turn left turn right n.
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Turn Left Turn Right

Turn Left Turn Right

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Turn Left Turn Right

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  1. Turn Left Turn Right “They‘re both convinced that a sudden passion joined them. Such certainty is beautiful, but uncertainty is more beautiful still.”

  2. WHEN I WAS YOUNG A girl was focus on all her concentration on an amazing book that she had never read in her small bedroom with a sickly light on a cold winter . Although she couldn’t understand the words on that book, she was shocked with this interesting comic book because of the vivid pictures. And that girl is me and that was drawn by Jimmy. Cruelty of reality. Volatile happiness. Those out of sight, are they really not there? Those remembered, will they last forever?

  3. MY MEMORY • I can’t forget the beautiful amazing experience when I read Jimmy’s book as I can travel freely without any confusion or unhappiness throughout my blue imagine sky. When I read and look at the picture which are charming drawn I could have a peaceful mood and are willing to find more amusing things around me . As we promised, to face the world drowsily in our most languid positions.

  4. Thought My Imagination • Sometime I imagine there are some colourful and funny elves making jokes to me as I doing the homework or drawing.When I sating on the chair to have an sight of beautiful and I will imagine some unbelievable thing are occurred in the view .

  5. As I grew up • As I grew up, I return to read some of Jimmy’s book again . And I learnt something more than Jimmy’s simple and clam words through his books. From his books, I emulated not only the philosophy about treating friends but also the deep understanding about love. More specifically, his ‘Turn left Turn right’ is my favorite.

  6. Picture drawn by Jimmy

  7. Picture drawn by Jimmy

  8. Words written by Jimmy • Save a place for yourself, before going out to love. You don‘t have to know who to love, how to love, or how long your love will last. Just wait for the one time. Maybe there will never be the one. But just wait, because it already is your reward.

  9. Words written by Jimmy • The sapling that bears our mark of love has grown into a big tree, but our once fervent love is lost forever in the wind. The little mark has become a scar. When the wind blows, we hear the sigh of the forest...

  10. The End • I no longer have to do without now,all colors are translated into soumds and smells.and they ring infinitely sweet like tones.Why should I need a book?The wind leafs through the trees;and I know what passes there for words,and sometimes repeat them softly.AndDeath,who plucks eyes like flowers,doesn't find my eyes......