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  1. KT Quiz presentsThe Doctor who quizUse your doctor who knowledge to guide the doctor back to the tardis safely. Begin Quit

  2. Oh no!The Daleks have caught you!Try again! Try again Quit

  3. What is the name of Rose’s boyfriend? Ricky Smith Mickey Tyler Rickey Jones Mickey Smith

  4. The isolus child is featured in which episode? Fear her The Olympic Flame The attack of the isolus Fearful child

  5. What galaxy did the Judoon land on? Platoon Milky-way Trooper Cybus

  6. What does Tardis stand for? Time and relative dimension in space Time and accurate reasoning development in Space Time and reformed dimension inside starship Time and related diversity in system.

  7. Which Dalek transformed into a human Dalek? Dalek Caan Dalek Master Dalek Thay Dalek Sec

  8. What is the name of Martha’s brother and sister? Harriet and Lewis Jones Trisha and Jack Jones Francine and Clive Jones Tish and Leo Jones

  9. What planet is the Doctor from? Scarro Galileo Galifrey Galifaila

  10. The Slitheen appeared in which of these episodes? London and the Slitheen Aliens of London The Raxacoricofallapatorius The Impossible Planet

  11. “42” is an episode about……. The living sun The carronites The Ood The Master

  12. Who won the Great Time war against the Time Lords. The Raxacoricofallapatorius The Cybermen The Daleks The Sycorax

  13. Which celebrated day do these three events happen on; Spaceships over London, The Racnoss, the futuristic titanic 4th of July Christmas Eve Easter Sunday May bank holiday

  14. Who are Rose Tyler’s parents? Jane and Peter Tyler Julie and Pedro Tyler Jackie and Pete Tyler Josie and Petie Tyler

  15. Who is Harriet Jones? Martha Jones’ sister Queen of Spain A crew member aboard the ship in “42” MP for Flydale North

  16. The Face of Boe is really…. The heart of the Tardis in human form The Doctor Captain Jack Harness Harriet Jones, MP for Flydale North

  17. What was the name of the Cyber controller before he turns into a robot? Mr. Philip Cybus John Lumic Jack Lubus Phil Cyborgo

  18. In the episode “rise of the Cybermen,” what animal is Rose? Dog Cat Hamster Budgie

  19. At the end of “The family of blood,” what happens to Sister of mine? She ends up like a scarecrow She is put into jail She is banished to the Universe to float for endless years She is trapped inside a mirror

  20. The Sisters of Plentitude can be found in……… A hospital on New Earth A hospital on the moon A hospital in London A hospital on platform one

  21. Which one of these characters does not appear in series two? The beast Margaret Slitheen K-9 Chloe Webber

  22. Lance Bennet is…… A priest in the church in “Father’s day.” A member of L.I.N.D.A. in “Love and Monsters.” Donna Noble’s “husband” in “the Runaway bride.” The doctor who tries to cure the gas masked patients in “The empty child.”

  23. Well done!You guided the Doctor safely back to his Tardis!You are a Doctor Who mega-fan! Play again Quit