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Hate That Cat By:Sharon Creech PowerPoint Presentation
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Hate That Cat By:Sharon Creech

Hate That Cat By:Sharon Creech

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Hate That Cat By:Sharon Creech

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  1. Hate That CatBy:Sharon Creech Power Point by: Cameron L. and Luke B.

  2. Introduction Mom in the Kitchen By: Jack “Crunching on a pickle in the middle of the room juice running down her arm It tastes good to her It tastes good to her It tastes good to her” As you have seen and heard Jack’s poetry is dreadful. I tried. Can’t do it. Brains empty. This is a story about jack,words, sounds, silence, a teacher and a cat

  3. Plot Jack is growing up and is struggling with poetry. Jack’s self-esteem is lowered when he reads the writings of professional poets. Luckily his teacher Mrs. Stretchberry, helps him throughout the school year.

  4. What Did I Like? I enjoyed the part when Jack gets a cat for Christmas. He finds joy in the cat and starts to like cats. Now, I’m going to read you that part as my favorite part of the book.

  5. What Did I like? My favorite part was when a cat was right by the door and the fat black cat was also right by the door and Jack let the cats in. Now I am going to read you that part as my favorite part of the book.

  6. About The Author Sharon Creech was born in 1925. She originally wanted to be a teacher, but later changed her mind. She took writing classes in college and became a children’s author. Other Books by the Author: • Love That Dog • Walk Two Moons

  7. What attracted me to the book? Cameron L.- Kevin told me he liked the book and recommended reading it. Luke- Mrs.Hilton recommended it to me and she said it was pretty good so I read it.

  8. Just right Scale Cameron L.- 2 There were a lot of easy words and it was not challenging. Luke- 3 It was perfect because it was a “just right” book for me.

  9. What did we not like? Cameron L.- I didn’t like the storyline because it didn’t flow together and it was a bunch of diary entries that skipped days. Luke - The part I didn’t like was when the cat was in a tree and jumped down and attacked Jack. ( The main character.)

  10. Big Closing Love That Cat (Inspired by Mr. Walter Dean Myers) By: Jack “Love that cat, Like a bird loves to twitter, I said I love that cat, Like a bird loves to twitter, Love to call her in the morning, Love to cal call her ‘Hey there Skitter McKitter!’” Now, you see Jack’s writing is beautiful. Throughout the story, Jack learns to love cats through his poetry. This book was inspiring to us so we wrote a poem ourselves This is why we recommend it to people who like poetry! ‘

  11. Our Poems I always thought that bears were kind but then I changed my mind one night When mama said don’t go near one my friends thought she said it just for fun they snuck out late that night it’s a good thing they “don’t” have fright one friend said “were closer, here’s a pond” but when he said that the others were gone -Cameron L. There once was a tree That had a bee Then the bee went on a leaf And the tree was brown And some bears danced around -Luke B.