harrison beregon by k urt vonnegut n.
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Harrison Beregon By: K urt Vonnegut PowerPoint Presentation
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Harrison Beregon By: K urt Vonnegut

Harrison Beregon By: K urt Vonnegut

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Harrison Beregon By: K urt Vonnegut

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  1. Harrison Beregon By: Kurt Vonnegut

  2. Exposition • Setting: 2081, United States, Bergeron Home - Society is completely equal due the 211, 212, 213 Amendments to the Constitution. Main characters: George & Hazel Bergeron, Harrison Bergeron Handsome, Athletic, Rebellious, Idealistic Handicapper General she strictly enforces the equality laws

  3. Point Of View • Point of View: Third Person (narrator shows the actions of the characters as well as what George is thinking in his head. • Mood: subdued (restrained)

  4. Conflict In April, 14-year-old Harrison was taken away from George and Hazel for plotting to overthrow the government Man vs. Society Harrison vs. Society (Government), The government sees Harrison as a threat and a foe for themselves

  5. Rising Actions • 1stRising Action:George has great intelligence, but he cannot use it because of the mental handicaps he is forced to wear. • 2nd Rising Action: George thinks a little about his son, but a gun sound pops in his head, leaving him white and trembling. Two of the ballerinas are also afflicted with the same noise. • 3rd Rising Action: One of the ballerinas interrupts the TV program for a news bulletin warning that Harrison has escaped from jail and that he is very dangerous.

  6. Climax • Harrison says, “I am the emperor,” barging into the studio and frees himself from handicaps. And asks for the musicians to play music

  7. Falling actions • 1st Falling Action:A ballerina joins him and they dance and play music (also removes musicians’ handicaps). • 2nd Falling Action: The Handicapper General comes into the studio and emotionlessly kills Harrison and the ballerina. • 3rd Falling Action: George and Hazel forgot what they saw on television.

  8. Resolution • Society returns to normal; no dent is made

  9. Vocabulary • Synchronize: To match perfect timing of. • Neutralize: Cancel effect of. • Cower: To crouch in fear. • Wince: To shrink especially in pain. • Vigilance: Alert attention.

  10. Vocabulary ( Continued ) • Consternation: Confused amazement, or fear

  11. Theme The theme of this story is that total equality is not worth striving for. It can have dangerous outcomes such as those in the story.