012). New Global Learning Cultures: Interdisciplinarity through networked technologies. Selected Papers of Internet Research, 0(0). Retrieved from At DoNS we totally agree with this statement, students were better supported and appreciate our efforts

  16. Effective for education ”….Google+ Hangouts provided an effective means to increase accessibility to students without significantly increasing instructor workload or sacrificing the quality of small group or individual instruction." Hershock, C., & LaVaque-Manty, M. (2012). Teaching in the cloud: Leveraging online collaboration tools to enhance student engagement. CRLT Occasional Papers, 31, University of Michagan. Retrieved from Online tutorials seem toenhance student satisfaction and learning

  17. Collaboration "Google Hangout and blogs ... seen as tools that support collaboration. As one of the participants put it, technology had made “transferring, sharing and constructing knowledge easy”." Teras, H., Teras, M. and Herrington, J. (2012) A reality check: Taking authentic e-learning from design to implementation. In: World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications (EDMEDIA) 2012, 25 - 29 June 2012, Denver, CO. Retrieved from

  18. Library uses Problems = distance + time Situation 1: Working group & committee members in all 4 locations No time to travel Wanted a free ($) & easy solution Situation 2 and situation 3: Report required; shared course being designed Collaboration required Face to face meetings time – consuming with minutes etc Needed to share document

  19. Conclusion... Photo credit: Mt Ngaruahoe from Silica Springs Track, (2012), Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic by Penny Dugmore. Retrieved from G+ hangouts (or other options) work depending on your needs BUT Test test test! Set up students FtF First 2 hours of course

  20. Demo & set up guidance We're going live! see handout for set-up help Photo credit: _Jonsi live concert @ Circ Royal-Bruxelles-1723, (2010). Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic by Vince Kmeron. Retrieved from