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Joint Logistics in COCOM Exercises PowerPoint Presentation
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Joint Logistics in COCOM Exercises

Joint Logistics in COCOM Exercises

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Joint Logistics in COCOM Exercises

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  1. Joint Logistics in COCOM Exercises

  2. Directorate of Logistics Message • Requests COCOM’s look for opportunities within their Command’s exercise program to examine, stress, prove or disprove joint logistics concepts and tenets • Asks COCOM’s to assist Lt Gen Gainey, Director for Logistics (J4), Joint Staff, in developing integrated logistics capabilities that are interoperable and experienced in the joint environment. • Sent July 29, 2010 to all COCOMs to include:

  3. Joint Opportunities Joint Staff perspective is outlined in the Joint Concept for Logistics or also known as the Joint Logistics White paper, dated 4 June 2010. Why? Because COCOMs employ logistic units and capabilities from across the Services, interagency and multinational communities and represent critical opportunities for them to prepare for combat operations and “train as we fight.”

  4. Joint Logistics Areas To Consider • Joint logistics in support of irregular warfare and military operations in a nuclear environment • Joint logistics in support of security, engagement, and relief and reconstruction activities • Example: Defense Environmental International Cooperation Program • Improvements in logistic support to military operations in urban environments • Example: Exercise Joint Engineer Planning and Execution System

  5. Joint Logistics Areas To Consider Improve the ability to integrate logistically in planning and execution with other U.S. agencies, coalition partners, and non-governmental agencies Improve Service and institutional adaptability to deal with rapid change Improve capability to plan and manage operational transitions over time and space

  6. Venues To Identify Joint Logistics • Semi-Annual Worldwide Joint Training and Scheduling Conference Specifically: • The Chairman’s Exercise Program, National Exercise Program (CEP/NEP) Synchronization Working Group. • COCOM individual conferences on exercises and training throughout the fiscal year. • Chairman’s Joint Training Guidance reflects the Chairman’s High Interest Training Issues (HITIs) and is updated annually • Joint Staff, Directorate of Logistics, will add recommendations and is good source for the COCOMs when published.

  7. Joint Staff Points of Contact Strategy Division/ JS J4 STRAT