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Dear Viewer's

Dear Viewer's

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Dear Viewer's

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  1. Dear Viewer's Please make a note that some of the links and reference made over here in this presentation may not be working or are not valid as of now. As this document were published long back. Yes, We have made some effort to link it to current scenario and try to bring maximum of details which will help you to understand what this document actually stated for. We do acclaim everything mention in this document is true and not at all false to misguide you or any one. This file was published on 23rd March 2009. Thanks for your understanding and co-operation. Updated : 16-01-2012


  3. CLICK ON THE SYMBOL OF YOUR CHOICE TO VOTE NOW FOR YOUR SELF-ESTEEM. FILL IN THE BLANK/ CHOICE IS ONE INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS ICONSYMBOL OF DISASTER FOR TODAY’S INDIA ASHOKA CHAKRASYMBOL OF INDIA’S DIGNITY & HONOUR CHANGE I N2009 STAND’S FOR :Love, Courage, Patience, Peace, Kind, Faith, Goodness, Sacrifice, Justice, Mercy, Humility, Sympathy, Knowledge, Wisdom, Morality, Gentleness, Graciousness, Righteous, Trust & Many More. STAND’S FOR: Corruption, Diversity, Destruction, Poverty, Illiteracy, Unemployment, Inflation, Suicide, Insecurity, Crime, Anger, Hatred, Fear, Shame, Cruelty, Selfishness, Greediness, Weakness , Dirt & Many More ____ Above All, it’s a VIRTUE representing our IDEOLOGY Above All, it’s also the Promoter of Terrorism. LET US ALL UNITE TO BRING Being an INDIAN. Which of this symbol do you think has right to be on TRI COLOUR of INDIA. STAND UP TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR OUR PRIDE NOW Click on this button to view Click on this button for Next Slide Please click respective button.

  4. IF YOU HAVE A DOUBT AND FEEL THAT THIS NEED TO BE CLARIFIED WITH THE FLAG CODE OF CONDUCT , THAN Please refer Link: Or Below are just some of the points taken from Flag Code of Conduct: Acts & Code of Conduct clearly specifies: “There is universal affection and respect for, and loyalty to, the National Flag. Yet, a perceptible lack of awareness is often noticed, not only amongst people but also in the organizations/agencies of the government, in regard to laws, practices and conventions that apply to the display of the National Flag.” ( A ) Below is the first point which is for Prevention & Improper Use. (i) the Flag shall not be used for commercial purposes in violation of the Emblem and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950; (B) Below is the point which defines disrespect to Indian Flag Explanation 4: – The disrespect to the Indian National Flag means and includes- Point (f) putting any kind of inscription upon the Indian National Flag; ( C) Below is the point which defines MISUSE of Indian Flag Further Under “ SECTION V ” which defines MISUSE clearly states in Point 3.28: Lettering of any kind shall not be put upon the Flag. Point 3.29: The Flag shall not be used in any form of advertisement nor shall an advertising sign be fastened to the pole from which the Flag is flown. “Under Point 3A: MINIMUM PENALTY ON SECOND OR SUBSEQUENT OFFENCE it clearly states any misuse and disrespect shown towards National Flag is an offence and one shall be punished for the second and for every subsequent offence, with imprisonment for a term, which shall not be less than one year." further it also states it can be extended for three years” I AM NOT WHO UNDERSTAND THIS LAW AND DONOT KNOW IF YOU DO UNDERSTAND IT…! BUT I REALLY FEEL IT IS TOTAL INJUSTICE WITH NATIONAL FLAG AND WISH TO CHANGE THIS…! IF YOU AGREE CLICK NEXT….! Next Slide Button

  5. It’s not just a message, It’s a call to fight for your Respect & Dignity…!. Either Get involved or stop criticizing the system…! This is first step towards CHANGE. & If you wish to contribute for SUPPORT. Click Here Contact Us Now…!AND VOTE Log on to : for more information on this in details. Or Email to : JAI HIND…!