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Jacks Wholesale Windows 5S PowerPoint Presentation
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Jacks Wholesale Windows 5S

Jacks Wholesale Windows 5S

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Jacks Wholesale Windows 5S

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  1. Jacks Wholesale Windows5S Jessica Diekema Marketing Assistant

  2. My Workspace My workspace is located at the front desk in our showroom in Schoolcraft Michigan. I am a marketing assistant at Jacks Wholesale windows and spend my work days on the phone, computer, and laptop scheduling appointments, dealing with accounts receivable, answering questions, and generating leads.

  3. My workspace This space is dysfunctional mainly because of the lack of organization. It is difficult to find what I need and I have to dig through papers to find files quickly when a customer calls to ask about a certain project. I also have very little space for my laptop. Daily sales results and internet leads get lost in the shuffle and are not organized as they should be.

  4. Proposed Improvements Organize the desk drawers Eliminate sticky notes as reminders/lists Make more room for the laptop and more workspace Organize files and warranties in a filing cabinet or desk organizer Move printer and credit card machine closer to desk to eliminate time spent walking to the back office

  5. Before The desk drawers are stuffed full of miscellaneous and unnecessary items, Stamps are scattered on the desk and get in the way. The workspace is cluttered and leaves little room for paper work to be done efficiently. There is a stack of files and information I need access to daily, and have to rummage through to find certain contracts.

  6. After Added a desktop filing system to make my stack of papers, I need access to daily, more organized Purchased files and labeled the files to store the contracts and warranties closer to my desk Cleaned out desk drawers, throwing away any unnecessary items and replacing them with envelopes and tools I need to access on a daily basis

  7. After Placed all stamps in a container on the desk, removed sticky notes and placed my To Do list in a planner, making the space less cluttered. I now have room to do paperwork and keep my laptop nearby Labeled binders and placed them next to my computer, also moved the phone to create more workspace and added a desktop filing system

  8. Changes Made • Sort • Organized the desk drawers to allow more space for the things I use most often, and eliminate clutter • Removed sticky notes, and organized To Do’s in a planner • Used filing cabinet to organize loose papers and make files more accessible while at my desk • Sorted through loose papers on desk to determine what needs to be filed and eliminate what is no longer needed

  9. Changes Made • Set In Order • Replaced and threw away any miscellaneous items in the desk drawers, to make room for things I need easily accessible • Filled desk drawers with items that are helpful to have on hand and close by such as envelopes, paperclips, and deposit records • Filled filing cabinet with papers that were kept after sorting through them • Used desk top filing as well to organize contracts and warranties

  10. Changes Made • Shine • Labeled files in filing cabinet as well as folders kept in desktop filing system • Labeled binders storing daily sales results and internet leads • Rearranged stamps as well as phone and laptop location, making more workspace available • Cleaned desktop with disinfectant wipes

  11. Changes Made • Standardize • Worked through the steps I take to process a contract, mail warranties, and generate a lead in the new space • Made a couple small changes of file location to create better productivity • Sustain • Plan on organizing every other Saturday to ensure continued functioning of the space • Plan to purchase more folders for filing, and more desktop organizers, to have more organization available during future projects