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How to Draw a CAT PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Draw a CAT

How to Draw a CAT

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How to Draw a CAT

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  1. How to Draw a CAT Second Grade

  2. Draw a circle in the left-hand corner of the paper. Save room for the ears

  3. Add two smaller circles to the lower half of the circle.They should touch.

  4. Draw a U shaped line attaching the two circles from underneath. Put a curved line down the center.

  5. Draw a triangle above the tongue, in the middle of the two circles.

  6. Attach two triangle ears on top of the head.

  7. Add two oval eyes.

  8. Draw two eyebrows above the eyes.Don’t let them touch the eyes.

  9. Draw three ‘up and over’ whiskers on each side of the face.

  10. Starting in the middle of the head, draw a line that gradually angles up to the top of the head and then gently slopes down.

  11. Create a neck by drawing a line from under the chin towards the bottom right hand corner of the paper.

  12. Create the front leg by drawing two parallel lines towards the bottom right-hand corner and then turn both lines towards the left-hand corner of the page. Attach a round foot.

  13. Draw the back foot as shown.

  14. To create the back leg, draw two sides of a circle, bring the bottom lines straight down, take the right line and form a heel, continue that line parallel to the bottom of the paper and attach to the other line to form a foot.

  15. To form the belly, continue the neck line towards the back leg.

  16. Add the back leg as shown.

  17. Continue the tail line down and around, attach near the top of the leg