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  1. HOW TO DRAW: Eyes

  2. Day 1

  3. In your sketchbook:Draw a line down the center of your paper, and draw a line across the center

  4. Drawing in this square

  5. As I click through the slides, you will draw with me!

  6. The eyeball is a sphere. We never see all of it because of our eyelids

  7. The eyelids follow the curve of the eyeball. The lid is sometimes squished at the top, thanks to the skull.

  8. The iris (colored part) is a circle. It is usually overlapped by the upper lid.

  9. The pupil (black part) is right in the center of the eye

  10. Clean up the eye at this point. Add a highlight and what’s called a waterline on the bottom lid. The lines in the iris radiate out from the center

  11. Waterline: the inside of your eyelid. Why do we care? Simple…. EYELASHES!

  12. You see where the eyelashes on the bottom lid begin? NOT in the waterline!

  13. The other big mistake people make with eyelashes is making them straight. They are CURVED!

  14. ALSO: Make them MESSY! Eyelashes do not grow in perfect rows, evenly spaced. They clump and sometimes even go the wrong direction! NOTE: Eyelashes also radiate out from the center of the eye. So, they are on their “side” to the left and right, and go straight up in the middle

  15. Beforeyou begin drawing the eyebrow, you have to understand a few things: • It begins before your eye does, and does the turn downward 3/4 of the way across your eye.

  16. 2. Think of the hairs in the eyebrow as trees in a forest. At first they are standing up, then gradually they fall over more and more – like Domino’s

  17. 3. Your eyebrow hair is messy too!

  18. GREAT JOB!Now on your own, do your best to draw an eye that is symmetrical in the box to the left.IF unfinished at the end of class, you will have to finish for homework.