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  1. HOWTODRAW A MANGA FACE Today, I’m going to show you how to draw a face, in a Japanese way called “Manga”, which is basically just a Japanese comic book character.

  2. STEP # 1: The shape of the face! First of all, begin by sketching a face shape. Now I am drawing a female character, so the face should be smaller, and more rounded than a males’ face. This is because the more small, and rounder the face, the more feminine and girl like, the face will be. So the face seems more like a girl’s, which is what we are aiming for.

  3. STEP # 2: The shape of the hair Now you draw what you would want the hair to look like. I’m going to draw the hair short so it will be easier, and take up less time. Now first start with the bangs and don’t be afraid to experiment with how they look. Then do the design for the back of the hair. Now be careful not to just randomly start drawing in lines in the hair. This is a common mistake most artists’ make when drawing the hair. You must do little lines, and draw them to show motion, and flow in the hair.

  4. STEP # 3: Drawing the big detailed eyes! These eyes seem sad, by the way the eyebrows furrow, and her eyes are more shiny, indicating that there may be tears forming. And these eyes are more happy, and the eyebrows are raised, and eyes are sparkly, and show joyous emotion. See these eyes look angry. You can tell by the way the eyebrows are angled downward, and the eyes are narrowed. The eyes are very important when doing the face. They show all of the emotion, your character is having. Doing something with the eyebrow, or even making a slight change to the tint of the eye, can make a huge difference in what the person you are drawing is appearing to have as an emotion. In my picture, I am going to draw happy eyes, which are the best to start off with.

  5. STEP # 4: The nose The nose is the easiest part. You just have to draw a tiny acute angle towards the center of the face. Since we are drawing a girl, be sure to make the nose, small and petit, and that it takes up as little of space as possible. We don’t want her to have a big nose now do we?

  6. STEP # 5: The mouth The mouth, like the eyes, shows the emotion of the person. So be careful not to draw bright happy eyes, and a scowling mouth. Be sure to match them both. Mine will have a small smile on her face, showing that she’s happy, but not too overly excited about anything.

  7. STEP # 6: Shading For shading, pretend that there is a little light at one of the corners of the page, and show where the shadows would be on the character.

  8. STEP # 7: The Rest of the Body I’m not going to draw the rest of the body, but I am going to draw a little bit of her shoulders. Now it’s important to know, that when drawing girls, you always draw the collar bones, but never the neck lines, because that gives them the impression that they have an Adams apple, which is what you would want if we were drawing a boy.

  9. STEP # 8: Little Details Now it’s time to add the little details to your character. For mine, I’m going to add a small blush to her cheeks, expressing that she is maybe a shy girl, or stairing at her beloved or something. But there are other things you could add, like for instance if you drew her sad, you would possibly want to draw tears in her eyes, or if she was mad, draw that little vein that pops out on her head or something. Also on girls, you need to be sure to add that little shine to her bottom lip to show that maybe she is wearing something on her lips.

  10. F I N I S H E D ! Now don’t worry if your picture didn’t turn out exactly like this, mine didn’t turn out perfect either, so don’t sweat the small stuff. I hope you had fun, and enjoyed this little tid-bit from me, and that you found it useful.