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Gross Weight Registration

Gross Weight Registration. The vehicle registration must cover the entire unit and or combination of units I.E.- The License plate weight must cover the weight of the truck/trailer and any load carried. Note: Do not CONFUSE Gross Weight and GVWR assigned by Manufacturer. Unbridled Spirit Tag.

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Gross Weight Registration

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  1. Gross Weight Registration • The vehicle registration must cover the entire unit and or combination of units • I.E.- The License plate weight must cover the weight of the truck/trailer and any load carried. • Note: Do notCONFUSEGross Weight and GVWR assigned by Manufacturer

  2. Unbridled Spirit Tag

  3. Passenger Cars • Licensing has to do with what the vehicle is being used for, not just the weight of the vehicle. • A Passenger car with a PC tag can haul a trailer, provided it is just for personal use.

  4. Commercial Vehicle Definition Commercial Vehicles means: All motor vehicles that are required to be register under the terms of KRS 186.050, but not including vehicles primarily designed for carrying passengers and having provisions for carrying not more than 9 passengers (including driver), motorcycles, sidecar attachments, pickup trucks and passenger vans which are NOT being used for commercial or business purposes.

  5. Commerce (Business) The vehicle is required to be registered as a commercial vehicle with a weight tag, when it is being used for some commercial purpose or hauling some type of product!

  6. Commercial Plates

  7. Primary Forest Tag • Primary Forest Tag186.050(9) Excess of 18,000 lbs Exclusively for transportation of forest products Not to exceed 50 air-miles from the harvest area.

  8. Ready-Mix Concrete 186.050(9) • Exclusively for transportation of concrete blocks/ready-mix concrete. • Not more than 30 air-miles from production site. • Not used for any other purpose.

  9. Wreckers • 14,000 or less • Wrecker/Equipment for wrecker use • ONLY used for wrecker service • Weight of the towed vehicle is Not to be included • If weight exceeds 14,000, then register per paragraph 3. 186.050

  10. Urban Limited Tag • Excess of 18,000 Lbs – Hauling property • Mileage requirements : City limits or within 10 miles for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th class city. • Within 5 miles of 5th, 6th class city. Anywhere within County w/ Urban Co Govt.

  11. Farm Plates : 26,000 & 38,000 • KRS 186.050(4)(a)(1) & (2) Key words- Not For-Hire Transportation & May be used for:

  12. Senate Bill 79 • Passed March 2011 & Effective Immediately Provides certain exemptions if: • Farm registered vehicle is involved in farming • Intrastate operations only (never leaves KY) • GVWR / GCWR 26,000 lbs and LESS

  13. Senate Bill 79 (cont.) • Exemptions • Part 391 (Driver qualifications) • Medical card • Part 393 (Parts and Accessories for Safe Operation) • Part 396 (Inspection, Repair, & Maintenance) • Annual inspections

  14. Senate Bill 79 • In order to get these exemptions the following conditions MUST be met: • INTRASTATE ONLY • Vehicle is registered for 26,000 lbs under 186.050(4)(a)1 • Vehicle is engaged in farm/agricultural related activities • The GVWR/GCWR is 26,000 lbs or less.

  15. Senate Bill 79 (cont.) • Exemption cannot be claimed if any of the following exist: • Farm registered vehicle operating in another private business I.E.(pressure washing) • GVWR / GCWR exceeds 26,000 lbs on INTRAstate operation • Is involved in INTERSTATE operation (leaves KY and travels to another state)

  16. Senate Bill 79 • If you leave Kentucky, you lose these exemptions and MUST adhere to the Federal Regulations!

  17. 3 Types of farm plates in Kentucky. • 1st is the 0-26,000 • 2nd is the 0-38,000 • 3rd is the 44,000 – 80,000 (Farm limited)

  18. 26,000/38,000 Lbs Farm Plate (Cont.) • The 26/38,000 lbs Farm Plate may be used as long as it is NOT being used in a For-hire transportation. In other words, any farmer regardless if he is moving things for the farm. • He can use the 26/38,000 farm plate with a private business I.E. Bob’s pressure washing, provided he is only hauling his own equipment or product.

  19. 38,000 Farm Plate (Cont.) • TransportationFor-Hire means they are hauling something for someone else. I.E. Hauling someone’s furniture, or hauling lime for someone else. The commodity doesn’t belong to them. • An example of Private-carrier would be the farmer having a side business of putting in septic tanks, and he is hauling his own equipment.

  20. Farm Limited Plate

  21. Farm Limited Plate (continued) • He is a Farmer • Engaged in Production of Crops/Livestock • Truck used ONLY in operation of HIS Farm • KRS 186.050(4b) • CANNOT use for other business for-hire or private

  22. Trailers PlatesExemptionsKRS 186.650 & 186.675 Farm Licensed Vehicles 26,000/38,000 farm plates Trailer Plate Not Required

  23. Trailer Plates Definitions: 186.650 Trailer and Semi-trailer See exception under 186.650 (2)(a) “Semi-Trailer” shall NOT include any vehicle designed to carry person or property being drawn by a motor vehicle registered according to provisions of 186.050(4)(a). Used by a farmer for his farm operation only.

  24. Trailer Plate Exemptions • KRS 186.675(2) states: The provisions of KRS 186.650 to 186.700 shall not apply to privately owned and operated trailers used for the transportation of the following:

  25. Trailer Plate Exemptions (cont) • Boats • Luggage • Personal Effects • Farm Products or Supplies • ATV’s as defined KRS 189.010(24) • Wildlife as defined KRS 150.010(41) • Firearms/Supplies used for hunting

  26. Trailer Plates If the trailer is being towed by a vehicle with the Farm Limited plate, then the trailer is required to be licensed.

  27. Regardless whether For-Hire or Private It is Still Commercial !

  28. Interstate / Intrastate Kentucky has adopted the definition of Interstate Commerce as well as other Federal regulation in 601 KAR 1:005 to apply to Intrastate carriers. This means that even if you stay within Kentucky with the commercial vehicle, you must comply with the Federal Regulations. The Federal rules apply within Kentucky as well as crossing state lines.

  29. Recreational Vehicles • Definition of a Recreational vehicle: 186.650(4) • See KRS 186.050(11) Very specific as to what is NOT included.

  30. KRS Listings • 186.050(4)(a)(1) – 0-26,000 Farm Plates • 186.050(4)(a)(2) – 38,000 Farm Plates • 186.050(4b) – Farm limited tags • 186.050(7) – Wreckers • 186.050(8) – Urban Limited • 186.050(9) – Primary forest products plate • 186.053 – Dealer Demonstrator Plate • 186.650 thru 700 – Trailer Registrations requirements and exemptions

  31. Glossary of Terms/Abbreviations • CFR – Code of Federal Regulations • FMCSA – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration • Part – Specific Part of the Federal Safety Regulations • KRS – Kentucky Revised Statutes • KAR – Kentucky Administrative Regulations • GVWR – Gross Vehicle Weight Rating • GCWR – Gross combination Weight Rating

  32. KSP-CVE Map

  33. KSP-CVE Regional Contact Numbers • Region 1 :270-831-9888 • Region 2 :502-452-8983 • Region 3 :502-863-2124 • Region 4 :606-330-2116 • Region 5 :606-783-9541 • Region 6 :606-433-7791 Kentucky State Police CVE Division 919 Versailles Road Frankfort, KY 40601 www.kentuckystatepolice.org

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